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FETCH (Transact-SQL)

SQL Server 2005 books online (September 2007) FETCH (Transact-SQL) You can use a Transact-SQL Server cursor to retrieve specific rows.Syntax FETCH          [ [ NEXT | PRIOR | FIRST | LAST                    | ABSOLUTE { n | @nvar }              

Oracle row migration and row link clearing and Detection

I. Introduction of row migration and row link in actual work we often encounter some problems with low Oracle database performance. Of course, there are many reasons that cause low Oracle database performance, we can use some correct design and

Using fetch bulk collect into to read cursor data in batch in Oracle

Usually we obtain cursor data in the form of fetch some_cursor into var1 and var2. When there are not many records in the cursor, It is not tight. However, since Oracle 8i, Oracle has provided fetch bulk collect to fetch data in the cursor in

Why can't foreach retrieve only one row when using the mysqli class, while loop fetch multiple rows of data?

Why can't foreach retrieve only one row when using the mysqli class, while loop fetch multiple rows of data? I am a newbie. if you have any questions, please use the mysqli class. the data table test contains five rows of data. The foreach function

SQL Fetch Size

JDBC performance tuning with optimal fetch sizeFebruary 1, CommentsTuning performance using fetch size is a old technique some of you might already are using this configuration; Some may know is not having implemented. Recently I has implemented in

Row chaining or row migration)

Row chain: When a row is too large to fit into any block, row chaining occurs. in this case, the Oracle devide the row into smaller chunks. each Chunk is stored in a block along with the necessary poiters to retrive and assemble the entire row.

Show cursor FETCH data

-In Oracle, when we execute a SELECT statement from Pl/sql, the Oracle RDBMS (relational database management system) assigns a private SQL zone to the SGA shared pool for that statement. --At the same time, put the query result set into the system

MySQL stored procedure-cursor usage fetch each row of records (multiple fields)

Delimiter $create PROCEDURE phonedeal () BEGIN DECLARE ID varchar (+); --ID DECLARE phone1 varchar (+);--Phone DECLARE password1 varchar (32);--Password DECLARE name1 varchar (+); --ID --traverse end of data flag DECLARE

Oracle row migration and row linking

Row migrations and row links lead to degraded Oracle performance, this article describes what row migration and row links are, what they do, how to judge them, and provides solutions to them.What is row migration and row link row migrationOracle's

SQL Server 2012 Paging Method Analysis (offset and fetch) _mssql

One of the most important new features of the offset and fetch is the paging, since to analyze pagination, it is certainly to and before the paging way to compare, especially row_number (), in the comparison process, found quite a lot, but the most

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