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Data Warehouse Architecture Development _ Data Warehouse

including coarse-grained and fine-grained conditions and the content of the data around the event generation and response, the active service mechanism mainly includes three element events, conditions, actions (Event-condition Condition-action,eca), Based on these three elements, the development of a service engine for active decision building is built on the basis of data

Microsoft Data Warehouse Architecture!

Schema | Data Microsoft Data Warehouse architecture Absrtact: This article briefly introduces the data warehouse using the Microsoft Data Warehous

BI architecture and data warehouse design

BI architecture and data warehouse design (14:26:41)BI architecture and data warehouse design A data warehouse solution is often related

Auto House Data Platform Architecture _ Data Warehouse

Auto House Data Platform architectureInternet Enterprise Data Warehouse construction is to use the bottom-up approach, or top-down approach. If you are an architect in the data division, how do you plan a data warehouse? At the 20

Data warehouse architecture

IntroductionThe data warehouse architecture is a branch of the IT architecture. As the core role of data in enterprises increases, the data warehouse

The basic architecture of the Data Warehouse

The purpose of the data Warehouse is to build an integrated data environment for analysis, providing decision support for the Enterprise (decision supports). The basic architecture of data warehouse mainly consists of the process

Consider the feasibility of two kinds of data Warehouse architecture coexistence

Search for "Inmon and Kimball" on Google, and you'll easily find the concepts of these two names, which are two of the best-known ways of data Warehouse architecture. In this ocean of information, however, you will find that almost all of the content can come to a conclusion, that is, to choose between Bill Inmon and Ralph Kimball. But the "Father of

The architecture of the Data Warehouse

According to the author's experience in the Data Warehouse ETL internship in Teradata and Main Street network, we can understand the relationship and difference between them in architecture design. Teradata is generally the enterprise-class data Warehouse, in the Teradata

Technical Architecture Design of the data warehouse system

Technical Architecture Design of the data warehouse system Author: Cheng Xiaoxu Statement] Because the technical solutions described in this article are derived from online production systems, they will not provide complete and detailed technical solutions, nor provide source code. You are welcome to discuss technical solutions and exchange design experiences.

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