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Eclipse Yellow Warning (finally block does not complete normally), it is not recommended to use the return statement in finally

Tags: problem with return in finally block use of try and catch and finallyBy writing the following code in Eclipse, Eclipse gives a yellow warning: Finally block does not complete normally.public class test{public static void Main (string[] args)

The execution principle of finally statement in fully parsing Java programming _java

Can not underestimate this simple finally, seemingly simple problems behind, but hidden countless mystery. Next I will take you step-by-step to uncover this finally mysterious veil.Problem Analysisfirst of all, let me ask you a question: Finally stat

"Finally block does not complete normally" warning resolution

Reprint Address: Java inside is not guaranteed to finally will be executed, why not in finally block to do return. To look carefully:Debug this function, you will be surprised to find that the exceptio

A little understanding of try-catch-finally in Java

Label:  在只有try-catch语句中,如果catch块中出现了return语句或者抛出了异常,那么catch之后的语句是执行不到的;但是如果将代码放入finally中,即使catch中出现了return语句或者抛出了异常,finally中的代码仍然是可以执行到的。看下面的程序:public class Test {public static void main (string[] args) {//TODO auto-generated Method

Java knows how many (or) finally

Label:When exceptions are thrown, the usual method of execution will be a steep non-linear steering. Depending on how the method is encoded, an exception can even cause the method to return prematurely. This is a problem in some ways. For example,

Java Fundamentals Analysis: final, Finally,finalize

Label:Finalfinal-modifier (keyword) If a class is declared final, it means that it can no longer derive a new subclass and cannot be inherited as a parent class. Therefore, a class cannot be declared abstract and declared final. Declaring variables


Label:The finally clause (clause) is always executed???Package com.volshell.test; Public classMain { Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {Change1 (Ten); } Private Static voidChange1 (intword) {System. out. println ("Test Results:"+ Test (1)); }

Execution order resolution for finally and return in Java (code example)

This article brings you the content is about the Java finally and return execution order resolution (code example), there is a certain reference value, the need for friends can refer to, I hope to help you. All know, finally the execution

Final in Java, finally, finalize the difference

final-modifier (keyword) If a class is declared final, it means that it cannot derive a new subclass and cannot be inherited as a parent class. Thus a class cannot be declared as abstract and declared final. Declaring a variable or method final can g

Go: Execution relationship of finally and return in Java

Label:Finally can be understood in two ways1. Timing of implementation. Finally always executes (unless System.exit ()), normally executes after a try and throws an exception after Catche2. The return value problem. You can assume that the return

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