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Have fun with the old printer at home-Canon canon s100sp

I want to help my dad print the report, but I am too lazy to print it out, so my dad turned out the canno s100sp which had been idle for a long time. This printer was bought for about 03 years, at that time, the figure was fresh, and it was actually never used several times. I remember that there was a problem with the last time I used it, and I never care about it. No matter how much it is, wipe off the dust, power, the

Install the Canon ip1000 printer driver in Ubuntu

Models supported by Driver Installation for Canon ip1000 printer in Ubuntu are: CanonPixus550i/850i/950i (i550/i850/i950) models/860i/960i (i560/i860/i960) canonPixusiP3100/iP4100/iP8600 (andPix Install driver for Canon ip1000 printer in Ubuntu Supported models include: Canon

What about the font or pattern line that the Canon ip1188 printer prints?

What about the font or pattern line that the Canon ip1188 printer prints? Sometimes the printer will have a little trouble, like small knitting now to introduce about ip1188 printer font or pattern line deviation solution, symptoms under the picture, although a bit exaggerated, because the A4 on the word small, so wit

How to install the Canon printer driver on Ubuntu

First, install aliensudoapt-getinstallalien. What is the purpose of installing aliensudoapt? Temporarily confidential. Click here to go to the driver download page and select the appropriate language to start the download. Because there are no Chinese characters, Chinese users may only use English letters. Click here to download the English version of the driver decompress to see the two rpm package: cndrvcups-capt-1.30-1.i386.rpmcndrvcups-common-1.30-1.i386.rpm with the first install alien Sud

Adobe Acrobat 9.0 "the printer maker cannot find the print driver for Adobe PDF printer" solution

[Problem symptom]After Adobe Acrobat perfessional 9.0 is installed, two buttons are displayed in the office toolbar. Under normal circumstances, you can click the button to directly convert the current office document to a PDF document. These two buttons are also available in the IE Toolbar and right-click menu to convert the webpage to a PDF file, which is very convenient.The problem is: webpage files can be converted to PDF files, but office documents cannot be converted to PDF files. Every ti

Install the Canon ip1180 printer on Ubuntu (image printing is not fixed)

The Internet says that the Canon pixma ip1180 and Canon pixma ip1800 drivers are common. 1. Download Two driver packages from Canon Cnijfilter-common-2.70-1.i386.rpm Cnijfilter-ip1800series-2.70-1.i386.rpm Use alien to convert an RPM package into a deb package $ Sudo alienCnijfilter-common-2.70-1.i386.rpm $ Sudo alienCnijfilter-ip1800series-2.70-1.

The printer maker cannot find the print driver for the Adobe PDF printer.

solved the problem and wanted to share it .. Thank you. Problem: The printer maker cannot find the print driver for the Adobe PDF printer. Solution: Reprinted: My version is Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Simplified Chinese Simplified File Size: 128 M Size after installation: 351 M : Thunder: // token = This a

IE9 cannot use the Canon printer

The webpage cannot be printed on IE9, and the "res: // ieframe. dll/preview. js" script is incorrect (for example ). It is no problem to uninstall IE9 and re-test IE8. re-installation of IE9 is still not feasible. It seems that there may be a problem with IE9. I found a lot of information that could not be solved, and I suspected there was a conflict with some software in the system. I accidentally saw the Microsoft Support article saying that the IE9 and C

Adobe Acrobat 9.0 "PDFMaker cannot find a print driver for Adobe PDF Printer" solution _adobe

"Problem Symptom" After you install Adobe Acrobat perfessional 9.0, two buttons appear on the Office toolbar. Normally, you can click the button to convert the current Office document into a PDF document, as well as the two buttons in the IE toolbar and the right-click menu, which is handy for converting the Web page to PDF files. The problem is: Web pages can be converted to PDF files, but Office documents cannot be converted to PDF documents, and each time you click the Convert to PDF button o

Word can print Excel but can't find a printer

Problem: Word can print Excel but cannot find a printerSolution: Today encountered the above problem, to search the Internet, we have a variety of answers to this question, but did not say to the point. In this, I do not say why cause this problem, is not only the system reasons, software reasons, user profile reasons, and so on, I personally more inclined to the latter reason, the solution is very simple, will now use the user to initialize a bit, if

Unable to find the printer Microsoft XPS document writer

When you open the pptfile today, the message "Microsoft XPS document writer" cannot be found. To enable the Service manually, follow these steps: On the desktop, right-click my computer and choose manage "; In the "manage" window, select "service and application"Program"Extended project" service "option, find the" Print Spooler "service in the System Service list on the right side, double-click to go to the" Print Spooler "service settings; In t

Unable to add printer after Windows XP Update cannot find add icon

Some WinXP users, after updating the system, found that the printer could not be added. The printer and the fax interface can not find the icon to add a printer, how to solve this problem? Now let's make a little weave to help you solve it.   Workaround: 1. This is because the Print Spooler service is not started, ri

Win7 system does not find a solution to the Flashpaper printer

1, My Computer right Key management----service----Find the print spooler, to see if it is set to start 2, if not started, please set to start! Right-----Property---startup type----automatic 3, install good Flashpaper 4, then add the virtual printer-control Panel-Printers and Faxes-add printer-always point next (port to choos

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