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Four Common Git workflow comparisons

by Dong ([email protected]) This is a translation based on the original text (by Atlassian). All content on the page is shared by the knowledge sharing-attribution (CC by 2.5 AU) Agreement unless otherwise noted. A wide variety of workflows

Use GitHub for team collaboration

Original article: team collaboration with GitHub GitHub has become the cornerstone of all open source software. Developers like it, collaborate based on it, and constantly develop amazing projects through it. Except ?? Code hosting, GitHub's main

Git version control and workflow

Basic ConceptsWhat is Git?Git is a distributed version control system that, compared to a centralized version control system like SVN, centralized version control systems can work collaboratively with multiple team members, but sometimes if a

Collaborative development process using GIT and github

CataloguePreface Warehouse (Repository) SOURCE Warehouse Developer Repository Branch (Branch) Permanent Branch Temporary Branch Workflow (Workflow) Summary reference Preface (This article assumes that you have a basic git basic concepts,

Git basic commands and GitFlow Workflow

Git basic commands and GitFlow Workflow This article explains some basic team collaboration commands of Git and GitFlow workflow guide.Git team collaboration commands 1. Open BranchGit branch new branch name, for example, under the master branch,

GitHub Web version start tutorial __github start tutorial

Hello World Reading time: 10min In computer programming, theHello World Program is a long tradition. It's a simple exercise that lets you start quickly when you're learning something new, and start GitHub it now. you will learn to create and use a

GitHub Official Introduction

Official link Addresshttp://guides.github.com/activities/hello-world/The Hello World Project is a historic tradition in the computer programming community. This project is a simple exercise when you start to learn something new. Let's start with

Git Workflow guide: Centralized workflow

Reprint: http://blog.jobbole.com/76847/This article by Bole Online-liding translation. without permission, no reprint!English Source: Atlassian. Welcome to join the translation team.Going to a distributed version control system looks like a daunting

Python3-the most basic operations on GitHub

Read Catalogue Introduced What is GitHub? Create a repository Create a branch Do a Commit Open Pull Request Merge Pull Requests First, Introduction  Hello World Project is a long history of computer programming

GitHub Learning notes-occasional updates

Recently engaged in an outsourcing project, there is a very strong brother took me, he wrote back end, I am responsible for the front-end part, project cooperation needs to use GitHub, which is also the morning and evening to contact, recording the

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