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Research on FIDO-UAF, fido-uaf

Research on FIDO-UAF, fido-uaf After reading FIDO in the last three weeks, the company found that it was not in line with the company's position and stopped the research. Now, let's share it. The following is the authentication fee of USD 5000. I see the UAF fee. My PPT pages: FIDO is short for Fast Identity O

Fido Alliance: We will kill the password

first step in Fido's technical specifications.Annoying passwordsPassword landing technology began in the 1960s, when multiple users use a computer, need to use the account and password to distinguish. Stealing passwords was just one of those pranks, and there was no personal information to divulge. And now, get the password can almost understand a person's everything, such as mail, net silver, network disk and so on. And you can get this information in any networked place. A password leak can b

Fido u2f Application and Development (III)-develop websites supporting u2f

data after the device is bound.?? Figure 4 shows the registration data of a user bound to multiple devices. The data bound to each device is identified by keyhandle.?? You can select one of the keyhandle to unbind. The u2f device corresponding to the keyhandle does not function during logon authentication, as shown in Figure User logon authentication ?? For a user bound to a u2f device, you must not only verify the user name and password, but also verify the u2f device, as shown in fig

FIDO-UAF Related Research

Recently watched 3 weeks of Fido, and then the company felt that it did not meet the company's positioning, stop the investigation.If you read it, share it.Here are the certified parts, the $5000 certification fee, I'm looking at the UAF section.I made a few pages of PPT:What is Fido, Fido is the abbreviation for fast Identity online and is an affiliate organizat


, "Authenticationalgorithms": [ 1 , 3 ], "Assertionschemes": [ "UAFV1TLV" ] }, { "Userverification": 4, "Keyprotection": 1, "Authenticationalgorithms": [ 1 , 3 ], "Assertionschemes": [ "UAFV1TLV" ] } ] ], "Disallowed": [ { "Userverification":

Learning programming in ten years

Author: Peter norvig Teach Yourself programming in ten years Http:// /? P = 2250 Why is everyone impatient? When you walk into any bookstore, you will see a long row of similar books next to "Teach Yourself Java in 7 days" (7 days without a teacher, they want to teach you Visual Basic, windows, the Internet, and so on, but it only takes a few days or even hours. I am { Function onclick () { Pagetracker. _ trackpageview ('/outgoing/ /?

Object Inheritance in Javascript

){Return $ super (Message) + ', yarr! ';}}); VaR John = new pirate ('long john ');John. Say ('ahoy mate ');//-> "Long John: Ahoy Matey, yarr! " // Override the initialize of the subclass when declaring the subclass Before 1.60 Java code 1. var animal = Class. Create ();2. Animal. Prototype = {3. initialize: function (name, sound) {// superclass, one or two parameters at the top4. This. Name = Name;5. This. Sound = sound;6 .},7.8. Speak: function (){9. Alert (name + "says:" + sound + "! ");10 .}

Graphic tutorial: SELinux policy implementation

mysqld_data_t. If an Apache process is intruded, hackers can gain control of the httpd_t process, read the content of the httpd_sys_content_t file, and write data to the httpd_sys_content_rw_t file. However, hackers still cannot read credit card data (mysqld_data_t), even if the compromised process runs as root. In this case, SELinux can significantly mitigate the security threats caused by intrusion activities. MCS force Metaphor As mentioned above, we have entered two Process types: Dog

Perl Notes (I)

subroutine $fido = new Camel ' Amelia '; Reference to an ObjectFollowing the principle of least surprise, the variable is created with a null value, either "" "or 0. Depending on where to use them, variables to be interpreted automatically as strings, as numbers, or as "true" and "FalSe "values" (commonly called Boolean values). Perl would automatically convert the data into the form required by the current context, within reason. For example, suppo

Key-value Observation

If you want to be a key observer, add the following code.[Theappdelegate addobserver:self forkeypath:@ "Fido" Options:nskeyvalueobservingoptionold Context:nil];The above method is defined in NSObject, which is actually similar to saying, "Send me a message whenever Fido changes", and the options and context decide what additional data will be sent with the message when the

Array_multisort for PHP Functions

. Sorting order Optional. Specify the order. Possible values are sort_asc and sort_desc. Sorting type Optional. Specifies the sorting type. Possible values are sort_regular, sort_numeric, and sort_string. Array2 Optional. Specifies the input array. Array3 Optional. Specifies the input array. Tips and comments Note: The string key will be retained, but the number key will be re-indexed, starting from 0 and increasing at 1. Note: You can set the

