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XMLHttpRequest, the latest alternative technology -- Fetch

In Web applications, JavaScript uses XMLHttpRequest (XHR) to execute asynchronous requests. this is a technology that effectively improves page communication. when we talk about Ajax technology, it usually means Ajax based on XMLHttpRequest.

PHP Fetch and save the implementation code of the website picture, _php tutorial

PHP crawls and saves the implementation code of the website image, This program realizes the Web page source code capture, the image link obtains, the analysis, and the same picture link merging function, realizes the picture grasping function.

Python uses a proxy to capture website images (multithreading)

I. Function Description:1. Capture the proxy server in multiple threads and verify the proxy server in multiple threadsThe ps proxy server is crawled from the http://www.cnproxy.com/(the test selects only 8 pages)2. Capture the image address of a

Python crawler: & quot; catch up with new fans & quot; Website Resource Link crawling, python Crawler

Python crawler: "catch up with the new fan" Website Resource Link crawling, python Crawler"Catch up with new fan" website The new website provides the latest Japanese TV series and movies, which are updated quickly. I personally prefer watching

Talking about the principles of Maven and git and their use in the IDE

This article is reprinted blog, original address: http://www.blogjava.net/youxia/archive/2013/12/29/408182.html Resources:1.Maven Official Document Http://maven.apache.org/guides/index.html2.Git Official Document

Build a website using the Zend framework (III)-Smarty Extension

Build a website using the Zend framework (iii) -- smarty extension 2008/07/24 p.m. Today, I will summarize the methods for extending the smarty template in the ZF framework. I have provided a detailed introduction in the ZF help document.

Java learning notes-five methods of multi-thread synchronization, java learning notes

Java learning notes-five methods of multi-thread synchronization, java learning notesI. Introduction A few days ago, the interview was abused by the master and a lot of basic knowledge had to be taken up again. If you don't talk much about it, go to

Code for controlling bookmarks and rollback buttons using Ajax

This article describes an open-source javascript library that supports Ajax application bookmarks and rollback buttons. At the end of this Guide, developers will come up with an Ajax solution that is not even processed by Google Maps or Gmail:

b/S client and server interaction

Original: http://igoro.com/archive/what-really-happens-when-you-navigate-to-a-url/As a software developer, you will certainly have a complete hierarchical understanding of how Web applications work, as well as the technologies used in these

[Add to favorites] ASP. NET Starter Kit: Where is the secret that can be copied by Portal Starter Kit?

Document directory Deployment that can be copied by Portal Starter Kit Dynamic operation principle of the portal website engine Portal website settings XML Scheme Context object setting Role groups and Models Under Portal Starter Kit

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