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Use ffmpeg0.6.1to pack .hsf-pure code streams into .mp4. Avi and other formats.

I have been confused. I have always said that FFmpeg is very powerful, but I have never studied it. Today I finally learned about its strength! First of all, FFmpeg is successfully compiled and installed in Linux. For details about the installation process, refer to my previous blog! Here we will directly introduce how to pack .hsf-pure code streams into .mp4.

Use ffmpeg0.6.1 to package. H264 pure bitstream into. mp4. avi format (reprint)

Transferred from: http://cache2.weidaohang.org/h/index.php?q=aHR0cDovL2Jsb2cuY3Nkbi5uZXQvemh1cWluZ183MzkvYXJ0aWNsZS9kZXRhaWxzLzY2MzY4NTc=Has been more confused a problem, all said FFmpeg function is very powerful, but he has not been to study, today finally saw a bit of its strong place!First of all, of course, the Linux compiler and installation success FFmpeg, about the specific installation process, you

Use FFMPEG to compress rmvb into MP4

Because my itouc4does not support rmvb, you must convert it to MP4 if you want to watch cartoons online. Originally, I used mediaco der for conversion, but most recent versions often encounter errors. Some time ago I wrote a conversion method using AVS + x264. Now I want to remove AVS and use FFMPEG. Use1. View rmvb attributes Before conversion, check the file at

Use FFmpeg to modify MP4 file header information to support streaming loading and playback

-01316438de54fba6421e9817746b2229 Allow Flash Player to support playback of MP4 files, and solve the problem of not loading side-by-side multicastFirst, let the Flash Player support MP4, you need to convert the encoding to H. MP4.Second, to solve the problem of side loading side playback, the

Use FFmpeg to convert media Video

print out all the video size sizes supported by h263. If the audio conversion parameters are wrong, FFmpeg will also print the reason and prompt information, very good.2. Different file format is required for codec that can be placed in it. For example, MP4 can not be put into H263/mp3. So when the top turns into h263, the output file is 3gp. If file format is wrong, FFmpeg's error message is: [That's basi

Java calls ffmpeg to convert video formats to flv and ffmpegflv

(); return true;} catch (Exception e) {e. printStackTrace (); return false ;}} Private boolean process () {int type = checkContentType (); boolean status = false; if (type = 0) {// status = processFLV (PATH ); // directly convert the file to the flv File status = processFLV (PATH);} else if (type = 1) {String avifilepath = processAVI (type); if (avifilepath = null) returnfalse; // The avi file does not get

Use FFMPEG to convert media files

meaning of these parameters, which is very simple:-I -- input file;-acodec -- specify audio codec, use the FFMPEG-formats command to view all the file formats and CODEC;-AB -- bitrate supported by the currently compiled FFMPEG. A key must be followed by a key; otherwise, the key is invalid; -AC: specifies the number of channels;-AR: Specifies the sample rate. Note that amrnb is 8000, amrwb is 16000, and no

FFMPEG: convert 3gp files using FFMPEG

-2004 Fabrice BellardConfiguration:--enable-memalign-hack--enable-mingw32--enable-mp3lame--extRa-cflags=-i/local/include--extra-ldflags=-l/local/libBuilt on Aug 2006 13:44:13, gcc:3.2.3 (MinGW special 20030504-1)Input #0, AVI, from ' Test.avi ':duration:00:00:10.3, start:0.000000, bitrate:700 kb/sStream #0.0, 15.00 Fps:Video:cinepak, yuv420p, 128x128Output #0, 3GP, to ' test.3gp ':Stream #0.0, -1. #J fps:Video:h263, yuv420p, 128x96, q=2-31, kb/sStream

How does RM format convert MP4?

RM format How to convert MP4?RM to MP4 format Converter list RM mp4 Format Converter Rank one: MP4/RM conversion specialist The MP4/RM conversion expert has a comprehensive focus on professional conversion tools opti

Convert video format from FLV to Avi

Recently, due to the need to convert some videos from the FLV format to the AVI format, I wrote the following script to automate the conversion: #! /Bin/bashffcmd = '/cygdrive/C/work-DIR/FFMPEG/ffmpeg.exe' # path to ffmpe tools # Check output directory existif! Test-d $2; then mkdir $ 2FI # Convert FLV to avifor F in

