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How to redefine an instance of an uploaded file name

When uploading a file, you need to specify the path of the upload file, however, if the face of a large number of users upload different files, it will inevitably have the same name, which will cause file replacement, resulting in the loss of files,

Decompress the uploaded ZIP file using PHP

Using PHP to decompress the uploaded ZIP file (for conversion) caoli was published in 2001-2-2010: 48: 20PHP programming forum not long ago when I browsed the webpage, I accidentally discovered that the home page of was able to

Linux FTP prompts--553 could not create file (absolutely useful) __linux

Linux FTP prompts--553 could not create file (absolutely useful)Hint 553 could not create file, the owner of this directory and permissions are set up, or report this error, that carefully online check, the problem solved as follows: Command: ftp>

Javaweb base----Cannot find the uploaded file location when uploading a file using native FileUpload

The console did not get an error when uploading the file test, but the uploaded file could not be found under the specified item in Eclipse workspacePrint out the uploaded project path only to find the original in this

Decompress the uploaded ZIP file using PHP

Decompress the uploaded ZIP file using PHP (for conversion)Caoli was published on 10:48:20 PHP programming Forum return pageNot long ago, when I browsed the webpage, I accidentally found that the home page bus was able to

Android developer uses Webuploader to solve the bug_android of uploaded images in an Android micro-mail browser

First of all to analyze the micro-letter browser upload image bug Reason In its new version, the micro-letter uses its own X5 kernel browser, and in older versions it could be Android's native browser. I don't know much about the environment, but

How to obtain the size of the uploaded image on the client

I often see a friend asking me how to obtain the size of the uploaded file on the client. This problem also plagued me and took a long time to upload the file to the server, after judging, we can know that the size of the file uploaded by the

For help, php could not capture the webpage. I asked a few questions, but they didn't solve it.

For help, php could not crawl the webpage. I asked a few people to solve the problem. This post was last edited by dz215136304 at 11:35:47. The url must be the url in the following code. after testing, if the parameter after q is captured with

[Issue] [IOS 10] cannot test Could not find Developer Disk Image after upgrade

Description: Updated the phone to the iOS 10.0.2. "Could not find Developer Disk Image" prompt during real machine commissioningThe Xcode8 was downloaded before, but no Xcode8 was installed. Because the project is almost over, Xcode7.3 is still used,

Modify the size limit of uploaded files in nginx

Nginx modifies the size of the uploaded file to limit the size of a newly installed server and uses nginx as the proxy. I suddenly found that the client file uploaded for more than 1 MB could not be uploaded normally, so I modified the nginx

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