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FFMPEG: convert 3gp files using FFMPEG

1. Download the following three files first to www.3gpp.org:-Http://www.3gpp.org/ftp/Specs/2004-03/Rel-5/26_series/26204-520.zip-Http://www.3gpp.org/ftp/Specs/2004-03/Rel-5/26_series/26073-530.zip-Http://www.3gpp.org/ftp/Specs/2004-03/Rel-5/26_series/26104-540.zipExtract each of the following folders:-26204-520.zip into Libavcodec/amrwb_float-26073-530.zip into Libavcodec/amr-26104-540.zip into Libavcodec/amr_float2. Recompile ffmpeg, remember to add

Use FFMPEG to convert the file format and FFMPEG parameter description

Convert the file test. Avi to test. FLV.FFmpeg-I test. Avi-AB 56-ar 22050-B 500-r 29.97-s 320x240 test. FLVThumbnail capture of files:FFmpeg-I "test. Avi"-y-F image2-ss 4-T 0.001-s 350x240 test.jpgCapture existing FLV files:FFmpeg-I "test. FLV"-y-F image2-SS 8-T 0.001-s 350x240 test.jpg FFmpeg conversion command (test failed)FFmpeg-y-I test. Avi-bitexact-vcodec h

Use FFmpeg to convert media Video

Ffmpeg-i 1.wmv-c:v libx264-strict-2 1_wmv.mp4Ffmpeg-i B.mp4-codec COPY-BSF H264_mp4toannexb a.tsFfmpeg-i 1.mp4-c:v LIBX264-CRF destination.flvFfmpeg-i hyb-wish.wav-acodec libmp3lame-ab 192k-ac 2 Hyb-wish.mp3Ffmpeg-i hyb-wish.wav-acodec libfaac-ab 192k-ac 2 HYB-WISH.AACFfmpeg-i hyb-wish.wav-acodec libamr_nb-ab 12.2k-ar 8000-ac 1 hyb-wish-nb.amrFfmpeg-i hyb-wish.wav-acodec libamr_wb-ab 23.85k-ar 16000-ac 1 hyb-wish-wb.amrReprinted from: http://www.cnblo

Use FFMPEG to convert media files

The mencoder command line looks a little scary, so FFmpeg is used. In fact, most of the so-called conversion software is based on FFMPEG, and mencoder also uses FFMPEG. FFmpeg is used for mplayer organizations. So why can't many software convert some files and CODEC? This is

Using FFmpeg to convert video files into FLV finishing

This series of articles navigation Quick Start for ffmpeg under Windows FFmpeg parameter explanation MEncoder and FFmpeg parameter detailed (Java processing video) Java generated video thumbnails (ffmpeg) Using FFmpeg to convert

Use FFmpeg in Java to convert AMR-formatted voice to MP3 format

FFmpeg is a very powerful audio and video processing tool, the official website is: http://ffmpeg.org/.Because FFmpeg does not have the same files on Windows and on Linux systems (you do not need to install FFmpeg on Windows, you only need to download the Windows version of FFmpeg. Linux requires the user to install

Java calls ffmpeg to convert video formats to flv and ffmpegflv

Java calls ffmpeg to convert video formats to flv and ffmpegflv Java calls ffmpeg to convert the video format to flv Note: The following program runs in Linux. If rmvb is converted to avi in windows, the problem may occur. To succeed, you need to download the next drv43260.dll and put it under C: WindowsSystem32. Writi

Linux under FFmpeg convert AMR to MP3 size 0 solution __linux

FFmpeg official website. now, instead of installing FFmpeg on Linux, we use the green version of FFmpeg to solve it. Where: Amr2mp3filter.java's code is Package com.bill99.amr.filter; Import Java.io.File; Import Java.io.FileInputStream; Import java.io.IOException; Import Java.io.InputStream; Import Java.io.OutputStream; Import Javax.servlet.Filter; Import

Use FFMPEG to convert video files to FLV <Article 6>

" test.jpg " -SS followed by time in seconds **************** 4. Create a class [Java]View plaincopy Public class convertvideo { Private Static string input_path; Private Static string output_path; Private Static string project_path; Private Static hashmap Static { Filetype = new hashmap Filetype. Put ("Avi", "true "); Filetype. Put ("MPG", "true "); Filetype. Put ("WMV", "true "); Filetype. Put ("3GP", "true "); Filetype. Put ("mov", "true "); Filetype. Put ("MP4", "tru

Java convert video to thumbnail--ffmpeg

(commands);Builder.start ();return true;} catch (Exception e) {E.printstacktrace ();return false;}}public static void main(String[] args)throws Exception{//1.获取当前工程目录,获取ffmpeg.exeFile directory = new File("."); String root = directory.getCanonicalPath();String ffmpegPath = root + "\\ffmpeg\\ffmpeg.exe";//2.看不懂的童鞋们去读幼儿园吧(执行了后,刷新一下工程,注意观察你的工程目录中的image文件夹里,和控制台打印内容,成功了吧!)String videoPath=root + "\\video\\demo.mp4";String imagePath=root + "\\image\\ceshi

Install ffmpeg, convert the video format to m3u8, compress the video, and ffmpegm3u8

Install ffmpeg, convert the video format to m3u8, compress the video, and ffmpegm3u8 # FfmpegInstall ffmpeg, convert the video format to m3u8, and compress the video # Ffmpeg InstallationDirect installation: Apt-get install ffmpeg

[Urgent] I cannot use php to call ffmpeg in ubuntu to convert the video format, extract frames, and input the camera in real time. Is it a php setting problem? Or code problems?

