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Linux view file encoding, file encoding format conversion and file name encoding conversion

Label:Linux related 2008-10-07 10:46 read 1392 comments 0 font size: Big middle and small if you need to operate files under Windows in Linux, you may often encounter problems with file encoding conversions. The default file format in Windows is GBK

Vim view file encoded file encoding format convert file name encoding conversion.

Label:If you need to operate files under Windows in Linux, you may often encounter problems with file encoding conversions. The default file format in Windows is GBK (gb2312), and Linux is generally UTF-8. Here's how to view the encoding of a file

Text character encoding problems in Java

Tags: style http io os using java AR file dataJava in Chinese characters garbled problem has been very annoying. Especially in Web applications. There are many analytic articles and solutions on the web, but they are always specific to certain

Vim code conversion and file mode type conversion __ encoding

I. Coding problems Encoding is common for GBK utf-8 Big5 cp936 1, view the current text encoding : Set Fenc : Set fileencoding 2, modify the terminal code, you can set up a terminal or in vim : Set tenc= encoding : Set Termencoding=utf-8 3. Displays

Java Character Set encoding research __ Code

1. Overview This article mainly includes the following aspects: Coding basic Knowledge, Java, System software, URL, tool software and so on. Java development, often encountered garbled problems, once encountered such a problem, often very ridiculous,

VBS script implements batch conversion file encoding _vbs

Recently, you need to use Sourceinsight to view the project code developed under Linux, and we know that the default encoding format for text files in Linux systems is UTF-8, and the default encoding format for Windows Chinese is Gb2312. The coding f

Java Character Set encoding

Tags: http io os ar using Java for SP files1. OverviewIn the following description, the "Chinese" two words as an example, the table can be found to know its GB2312 encoding is "d6d0 CEC4", Unicode Encoding "4e2d 6587", UTF code is "E4b8ad e69687".

Character encoding

Label:Every programmer will inevitably encounter the problem of character encoding, especially to do web development programmer, "garbled problem" has always been a headache problem, perhaps you have rarely encountered "garbled" problem, however, to

Python-based character encoding and file manipulation

Tags: python2 assignment open nic file name lines default encode 3.1I. Understanding the knowledge reserve before character encoding1, computer running program or read the principle of the fileIn order for the computer to run faster than the I/O

Dynamic conversion of GB encoding to UTF-8 encoding with PHP

Using the IP2ADDR function to read the IP database files directly is the most efficient, and SQL query is the most efficient one, compared with the MySQL database to store the IP data. However, the IP database file QQWry.dat is GB2312 encoded. Now I

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