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MFC extension DLL for VC ++ dynamic link library Programming

In the previous article, we introduced non-mfc dll and the MFC rule DLL. Now we will analyze in detail the last type of DLL-MFC extension DLL. Introduction 6.1 The similarities between the MFC extension DLL and the MFC rule DLL are that the

VC + + dynamic link library (DLL) programming in Layman's (c)

Before we introduce the non-MFC DLLs, this section will describe in detail the creation and use of MFC rules DLLs.In addition, since the beginning of this article, I have received some e-mails from readers. Some readers put forward some questions,

DLL learning-reprint

When learning DLL, it is difficult to understand the essence of DLL without the help of examples. Now I want to introduce an example:1. Add a function in the DLL: Fun (double A, double B)// If I am too lazy to type, I Will plagiarize others (many

Classical programming: DLL hell and Its Solutions

Original Author: Ivan S zapreevTranslator: Lu Qiming From  Summary  This article will introduce the backward compatibility of DLL, which is also known as "DLL hell. First, I will

DLL hell and Its Solutions

Summary This article will introduce the backward compatibility of DLL, which is also known as "DLL hell. First, I will list my own research results, including the results of some other researchers. At the end of this article, I will also provide a

COM component and DLL file differences

Go The difference between COM components and DLLs2014-8-14 Read 169 comments 0COM English is the Component Object model (Component object models), which is the standard for Microsoft production software components.It is a specification for

Considerations for connecting PHP to SQLSERVER (dll file download included) _ PHP Tutorial

Notes for connecting PHP to SQLSERVER (dll file download is included ). Environment:-Apache2.2.6-PHP5.2.5-SQLServer2005-WindowsXPSP2 steps: 1. first configure the PHP5 connection MSSQLServer2. download the correct version of ntwdblib. dll (200

VC ++ dynamic link library (DLL) programming (4)

This is the fourth part of "deep dive into VC ++ dynamic link library (DLL) programming". Before reading this article, read the first three parts: (1), (2) and (3 ). The content of the MFC extension DLL is the extension of the MFC. You can use the

Encrypted sqlite3 extension DLL file

Extended encryption SQLite3 PHP source code From the online a lot of said to have realized the encryption of the Sqlite3 source code, but also under the Wxsqlite3 sqlite3 source code, their own way of compiling is to use VC8 command line to compile

Considerations for connecting PHP to SQLSERVER (dll file download)

The article was found on the Internet and has never been obtained. It has always been php + mysql. Now, I don't understand php + mssql. There is no way to find some information from the Internet, after reading these materials, I felt really hard for

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