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Bzoj 3924 Zjoi2015 Fantasy Township Strategy game dynamic Tree partition

Topic: Given a tree, each point has a point right, several times to change the point of the right, multiple queries with the right center of gravity to all points of the sum of the right distanceNo regrets in this life into the east, the afterlife is willing to birth fantasy TownshipFirst we consider how to calculate the sum of the weighted distances of a point to all points and support the modificationIt would be nice to divide it with a dynamic tree

BZOJ3924--FJOI2015 Fantasy Township Strategy game

; Cos[anc[x][i]]+=v* (DIS[X][I]+FX) +C; Scos[anc[x][i]]+=v* (dis[x][i-1]+FX) +C; }}ll Query (intVintd) {LL ans,go,s=0; for(intI=head[v];i;i=e[i].next)if(anc[e[i].to][d]vc[anc[e[i].to][d]]>s) s=vc[anc[e[i].to][d]],go=Anc[e[i].to][d]; if((s1) >All ) {LL T=vc[v]-vc[go],c=cos[v]-Scos[go]; Change (To[go],v,t,c,tdis[go]); Ans=query (go,d+1); Change (To[go],v,-t,-C,tdis[go]); returnans; } Else returncos[v];}intMain () {scanf ("%d%d",n,m); for(intA,b,c,i=1; i) {scanf ("%d%d%d",a,b,c); Ins

Bzoj 3924: [Zjoi2015] Fantasy Township strategy game (Dynamic Point Division)

; PRE[U].PB (II (U,0)); for(intI=next[u];i;i=Edge[i].next) { if(Done[v=edge[i].to])Continue; Getdist (V,0, u,edge[i].dist); f[0]=size=S[v]; DFS (V,root=0); CH[U].PB (iii (ROOT,II (v,edge[i].dist))); Work (root); }}ll Cnt[maxn],sum[maxn];vectorSumdist[maxn];inlinevoidUpdateintx,ll y,ll z) { for(intI=0; I) { intu=pre[x][i].fi; Cnt[u]+=y;sum[u]+=z+y*pre[x][i].se; if(I!=pre[x].size ()-1) { intj=0; for(; J) if(ch[u][j].fi==pre[x][i+1].fi) sumdi

"SIGGRAPH", "Final Fantasy XV", a real-time demonstration of the main points of the battle scene

programmer of Section 2BD) andthree-dwelling sun Keiichiro (right, SE Technology Promotion Departmentchief AI Development)Agni ' s philosophy SQUARE Enix inSIGGRAPH 2012 's real-time live!, released "a demonstration of the next generation Final Fantasy target graph "Agni ' s philosophy"and got a good comment. And this timethe FFXV Open TeamReal-time live! on the debut, but also 4 years ago, the concept of

Fantasy RPG (role skills and Strategy Mode)

Document directory Implementation problems in the base class Override the problem of Basic Methods PDF download: Introduction to fantasy RPG (role skills and Strategy Mode) I have read some books and articles on design patterns. Although they are formal and authoritative (and I think there are some stereotypes), they always feel that people are not so close

(turn) Regional game winning strategy, pre-game meditation!

VI/GCC system, familiar with pc^2, must pay attention to the formal competition do not appear to submit the wrong problem. Also try Dev-c++ and other free software under Windows. In short, familiar with the game environment.9 Every practice game should be as a formal game to do, to ensure that all the questions have been seen, after the

The following strategy in pigsty (Game Theory tricks)

In Sun Tzu's War of war, there is a very incisive exposition: "Whoever is waiting for the enemy to fight in the battlefield, who is working in the battlefield to fight in the latter. ." However, the first step can certainly gain some advantages, but if you cannot turn this advantage into the driving force of the final victory, it will be passive and lead to opportunities for the other party. When the two boxers fight and fight, one often gives up one

Division strategy-game secrets

1. Secret action Since it is a spy game, the secret action is the highest purpose of this game !! Although you can still face up to the enemy, it is the best strategy. It is not necessary to do so. If you want to keep running like the last battle, it is not applicable here if you can pass through continuous killing. Therefore, before you take action, remember t

Ef-the latter tale has been released in Chinese! (Including Chinese patching, game ontology, and strategy)

:// Strategy: There are just a few options for this game .... PreviousEf-the first tale (including download and localization) MATERIALS: It was thundered by ef-the latter tale to Alibaba Ef-the latter tale. Comprehensive Discussion Ef-A fairy tale of the two plot and personal feelings (not playing games with caution) Ef-the latter tale all night to experience the comp

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