[Urgent] I cannot use php to call ffmpeg in ubuntu to convert the video format, extract frames, and input the camera in real time. Is it a php setting problem? Or code problems? I follow /~ Modified the description in lyj/Programming/configure_php.html. This is the php code for video conversion. test. avi is placed in the main folder directory and can be converted normally by using the terminal to directly

How to call FFMPEG in C # to convert the video format

My goal is to call FFMPEG conversion. the AVS file is. there is no problem with FLV files and parameters. I can run the command line to successfully convert the video format. now I write it as a function in Program In the call, there is a problem :( Public int convertvideotoflv (){Int re= 999; PROCESS p = new process (); // create an external call threadP. startinfo. filename = @ "F: \ FLV \

Use FFmpeg to convert MP4 files to TS files and generate m3u8 lists __ffmpeg

When playing a video stream using HLS technology, you first convert the video to a TS slice and a m3u8 playlist, using FFmpeg to do the conversion (the low version ffmpeg does not support direct turning, and can now be converted to TS and m3u8-segmenter slices, The author uses ffmpeg version-2.1.2), usually using the f

Linux uses FFmpeg to convert audio formats

camcorder, DAT (LP mode) sampling rate44,100 Hz-Audio CD, also commonly used for MPEG-1 audio (VCD, SVCD, MP3) sampling rate47,250 Hz-Sampling rate for commercial PCM recorders48,000 sampling rate for digital sound used in Hz-minidv, digital TV, DVDs, DAT, movies, and professional audio50,000 Hz-sampling rate for commercial digital recorders96,000 or 192,000 Hz-dvd-audio, some LPCM DVD tracks, Bd-rom (Blu-ray Disc) tracks, and Hd-dvd (high definition DVD) audio tracks used by the sample rateThe

Use FFMPEG to convert screen recording files to GIF files

I. screen recording using Huawei nova3's built-in screen recording software1. drop-down screen.2. Select the edit button.3. Click "screen recording ".4. Countdown 3-2-1.5. Start recording.6. When the recording is complete, use the index finger and middle finger joint to hit the screen of the mobile phone. The recorded file is in "Image Library"-"screenshot recording ".Second, use ffmpegto convert the recorded macrodroidluping.mp4into A. GIF file.1. Do

Java uses ffmpeg to convert AMR, CAF to MP3 format

(webroot+ "files /ffmpeg-i "+webroot+sourcepath+" -acodeclibmp3lame "+webroot+targetpath";// Execute Ffmpeg.exe, preceded by the address of Ffmpeg.exe, in the middle is the file address that needs to be converted, followed by the converted file address. -I is the mode of conversion, meaning can encode and decode, MP3 encoding method is used libmp3lame //Release Process p.getoutputstream (). Close (); p.getinputstream (). Close (); p.geterrorstream (

Codeigniter tutorial-upload a video and use ffmpeg to convert to flv example _ php instance

This article describes how to use codeigniter to upload a video and convert ffmpeg to flv. For more information, see The Code is as follows: $ File = 'video _ file ';$ Config ['upload _ path'] = './video_folder /';$ Config ['allowed _ types'] = 'mov | mpeg | mp3 | avi ';$ Config ['max _ size'] = '000000 ';$ Config ['max _ width'] = '';$ Config ['max _ height'] = ''; $ This-> upload-> initialize ($ config

Ubuntu uses FFmpeg to convert AMR format to mp3

Recording AMR files less than 1 minutes, dozens of K, using your own server conversion is more convenient than uploading to Ali or seven kn processing.1, installation ffmpeg apt-get install FFmpeg2, ffmpeg only MP3 decoding no coding tool, Apt-get install Libmp3lame-dev installed this MP3 encoded open-source third-party library It doesn't seem to work.Ffmpeg-codecs viewing existing encoding and decoding for

FFmpeg using--php to convert video, capture video, and JW player player controls

Convert Video Parameters command please Baidu. Here are a few questions to say1, there are many versions of Ffmpeg.exe online, after testing, many can not be used. I am here to provide download of the Ffmpeg.exe and related files I am using.2, ffmpeg conversion Video parameters ConsiderationsAfter many tests found$a = '. /aaa/ffmpeg.exe ';//This way is wrong! cannot use "/"$a = ' D:\wwwroot\dingji\flv\ffmp

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