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PHP ziparchive Package Compressed zip file instance

Here I'm using PHP's own ziparchive class. A We just need to new a Ziparchive object, then use the open method to create a zip file, and then use the AddFile method to write the file to be packaged in the zip file you just created, and it's best to

Java Learning notes: Use the Zip API for file decompression and to read directly the contents of the specified file

Using Zip for file transfer in an Android project can greatly reduce storage space and transfer traffic, so it involves compressing the zip file. The Java Native Zip API is described in detail below. First, a simple list of Java in the API on the

PHP ziparchive Compression decompression zip file implementation

PHP ziparchive is a PHP extension class, you can easily achieve the zip file compression and decompression, before using the first to ensure that the PHP zip extension has been opened, the specific opening method does not say, different platforms to

Talk about zip, rar file format

Ma JianEmail:[email protected]Published: 2006.11.21Last update: 2006.11.25DirectoryI. Catalogue table (TOC) and Sub-volume (Volume)Second, solid compaction (solid) compression modeThird, securityIv. opennessV. ConclusionDisclaimer: This article is

Java file manipulation--2 (zip file release)

In Java, there is a special package for the operation of the zip file (, the zip file is very convenient to operate, the last time to write a ZIP file release program, spent a day finally finished, At first it was quite simple: the

Part 1: use the new zip Extension

/* Link from: * Author profile: Tracy Peterson (, freelance writer, Consultant. From * Since 1997, Tracy Peterson has been an IT project manager and Web developer. *

Linux feature file archiving and compression (tar, file, Zip)

This paper mainly from the following several convenient to explain file archiving and compression, while comparing the compression ratios and characteristics of several different compression methods. File Archive command tar,tar.gz source

【. NET deep breathing "ZIP file operations (1): Create and read zip documents

. NET IO operations support the creation, reading, and updating of zip files. The use is also relatively simple,. NET has always been the style, everything is ready, as to how to use, please look at the office.To operate a zip file, the following

PHP Zip file Content comparison class, _php tutorial

PHP Zip file content comparison class, A PHP implementation of the ZIP file content comparison class and its usage, you can compare the contents of two zip files, return the new, deleted, and the same file list.PHP implementation of the ZIP file

Prevent Garbled text in the ZIP file generated by 7-zip on Mac OS X

May 3, 2009 @ PM · filed under flow account For a long time, I have found that in Mac OS X, whether using stuffit expander or unzip in the command line, when extracting some zip files generated in windows, the obtained Chinese file name is garbled.

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