fatal two task communication protocol error

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ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error

Zookeeper ORA-03106: fatal two-task communication protocol error Two-task common errors are generally RDBMS related issues, but cocould be caused by a problem with SQL * Net, or an application (I. e. Pro * C ).Possible causes of ORA-03106:=========

SSL protocol for Secure Sockets Layer

  The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol was first developed by the famous Netscape company. It is now widely used for identity authentication on the Internet and secure data communication between web servers and Client browsers. The purpose of

The principle and introduction of TCP/IP protocol for Python Web learning notes

HTTP, FTP, SMTP, Telnet, etc. protocol, Oh! That HTTP protocol is the protocol that's used to access the Web. Actually ... You know, we should understand him from the reality, understand the function and function of the network protocol, and then

SSL/TLS Security Series: SSL/TLS Overview

SSL/TLS Security Series: SSL/TLS Overview1. the SSL/TLS protocol is an important cornerstone of secure network communication. This series will briefly introduce the SSL/TLS Protocol, focusing on the security of the SSL/TLS Protocol, especially the

Oracle error: ORA-04052, ORA-00604, ORA-03106, ORA-02063

A very strange question has been discovered recently:Created a db_link connection to another Oracle database.SELECT * from [email protected];It's okay to execute the sentence, but write the SQL to the stored procedure:Create or replace procedure Prc_

Docker Source Code Analysis (iii): Docker daemon Boot

1 PrefaceSince its inception, Docker has led the technology boom in lightweight virtualization containers. In this trend, Google, IBM, Redhat and other industry leaders have joined the Docker camp. While Docker is still primarily based on the Linux

Ucosii and Linux differences and connections

Ucosii and Linux differences and connectionsWant to understand the Linux system architecture through ucosii, so refer to some information, simple collation of ucosii and Linux differences and contact, in order to better learn Linux.The specific

An example of Oracle 9201 version Data recovery in Windows systems

This is the data recovery case for a customer we've been working on recently, and the customer environment is windows,oracle version 9201. The database could not be opened because of a disk failure. After understanding, the customer in June on the

DCOM Implementation of distributed applications (1)

DCOM Overview Microsoft's Distributed COM (DCOM) extends the Component Object Model Technology (COM) to support communication between objects on different computers on the LAN, Wan, or even the Internet. With DCOM, your applications can be

How do service best practices be done under a distributed service framework?

"After upgrading the service framework, performance, reliability and other issues are becoming increasingly apparent. After the service of the many challenges, how to analyze to give practical best solution?Before the service, the business is

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