Use FFMPEG to convert the file format and FFMPEG parameter description

Convert the file test. Avi to test. FLV.FFmpeg-I test. Avi-AB 56-ar 22050-B 500-r 29.97-s 320x240 test. FLVThumbnail capture of files:FFmpeg-I "test. Avi"-y-F image2-ss 4-T 0.001-s 350x240 test.jpgCapture existing FLV files:FFmpeg-I "test. FLV"-y-F image2-SS 8-T 0.001-s 350x240 test.jpg

Batch convert videos to H.264 encoded mp4 formats in Ubuntu

the video encoder.-of bytes is encapsulated in mp4, if m001.avi is used, avi is used for encapsulation. The-vf lavcdeint parameter is used to remove the brushed stripes (sawtooth lines) in the video. If not, skip this parameter. The h264 encoding process is time-consuming. In my computer (AMD quad-core 2.8G), the encoding speed is about 30fps, which is basically

Use FFMPEG to convert video files to FLV <Article 6>

" test.jpg " -SS followed by time in seconds **************** 4. Create a class [Java]View plaincopy Public class convertvideo { Private Static string input_path; Private Static string output_path; Private Static string project_path; Private Static hashmap Static { Filetype = new hashmap Filetype. Put ("Avi", "true "); Filetype. Put ("MPG", "true "); Filetype. Put ("WMV", "true "); Filetype. Put ("3GP", "true "); Filetype. Put

Php uses memcoder to convert a video to mp4 format

This article describes how php converts a video to an mp4 format using memcoder. It involves php video file operations and has some reference value, for more information, see the following example. Share it with you for your reference. The specific implementation method is as follows: "; $ Command =" mencoder $ input-o $ output-af volume = 10-aspect-of avi-noodml-ovc x264-x264encopts bitrate = 500: lev

How to convert SWF to MP4

SWF is an interactive animated file format that requires Adobe Flash player to be installed in order to open a SWF file. So how do you convert your downloaded SWF file to a common MP4 format? We'll use the SWF format converter, which enables you to swap SWF for a common video format MP4, as follows: Tools/raw Materials SWF Format Converter http://pan.baidu.com

Use memcoder to convert the video to mp4 format (x264)-PHP source code

Use memcoder to convert a video to mp4 format (x264) Use memcoder to convert a video to mp4 format (x264) "; $ Command =" mencoder $ input-o $ output-af volume = 10-aspect-of avi-noodml-ovc x264-x264encopts bitrate = 500: level_idc = 41: bframes = 3: frameref = 2: nosn

Linux uses FFmpeg to convert audio formats

Http://linux.51yip.com/search/ffmpeg# ffmpeg-y-i "1.avi"-title "Test"-vcodec xvid-s 368x208-r 29.97-b 1500-acodec aac-ac 2-ar 24000-ab 128-vol 200 The-F psp-muxvb 768 "output.wmv" is explained below:-y overwrites the output file, that is, if the output.wmv file already exists, overwrite it without prompting-I "1.avi" i

[Urgent] I cannot use php to call ffmpeg in ubuntu to convert the video format, extract frames, and input the camera in real time. Is it a php setting problem? Or code problems?

[Urgent] I cannot use php to call ffmpeg in ubuntu to convert the video format, extract frames, and input the camera in real time. Is it a php setting problem? Or code problems? I follow /~ Modified the description in lyj/Programming/configure_php.html. This is the php code for video conversion. test. avi is placed in the main folder directory and can be converte

Codeigniter tutorial-upload a video and use ffmpeg to convert to flv example _ php instance

This article describes how to use codeigniter to upload a video and convert ffmpeg to flv. For more information, see The Code is as follows: $ File = 'video _ file ';$ Config ['upload _ path'] = './video_folder /';$ Config ['allowed _ types'] = 'mov | mpeg | mp3 | avi ';$ Config ['max _ size'] = '000000 ';$ Config ['max _ width'] = '';$ Config ['max _ height']

Use FFMPEG to convert the video format to FLV to ensure successful operation

/*** Video conversion (converted to FLV format) ** Creation Time: 2010-11-21 */public class testconvert {/** input file path attribute */private string in_path; /** output file path attribute */private string out_path;/** ffmpeg.exe storage path attribute */private string ffmpeg_path;/** completion progress attribute */private int complete = 0; /** constructor */Public testconvert (string inpath, string outpath, string ffmpegpath) {This. in_path = inpath; // value the path of the video file to b

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