JavaScript and C # URI Encoding

= " /? Key = "+ encodeuricomponent (PARAM) +" page = 1 ";Console. Log (URL); // outputs /? Key = % E5 % 8d % 9A % E5 % AE % A2 % E5 % 9B % ad page = 1 As you can see, this is exactly the result we want (only the encoded parameter (page = 1 does not need to be encoded ).Server. urlencode httputility. urlencode: Not recommended Put the two together because the two methods are the same in most cases. Their difference is httputility. urlencode uses UT

Array_multisort () sorting description

be retained, but the number key will be re-indexed, starting from 0 and increasing at 1. Note: You can set the sorting order and type behind each array. If no value is set, the default value is used for each array parameter. Edit this section Example 1 Array_multisort ($ A1, $ A2); print_r ($ A1); print_r ($ A2 );?> Output: Array ([0] => CAT [1] => dog) array ([0] => Missy [1] => Fido) Edit

Several simple methods for defining objects in Javascript

= { Sethistory: function (cityshort) {alert (cityshort ); } }; VaR animal = Class. create (); animal. prototype = {initialize: function (name, sound) {This. name = Name; this. sound = sound ;}, speak: function () {alert (name + "says:" + sound + "! ") ;}}; Var snake = new animal (" ringneck "," hissssssssss "); snake. Speak (); //-> prompt:" ringneck says: hissssssssss! "Var dog = Class. create (); dog. prototype = object. extend (new animal (), {initialize: function (name) {This. n

Prototype1.5.1 source code interpretation and analysis-4

bit difficult to understand. I am at a low level and only understand this level .) Example: VaR animal = Class. Create (); Animal. Prototype = { Initialize: function (name, sound ){ This. Name = Name; This. Sound = sound; }, Speak: function (){ Alert (name + "says:" + sound + "! "); } }; VaR snake = new animal ("ringneck", "hissssssssss "); Snake. Speak (); //-> Alerts "ringneck says: hissssssssss! " VaR dog = Class. Create (); Dog. Prototype = object. Extend (new animal (),{ Initialize: functi

Understanding of struct and class

It has been thought that C + + has a class reason is that the struct in C can not have constructors, destructors, inheritance and other functions, did not expect the struct can also implement these functions.Only the default keyword in class is private, and the default keyword in a struct is public.An example is given to illustrate some of the functions of implementing classes with using namespace Std;Enum Breed {Golden,cairn,dandie,shetland,doberman,lab};//breed is a data typ

Why does the callback function not work in array_filter ()?

Why does the callback function not work in array_filter? Lt ;? Phpfunction nbsp; myFunction ($ v) nbsp; {if nbsp; ($ v = "Dog") {return nbsp; "Fido ";} return nbsp; $ v; why does the callback function not work in array_filter? Function myFunction ($ v){If ($ v = "Dog "){Return "Fido ";}Return $ v;}$ A = array ("Horse", "Dog", "Cat ");// Array ([0] => Horse [1] =>

Example of the Python design Pattern Adapter Pattern

import person, DogadapterDef exercise_system ():person = person ("Bob")Canine = Dogadapter (Dog ("Fido")) For critter in (person, canine): Print, "says", Critter.make_noise () if __name__ = = "__main__":Exercise_system () Create more creatures, cats, birds ...#### The code is as follows Copy Code Class Cat (object):"" "a representation of cat in 2D land" "def __init__ (self, name) = Namedef

Python13: Class

to the instance object When this method object is called with a parameter list, a new argument list with the instance object and invocation is constructed and used to invoke the function object.Class and instance variablesTypically, instance variables correspond to each specific instance, and class variables correspond to instances of all classes:Class Dog: kind = ' Canine ' # class variable shared by all instances def __init__ (self, name): = Name # instance v

PHP processing array Common function summary

", "B" => "yes");$b = Array ("C" => "No", "a" => "AAA");$d = array_merge_recursive ($a, $b);Print_r ($d);Output resultsArray ([a] => array ([0] => 123 [1] => AAA) [b] => yes [C] => No)?> 3. Array_slice () Split index array, similar to the use of substr (), offset start cut, cut length so many, not set length is cut to the end Array array_slice (array array, int offset[,int length])Example: $a = Array ("A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G");$b = Array_slice ($a, 3);Print_r ($b);OutputArray ([0] =

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