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MiS603 Development Board Chapter 11th CY7C68013A Slave FIFO return transmission

MiS603 Development Team Date: 20150911 Company: Nanjing mi Lian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Forum: Website: Shop: Eat blog: Blog Park:

Linux system programming pipeline (III): Command pipeline (FIFO)

I. Limitations of anonymous pipeline PIPE The main limitations of MPs queue are as follows: Only unidirectional data streams are supported; It can only be used between unrelated processes; No name; The buffer of the MPs queue is limited

Linux inter-process communication (IPC) Programming Practice (2) FIFO naming Pipeline

Linux inter-process communication (IPC) Programming Practice (2) FIFO naming Pipeline In the previous article, we explained how to use anonymous pipelines to transmit data between processes, and also saw a defect in this method, these processes are

Linux IPC Pipeline and FIFO

Introduction: Pipelines are the oldest IPC method on Unix systems, and pipelines provide an elegant solution: given the two processes that run different programs, how can the output of one process in the shell be used as input to another process?

Linux process communication (SystemV) Section 2 ------> FIFO

I. Some simple understandings: We know that the pipeline has no signs, so we can only communicate in the same process Group. it is not possible between processes produced by different ancestors !! Therefore, the FIFO mechanism can only be

Famous pipelines in linux (FIFO)

A major restriction of an unnamed pipeline application is that it has no name, so it can only be used for Kinship-related inter-process communication. After proposed by a famous Pipeline (named pipe or FIFO, this restriction is overcome. FIFO is

Linux interprocess communication (IPC) programming Practice (ii) FIFO Named pipes

in the previous article , we explain how to use anonymous pipelines to pass data between processes, and also see a flaw in the way that these processes are initiated by a common ancestor process, which makes it inconvenient to exchange data between

Linux inter-process communication pipeline (pipe), (FIFO)

nameless pipes (pipe)Pipelines can be used for communication between affinity processes, and well-known pipelines overcome the limitations of pipe without name, so that, in addition to having the functions of a pipeline, it allows communication

Linux inter-process communication (IPC) 2-Named Pipe (FIFO)

1. Named Pipe (FIFO) The pipeline is described in the previous article "one of Linux processes communication (IPC)-Pipeline". However, a major defect in pipeline application is that there is no name, so it can only be used for communication between

Linux system Programming-interprocess communication: Named Pipes (FIFO)

Overview of Named PipesNameless pipes, because there is no name, can only be used for inter-relationship interprocess communication (many other details. See the Nameless pipe). in order to overcome this shortcoming. A named pipe (FIFO) is proposed.

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