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"Dynamic Library" and "Static Library" in Linux system the suffix of the/etc/ dynamic library is

"Dynamic Library" and "Static Library" in Linux system the suffix of the/etc/ dynamic library is *.so the suffix of the static library is libxxx.a ldconfig directory nameReprinted from:

Dynamic library (. So) and static library (. A) in Linux)

There are two types of libraries in Linux: dynamic library and static library (shared library) The difference between the two lies in that the code is loaded at different times. The code of the static library has been loaded into the executable

Linux static libraries & Dynamic Library calls

1.What is a libraryInWindows platform andThere are many libraries under the Linux platform.In essence, a library is a binary form of executable code that can be loaded into memory by the operating system.BecauseWindows andLinux is inherently

Create a static library in Linux. A and dynamic libraries. So

Transferred from: a static library in Linux. A and dynamic libraries. SoWe usually make some common functions into libraries for other programs to use.function library is

Linux Dynamic Library plug-in technology (C + +): Dynamic link Library

OverviewPlug-in technology is designed for better extensibility. A dynamic link library is one of the ways to implement it.Here are a few of the main issues discussed.1) Description of these APIs on Linux. After reading the Linux on the Dlopen and

"Dynamic Library" and "Static Library" in Linux system that Thing "turn".

Transferred from: we mainly say that the Linux system is based on dynamic libraries (. So) and static (. A) programs that are tricky. Before we do that, we need to look at what magical and

Create library functions under Linux

Source:How to use your own library functions under Linux-riverok-chinaunix blog a function library compilation scheme under Linux-Observer log-NetEase blog[email

Dynamic link library. So file static link library. A file creation and use

The site of the transfer is: type of file under Linux is not dependent on the suffix, but generally:. O, which is the target file, equivalent to the. obj file in Windows. So is a

Build a test environment Linux static Link Library and dynamic link library difference and dynamic Library Creation

Http://   I. IntroductionGenerally, the link to the function library is completed during the compilation period (compile time. All related object files and libraries are linked to

How GDB recovers dynamic library information from a coredump file

[Original] reprint please indicate from CSDN _xiao. When Linux generates the Coredump file, the program does not specifically handle the dynamic-link library file information, but GDB loads all the dynamic-link libraries correctly when loading the

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