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Extracting and matching instances of surf feature points and Orb feature points on OpenCV GPU version

First, preface This paper mainly realizes the use of OpenCV in the GPU version of the surf feature detector and GPU version of the Orb detector, respectively, the feature points of the image extraction and matching, and the search for the feature points of the distance scree

Getting started with opencv nine feature points detection and Image Matching

Tags: des style blog HTTP color OS ar use Feature Points, also known as points of interest and key points, are highlighted and representative points in the image. Through these points, we can identify images, perform image re

PCA-shift (feature points)

Later, sift had two extensions that used the PCA concept. 1. PCA-SIFT The PCA-SIFT has the same sub-pixel location (sub-pixel), scale, and dominant orientations as the standard sift, but when the description is calculated in step 1, it uses 41 × 41 image spots around the feature points to calculate its principal component, and uses a PCA-SIFT to reduce the original 2 × 39 × 39 vectors to 20 dimensions, to a

Location and detection of facial feature points

The first two weeks of research on facial expression recognition of the article, many methods are based on the extraction of facial feature points based on the completion, and then use the mesh model or deformation model to analyze and detect the feature points and classification methods to realize the recognition of f

OpenCV2 Study Notes (13): Using Surf to match feature points of different images

different feature point descriptors. Here we construct a surf descriptor extractor, the result of which is a matrix with the same number of rows as the number of elements in the feature point vector. Each row is a vector of n-dimensional descriptors. In the surf algorithm, the default description sub-dimension is 64, which depicts the intensity pattern around the featu

Detection of Feature2d Learning--fast feature points in OpenCV

Functions: Fast function, Fastfeaturedetector class * @author: holybin*/#include Run resultsIt is noted here that the effect of the two methods is different , the reason, when using the Detect function for feature point detection, The actual invocation of the Detectimpl function in Featuredetector's various derived classes (here is the Fastfeaturedetector class), refer to the Detect function source code (location \opencv2.4.0\modules\ Features2d\src\

Learning opencv -- orb & brief (feature points) & location

What is orb first: (This part is transferred from http://www.cvchina.info/2011/07/04/whats-orb) Orb is short for oriented brief. Orb is described in the following article: Ethan rublee and Vincent rabaud and Kurt konolige and Gary bradski, orb: an efficient alternativeTo sift or surf, iccv 2011 The thesis can be downloaded from Google. opencv2.3 already has implementation, and willowgarage has a talk which also mentions this algorithm. Therefore, I will not make it simple. Here I will summarize

How do feature points of the SIFT algorithm match?

https://www.zhihu.com/question/23371175I need to match a photo with the picture in the training set. I took a picture of the eigenvalues and set up a kd tree, and then read the training set of pictures in turn, and then put the features of the picture into the KD tree in order to find the nearest point, the first question is the distance between the 2 points, the direction of the ratio of the length of the ratio in what is a match? The second question

"Master Opencv ..." Reading Notes "image feature points matching

This is the third chapter of this book, this paper mainly focuses on the feature point matching and the method of removing mismatch points. Main function: Took two photos of the unified object, but the second picture has the choice and the scale change. Now we need to extract the feature points for each of the two imag

Explore c#7.0 new feature points using Ilspy

: You can return a ref local in one method, this way called ref return Code: Run Result: Resolution: private static ref int GetX () is actually a method of returning a value of int32 (a type of INT32 that marks a memory pointer), which is to return an address so that when I modify the value it is actually the value of the modified X. Ilspy results: Note: Ldsflda int32: The address of a static field x is pressed into the stack, RET, and then returned, in the main method, when the above method

Eclipse plug-in development--deep understanding of the search feature and its extensibility points

Summary: The Find feature is a very important feature in Eclipse, providing rich search results, user-friendly results, and convenient positioning, as well as viewing the search history (the number of users can configure history) and re-running the Find function using the last condition. The Eclipse3.4 plugin development version offers four search features, including file lookups, task lookups, Java lookups

Seci-log 1.10 Release adds multiple feature points for full-text search integrated password encryption

query is not a problem. Specifically, the search loginin su will be like Baidu a bit related log search out. 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://static.oschina.net/uploads/space/2015/0730/180350_7BKM_247205.jpg "style=" margin:0px;padding:0px;border:1px solid RGB (221,221,221); "alt=" 180350_7bkm_247205.jpg "/>You are welcome to useThis article is from the "Zhulinu blog" blog, make sure to keep this source http://zhulinu.blog.51cto.com/539189/1685073Seci-log 1.10 Release adds multi

Seci-log 1.09 Publish Log analysis adds multiple reports and feature points

/0716/115603_j7Wx_247205.png "style=" margin:0px;padding:0px;border:1px solid RGB (221,221,221); "alt=" 115603_j7wx_247205.png "/>Event monitoring mainly monitors the number of events collected at all times.650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://static.oschina.net/uploads/space/2015/0716/170957_L5KY_247205.png "style=" margin:0px;padding:0px;border:1px solid RGB (221,221,221); "alt=" 170957_l5ky_247205.png "/>This article is from the "Zhulinu blog" blog, make sure to keep this source http://zhulinu.

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