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Bresenham algorithm to draw filled circle and SDL code implementation

Drawing circles is a very important requirement in the operation of computer graphics. The ordinary circle algorithm requires a large number of floating-point numbers to participate in the operation, and it is well known that the operation speed of

CSS3 realize the effect of a gradually growing circle-filled div background

Mobile phone side Now some applications will use such an effect, that is, the duang of a circle becomes larger until the full div, dynamic.Think of CSS3 's scale attribute and implement it "BCD" style=

swift-Bezier curve Fan, arc, Circle, Polygon--uibezierpath to achieve the animation effect when the app is downloaded

The previous article mentioned the use of Bezier curve to achieve the drawing board (portal), immediately on the Bezier curve interest greatly increased with wood.The reason for touching the Bezier curve is thanks to master. Friday before work,

Custom Circle progress bar Custom Countdown progress bar

Custom Circle progress bar Custom Countdown progress bar Copyright NOTICE: Reprint must indicate this article transferred from Zhangjie's blog: This control source is open source to

Custom circle image, custom circle

Custom circle image, custom circle Circular images must be a point of knowledge used in project development. Here we will learn how to create a circular image, mainly using the knowledge of the BitmapShader class.   I. First, let's take a look at

Html5 Canvas painting tutorial (9)-draw a rectangle and a circle in the canvas

Comments: This article describes how to draw Rectangles and circles in a canvas. They are basic images. Of course, there are more than basic graphics, but in canvas, only rectangular and circular shapes do not need to be simulated using other

A quick way to fill in AutoCAD tutorial-cad with features such as filled patterns, proportions, and so on

There are two ways to quickly get the fill patterns and proportions available in a CAD drawing: The first: The Inheritance Properties button found in the Fill dialog box allows you to directly read the parameters of the original fill in the diagram

Kinetic usage notes -- circle

New Circle (config)Parameters:Config: the object that contains all configuration items.         {Radius: "radius", fill: "fill color", fillRGB: "rgb fill color. {R: 0, g: 0, B: 0} ", fillR:" r fill color ", fillG:" g fill color ", fillB: "B fill

Shout-hope that the blog circle will always be a paradise

I am not a senior either. I can't talk about it, but I want to say it again, so I simply put it bluntly.As the blog circle becomes increasingly prominent and registrants soar, I am afraid all new users will post actively and want to attract your

OpenCV Hough Transform Detection Circle

Recently began to learn OPENCV, want to detect the ring on the picture, found that Hough transform can do such an effect, so try to use the Opencv3 Hough transform to do the next ring detection. OpenCV in the Hough transform function: The first

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