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My website wants to be made into two homepages, but I don't know how to record the user's choice!

My website wants to be made into two homepages, but I don't know how to record the user's choice! There are two problems: 1. how to access these two home pages, the address bar shows only the domain name, that is, it seems to be the root directory. 2. if you want to record which homepage the user accesses, you can still enter the homepage the next time you visit it. Reply to discussion (solution) 1. you can include the program on the target page

[2016-05-12] OMG American Note-do you have a sweet tooth? What is your favorite type of dessert? What is your favorite type of candy?

Insist ~ insist ~ insist ~! Sweet Tooth Like to eat sweets What should we get for dessert? What do we have for dessert? We just finished eating dinner! And you ' re already thinking about dessert!? We've just had dinner, and you've been thinking about dessert? Sorry.i have such a huge sweet tooth! I love dessert. I'm sorry I like sweets very much, I love dessert. Chocoholic Chocolate Mania

My favorite web pages, favorite Web pages

My favorite web pages, favorite Web pages Build a PHP development environment in Windows-pharen-blog Park Roán Cortés Pizza Amore! | Playground from ZURB CSS multi-browser compatibility problems and solutions-v. e. n. u. s-blog CSS production horizontal and vertical center alignment CSS tutorial 35 amazing CSS3 animation demos-dream sky (mountain edge Creek)-blog Garden Pure CSS enables switching be

2345 Favorite folder synchronization management for smart browsers

the directory and importing from the file, where the files will support. xml,. htm, and. html, which should be sufficient for all Web page formats. Import from File In addition, the 2345 Smart browsers also provide the ability to export favorites to help users back up favorite files for use when needed. In addition to being able to export saved as HTML and XML format files, you can also import IE browser directly. Export

How do you drag a favorite folder to the taskbar?

First of all, we must make sure that your computer system is win7 or above, because the previous version does not support the use of computer applications locked into the taskbar this function, the following figure, we can in the computer Control Panel to view the current version of our computer system Then we find the files or folders that we use every day, the author of the computer stored in the song as an example, from the following figure we can see the small series of computer

XOR and favorite number (Mo pair algorithm)

E. XOR and favorite numbertime limit per test4 secondsmemory limit per test256 megabytesinputstandard Inputoutputstandard OutputBob has a favorite numberkanda i of length n. Now he asks your to answer m queries. Each query was given by a pair li and Ri and asks you to count th E number of pairs of integers i and J, such thatl? ≤? I? ≤? j. ≤? r and the xor of the numbers ai,? Ai? +?1,?...,? AJ is e

How to make a cover page with a favorite picture in Word how to design a cover page

How to make a cover page of a favorite picture in Word 1, first open Word, click the Insert option, select the cover option. 2, can be cleared to see word2007 provides a lot of built-in cover form, these casual forms are more than the evening to the fresh and refined, or enthusiastic and unrestrained, dynamic and full. This time, I choose a cover that I like. Scroll downward. Select the stripe type. 3, in order to reduce spa

My favorite bit torrent Client for Ubuntu

Deluge Bit Torrent ClientDeluge is among my favorite bit torrent clients for Ubuntu. It is fast, slick and packed with all sorts of functionalities. Deluge is isn't available in Ubuntu by default, but it's in the repositories. Click here to Install the deluge in Ubuntu from official repositories. Now, if you want to install the latest bleeding edge version of deluge instead, you need to do the following in Terminal. sudo a

Top five favorite artifacts from Java programmers

The programmer left everyone's impression, slovenly, taciturn. But programmers are quite willing to spend money on the artifacts they use. Today we comb the programmer's favorite five great artifacts.Before sharing I recommend my own built Java Learning Group: Java Advanced Group: 766529531, Welcome to the next step in the Java small partners into the xxx stream learning.1.Mac pcMac computer To some extent embodies the ultimate, high quality, this and

