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Font Layout Design in Website Design

    As a designer, we are dealing with fonts every day. We often hope to use them well and improve the design. We often wonder which font should we use in the computer? With so many texts, how can we express our inner thoughts through typographical

Web design serif and Sans-serif font applications _ Experience Exchange

Howdy, Hello, it's me again ~ The last time we spoke briefly about font set and some basic questions to be aware of . Today we continue with the topic of font, in depth on the last mentioned " Universal font family ." The first is the most commonly

The font design of Microsoft Black in visual design

A The design concept of YA-hei The elegant black font is designed for Microsoft's screen display characters. It has the advantages of unique personality, beautiful structure, strong recognition, good block effect and clear display. In today's

On the font of icons

In the mobile phone web App project, often encounter small icons on the phone to show a more ambiguous problem, after the practice found a better solution, the icon font. In the micro-community project, there are many small icon (icons), such as

How to figure out font recognition

First, open the site. After opening, click "Select File" on the uploaded image file, and then select the image through the path. After the selection is complete, now click the "Upload" button on the back. Step two, and

iOS development: Partial font parsing

First, iOS native font display Select font in the label, and change font from system to custom, you can see 72 special fonts in family. These have very cool fonts, but all are only for English numerals, not valid for Chinese. Write a program that

Understanding Font Rendering

Reprint: Screenshot The Web page on your Mac OS system and open the image to zoom in and out. You will find that the black text is not entirely pure black. (This phenomenon can also be seen in Windows 7 under IE9 using

Which font is best for fast reading? (with the suggestion of Collocation)

What kinds of fonts are both easy to recognize and readable? How to match the Chinese and English fonts to ensure smooth reading? Today, we share a professional font with popular science, there are graphs and analysis, as well as the intimate

Photoshop creates a flame-fly font effect

Now there are many textbooks in the market there will be some examples of burning effect, which is the most likely to speak the "burning word." The process is fairly simple and the results are rough. If you are just in touch with Photoshop, you may

Use color shadow to realize cool font reflection effect

Reflection effects in many places will be used, such as personal photo annotation, product display, title design, Web images, advertising and so on. Today's small series will introduce this special effects of the production method, but do not worry,

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