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Linux inter-process communication: pipe and FIFO

  Pipe Http:// AE %A1%E9%81%93/   Overview: Int pipe (INT pipefd [2]);Call the pipe function inKernelOpening up a pieceBuffer Zone(Called pipeline) is

Linux inter-process communication pipeline (pipe), (FIFO)

nameless pipes (pipe)Pipelines can be used for communication between affinity processes, and well-known pipelines overcome the limitations of pipe without name, so that, in addition to having the functions of a pipeline, it allows communication

Linux interprocess communication Pipeline (pipe), named pipe (FIFO) and signal (Signal)

Organize from the networkUnix IPC includes: piping (pipe), named pipe (FIFO) and signal (Signal)Piping (pipe)Pipelines can be used for communication between affinity processes, and well-known pipelines overcome the limitations of pipe without name,

Linux system programming-inter-process communication: Named Pipe (FIFO), linuxfifo

Linux system programming-inter-process communication: Named Pipe (FIFO), linuxfifoOverview of named MPs queue Unknown pipeline, because there is no name, can only be used for inter-process communication of kinship (for more details, see "unknown

Named Pipe (FIFO) communication between Linux processes Named Pipe (FIFO)

Communication between processes in Linux Named Pipe (FIFO)Name the pipe (FIFO), which is the same as the normal pipe. It is used as an intermediate postman to implement communication between two processes.The named pipe (FIFO) has the following

Pipeline for interprocess communication (pipe, FIFO)

Let's start by talking about the general purpose of interprocess communication (IPC), such as data transfer, shared data, notification events, resource sharing, and process control. But we know that for each process the process sees a piece of

Pipe and named pipe (FIFO) in Linux, that is, pipelines and named Pipelines

    Pipeline is an important communication method in Linux. It connects the output of a program directly to the input of another program. It is often said that most pipelines refer to unknown pipelines, an unknown pipeline can only be used between

Linux inter-process communication pipeline (pipe), named pipeline (FIFO) and Signal (Signal)

Organized from Network Unix IPC includes: pipelines, named pipelines (FIFO), and signals (Signal)   Pipeline (pipe) Pipelines can be used for communications between kinship-related processes. Famous pipelines overcome the restriction that pipelines

IPC FIFO (famous pipe) detailed

Basic Concepts: Pipelines have no names, so their greatest disadvantage is that they can only be used between processes that have a common ancestor process. We cannot create a pipe between unrelated processes and use it as an IPC pipe (regardless of

Unix/linux interprocess communication (ii): Anonymous pipe, well-known pipe pipe (), Mkfifo ()

1, pipeline overview and related API application1.1 Key concepts related to pipingThe pipeline is one of the original UNIX IPC forms supported by Linux and has the following features: The pipe is half-duplex, the data can only flow in one

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