Put your favorite sites in the easiest place to find

Believe that a lot of people have their own daily must go to the site, like small series, although the usual is to work, but often at work in the middle of their own time to spend about 10 minutes to see micro-blog. So I have to go to the site, then I will be the site to find the most easy to open the place. 1 Some people think the easiest place to open, just add the page to the browser's favorites inside the line. Small series think this is not fast enough, so small set directly to add the p

Excellent content writing skills in line with Google's favorite websites

The author of Jeff Forster, a Foster from the American society, has sorted out the 17 categories of Google's favorite content. As a suitor and enthusiast of high quality content writing skills, thanks to his selfless dedication, he has been given such detailed ideas of 17 content sources. , I believe that after reading this article will also learn from a lot of writing high-quality content skills. Today on the basis of this article I talk about combin

Go to Dba[mssql Article] interviewer's favorite question----index +c# face question Guest

Label:In the original: Toward Dba[mssql Article] interviewer favorite question----index +c# face question GuestWhen querying large amounts of data, it can be applied to indexing technology. An index is a special type of database object that holds the sort results of one or more columns in a data table, and the efficient use of indexes can improve the query efficiency of the data. When you are interviewing beginner, intermediate, or senior programmers,

IE: Set your favorite page to start Page _ registry

After starting IE, will always show Microsoft information about the website, only then enter the Web site to open their own required pages, this is a waste of time. We can often go to the URL (such as horn Online) set to the start of IE interface, each time you start IE can be directly into their favorite Web site. This is very simple in the IE5.   Start IE5 and open your own web site (www.hongen.com). Click on the "Tools" menu, click "I

How to quickly recover the contents of a favorite folder

Many times in order to browse conveniently, users will often browse the site to add to the Favorites folder, when the system crashes one day after the need to quickly find the desired site from the Favorites folder, you can use the previous backup files to restore favorites. At this point, you need to manually back up the favorites content. First create a new folder in the Ghost XP SP3 user store backup, such as "Favorites Backup," Open the Documents and Settings folder in C, and open a folder

The way the app gives the favorite anchor a vote.

The method of reflecting the votes of the guest 1, we are to see the host, so as long as open the app, we find their favorite live room, the following figure; 2, then in the entry after we click on the lower right corner gift icon, the following figure; 3, see the Diamond is not, a few diamonds on behalf of a few votes, so this point you have to pay attention to the small set start is not clear, was a pit! Send out their own diamonds, others

Dragon Bead Live Subscribe to your favorite Anchor method tutorial

After we go to the Dragon Ball live in the interface to find the search box to enter the name of the anchor to see as shown below. When you find it, click into the Live room. And see if it's your favorite anchor, and if yes, we'll look down. Pull the page to the top and you'll see a subscription to the anchor. Click to subscribe to the anchor on it. All right, after we click on the Subscriber, you'll see a prom

Which is the programmer's least favorite programming language

them. and R is the most popular programming language. In fact, it can be seen that the development of fast and stable language like more people , such as R,python,typescript and go. While many of those who are already in a state of contraction hate them more than others , such as Perl, Objective-c and Ruby. The website also compares the growth and scale of various languages with the probability that developers dislike them, and the orange dots in the image below represent the most annoying p

How can I set multiple domain names to direct to the same virtual host to use different homepages?

Description: I bought a virtual host, bought multiple domain names, and set all domain names to be resolved to this virtual host, and asked different domain names to point to different home pages. What should I do? I have not set any domain name to

1045. Favorite Color Stripe (-lcs) allow element repetition

The topics are as follows:Eva is trying-make she own color stripe out of a given one. She would like to keep only She favorite colors in her favorite order by cutting off those unwanted pieces and sewing the Remaining parts together to form her favorite color stripe.it is said that a normal human eye can distinguish on less than-different colors, so Eva ' s

1045. Favorite Color Stripe (30)

LCS Maximum Common subsequence. memset function requires include Time limit of MSMemory Limit 65536 KBCode length limit 16000 BProcedures for the award of questions StandardAuthor Chen, YueEva is trying-make she own color stripe out of a given one. She would like to keep only She favorite colors in her favorite order by cutting off those unwanted pieces and sewing the Remaining parts together to form her

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