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Explanation of the Shader Series 9 Written by CG in Unity-mirror reflection and unityshader

Explanation of the Shader Series 9 Written by CG in Unity-mirror reflection and unityshader After the discussion, the next step will be the mirror reflection. Before starting the coding of the shader, you need to expand the previous knowledge to

"Nan Huaijin tells 99 life Truth"--Liu Qinghai Authoring

Chapter One: The deep interpretation of "the ways of the Ways"    Deep interpretation of "the way of the people", let you escape the life of the three obstacles door, understand the true meaning of love "cross", learn to get along with people, "to

A story that must be known in life

1. Arrow breaks If you do not believe in your own will, you will never be a general. In the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods, a father and his son fought for war. My father was a general and his son was just a pawn. Another horn sounded,

(Add a post to favorites) "Seven truths that must be understood on the road of life"

1. Success is not as difficult as you think. It is not because we dare not do things, but because we dare not do things. 1965A Korean student majored in psychology at Cambridge University. During afternoon tea, he often goes to the school cafe

Understand these 10 stories--and you ponder life.

1. Broken ArrowHe who does not believe in his will will never be a general.During the spring and Autumn Period, a father and his son fought in battle. Father has been a general, son is just pawn. Another trumpet blew, and the drums were thundering,

From Chinese comics to animation: The animated process of "Dream Man"

Process According to the comic-book TV series animated "Dreamer" has been completed and is about to be aired, we will first report to you. I. Selection of comic works Comics and animation are popular art that is universally loved, often appearing

88 Glossary that gives you a full understanding of digital camera

  88 Glossary that gives you a full understanding of digital camera Font [big, medium, and small] color [blue, green, and black]

Deep understanding of Docker image size

All say container Dafa is good, but if there is no Docker image, how boring is Docker.Do you still remember the image you pulled from the Docker hub when you first contacted Docker? On the basis of that Virgin Mirror, you run the container of the

OpenGL Care Settings 2

From: To add light to a scene, perform the following steps: (1) set one or more light sources and related properties; (2) Select a illumination model; (3) set the material attributes of

OpenGL Note 7

Today I want to talk about the basic knowledge of OpenGL. Although there are a lot of content, the organization is clear and there should be no difficulty in understanding it. Even if you do not remember some content, the problem is not big-the

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