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Calculate the day of the week

Label:How to calculate the day of the week?Slowtiger published on 2009-11-19 08:42:00How to calculate the day of the week?--Caille (Zeller) formulaWhat is the day of the week in history? What day of the future is the week? With regard to this

Determine the day of the week by date (using Kimlarsson to calculate the formula)

Kimlarsson calculation formula determines the day of the week by the date calculateweekday (int y, int m,int d) { if (m==1| | m==2) m+=12,y--; int iweek = (d+2*m+3* (m+1)/5+y+y/4-y/100+y/400)%7; Switch (iweek) {case 0:printf ("Monday \ n");

SQL Query Day, this month, this week's record

Tags: des style blog http color using OS strongSELECT * FROM table WHERE convert (Nvarchar, DateAndTime, 111) = CONVERT (Nvarchar, GETDATE (), 111) ORDER by DateAndTime DESCRecord of the Month SELECT * FROM table WHERE DateDiff

MySQL is counted by date time period (the previous day, this week, a certain period of time)

Label:In MySQL database, you often encounter the content of the day of statistics.For example, in the user table, the Date field is: Log_timeStatistics DayThe SQL statement is:Select * from User where = curdate (); Curdate () indicates the date

PHP Specifies the day of the week to find out

Like 20151225 in this format. What method to find out is the day of the week ... The new person asks for advice. Reply to discussion (solution) $time = time ();echo Date (' D ', $time); Day of the week, the text indicates that 3

Detailed explanation of "Oracle" database "Week Count"

================================================The--WW algorithm starts every January 1 for the first week, date+6 the end of each week.-for example, 20050101 is the first day of the first week, and the last day of the first week is 20050101+6=20050

Calendar query algorithm How to calculate how many days a day is the basis of knowledge

How do I calculate the day of the week? --Caille (Zeller) formulaWhat is the day of the week in history? What day of the week is the future? There are a number of computational formulae (two general calculation formulae and some piecewise computation

Java given a date, to find the corresponding week, day of the week, etc.

Label:public static void Main (string[] args) throws ClassNotFoundException,IOException, ParseException {SimpleDateFormat dateformatter = new SimpleDateFormat ("Yyyy-mm-dd");String str = "2015-2-8";System.out.println ("str=" +str);Date date =

According to the date of year, the Judgment 20XX xx month xx days is the day of the week

Label:// known 1999.12.31 is Friday// according to the date of year, the Judgment 20XX xx month xx days is the day of the week#include"stdio.h"unsignedintyear;unsignedintmonth;unsignedintDay ;//======================================================

Caille Formula What day is it today?

Label:The reason for knowing the Caille formula is because of a topic that was done at nine degrees today [topic 1043:day of Week]. Previously also had to ask for the day of the week such topics, then the practice is more rough: already know a

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