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Feof read string

Feof () is a function that is often used to operate files in C language. This function is used to indicate whether we have reached the next position at the end of the file. Both binary and text files work. Compared with EOF (generally defined as-1),

Use of feof () and EOF -- Determination of the end of a file in C

View stdio. h, you can see the following definitions: # define EOF (-1) # DEFINE _ ioeof 0x0010 # define feof (_ stream)-> _ flag & _ ioeof) we can see that the two methods have different principles. Here we will talk about the EOF and feof () macro

Feof and EOF

# Include int main (void) { file * stream; /* open a file for reading */stream = fopen ("dummy. fil "," R ");/* read a character from the file */ fgetc (Stream ); /* Check for EOF */If (feof (Stream) printf ("we have reached end-of-file/N "); /*

EOF and Feof () in the C language

Today, I met feof () to determine the end of a multi-output line of the problem, on the Internet to see a well-written article, turn around (transcription) to deepen the impression. Original address: http://blog.csdn.net/flyyyri/article/details/50849

Do you really know about EOF and feof?

There are two ways to determine the end of a file: EOF and Feof ()To view stdio.h you can see the following definition:#define EOF (-1) #define _IOEOF 0x0010#define FEOF (_stream) (_stream)->_flag & _ioeof) From this we can see that the principles

Recommended 10 articles for PHP feof () functions

PHP File processing advanced application-file pointer php can implement the positioning of the file pointer and query, so as to achieve the required information fast query, the file pointer function has rewind (), fseek (), feof () and Ftell ()

Feof () and EOF usage

Yesterday, a friend suddenly asked about the end of the file.ProgramProblem. When you use feof () to determine a file, copying will generate one more character.   This problem was emphasized by the teacher in class when I was a freshman, but at

C Language File Operation function Ferror & feof & Clearerr

These functions are related to errors in file reading and writing, and are analyzed below:1:ferrorPrototype: int ferror (FILE * fp)Function: Tests whether a file stream is set with an error identifier, or returns 0 if it is a non-0 integer.Example:

Feof function re-reading

When fgets reads the last row of the file (the returned result is not null), feof test is false, fgets is performed once (the returned result is null), and feof test is true.   Feof is used to judge whether the stream has reached the end by judging

Notes for the feof () method of PHP

Introduction: This is a detailed page of the PHP feof () method that requires attention. It introduces PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf' frameborder = '0' src = 'HTTP: //

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