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Conversion of RVA and file offset

We have discussed the term RVA before, but it is especially strange and helpless for friends who are new to PE files. Chinese people do not like the abbreviations of foreigners, but they always ** accept ...... However, with the knowledge of the

Relationship between the return value and pointer position of the fseek file offset position

Relationship between the return value and pointer position of the fseek file offset position The pointer offset of the corresponding file is not clearly described in the function definition. When the offset is a positive number, it is offset to the

C + + file offset

1#include 2#include 3#include 4 5 using namespacestd;6 intMain ()7 {8Ifstreaminch("Test_data.txt");9Assertinch. Is_open ());Ten One //The base address is at the end of the file with an offset of 0, so the pointer is positioned at the end of the

Apue Reading notes-Chapter III file I/O

Today to see very fast, suddenly the second chapter read, but the second chapter also does not see carefully, this chapter in fact in the program design is still very important, because the content of this chapter determines the portability of the

Elf Redirect Object file by Wangdb

The code, connection information, and annotations in the ELF file are stored in sections (section) and contain a Header table (section header). For each section, there is a table entry in the section Header table (section Header table

WCF comprehensive use: Large file asynchronous breakpoint continuation

The upload of large files in WCF, the first thought of using the stream, which is the Microsoft recommended use. The process is to first load the file into memory and pass the data after loading. This processing method for small files, it is

Linux environment Programming file I/O (iii): file read and write

AWhen we open a file, the general operation of the file is read-write. The read and write functions are read and write respectively.#include ssize_t Read (int fd, void *buf, size_t count);Parameters:FD: A file descriptor obtained using open,

The change of RVA and Foa of PE in PE knowledge review

The transformation of the RVA and Foa of PE in the review of PE knowledge two states of PEFirst of all we know that PE has two states. One is memory expansion. One is the state in the file. So we have a need at this point.We want to change the

Discussion on multi-process concurrent writing of the same file in Linux system environment __linux

To discuss the issue of writing to the same file by multiple processes in a concurrent environment, we will involve knowledge of file sharing. Before we begin, let's discuss some knowledge about file sharing. 1. File sharing UNIX systems support the

Problems with multiple processes writing to the same file

Reproduced. To discuss the issue of writing to the same file by multiple processes in a concurrent environment, we will involve knowledge of file sharing. Before we begin, let's discuss some knowledge about file sharing. 1. File Sharing UNIX

Create your own shell checking tool

Text/FIGShell is a tool for protecting software. It has both encrypted and compressed shells, and some have both functions. I don't know much about shell, but I'm afraid of making mistakes, which affects my image in front of everyone. I will not

Oracle Database enforcement shutdown causes database to start recovery example

There are customers QQ to find me, said a friend recommended, let me help them restore the database. The database does not start properly because of a forced shutdown.Database Recover DB FailedMon Mar 28 10:20:33 2016ALTER Database RECOVER

UNIX environment advanced programming notes (2) -- file I/O without buffering

1 Introduction I/O (unbuffered I/O) without a buffer refers to a system call in the kernel called by each read or write, these I/O without a buffer are not components of Iso c. 2. file descriptor Each opened file is referenced by a file descriptor,

File I/O (without buffering) lseek Function

Each opened file has a "current file offset" associated with it ). It is usually a non-negative integer used to measure the number of bytes calculated from the beginning of the file. Generally, read and write operations start from the offset of the

Dalvik Virtual Machine "2"--dex file format

Layout of the entire file File header Index Area String_ids Type_ids Proto_ids Field_ids Method_ids Data area Class_def Class_data_item Code_item

Apue (3)---file I/O (2)

Seven. function write#include size_t write (intconstvoid *buf, size_t nbytes); // If successful, returns the number of bytes written, or 1 if an error occursFor normal files, the write operation starts at the current offset of the file. If the

The 3rd chapter of Advanced Programming for UNIX environments: file I/O

3.1 IntroductionFile I/O functions: Open files, read files, write filesCommon to five functions: open, read, write, Lseek, close.The functions described in this chapter are: I/O (unbuffered I/O)without buffering, which means that each read and

Linux C Advanced Programming--system invocation of file operations

Linux C Advanced Programming file Operation system CallsTenet: Technical learning is limited, sharing the spirit of unlimited!Library functions are functions that perform certain functions, usually published by a standard organization, and form

0723------Linux Base----------file io File Open

1. Opening of the file1.1 Open and fopen. Open Returns a file descriptor, and fopen returns a pointer to the file, the second parameter is also different, one is the macro definition, and the other is a string. Therefore, you should pay special

Unix programming learning notes (3) -- kernel I/O data structure of file I/O

Lien0000342014-08-27 The kernel uses three data structures to indicate open files: file descriptor table, file table, and V node table. (1) Each process has a record item in the process table. The record item contains an open file descriptor table,

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