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Windows. DNS. How do I use my own server for DNS domain name resolution and how do I create a Domain Name Server?

Many people do not know how to resolve public domain names on their own DNS servers. Now let's announce the steps. 1. You must have your own domain name. Therefore, go to the domain name registrar to apply for a registered domain name. Try to find a

Reduce DNS resolution time of Domain name increase page load speed new level-dns cache/Pre-read/split domain name

We know that when a user visits a website, the domain DNS resolution is the first step, and many people may not care much about DNS resolution time. Stable performance, fast response time DNS domain name resolution service and unstable, slow

Centos bind9 DNS Server SETUP

  Environment: centos 5.5, bind9, chroot, Webmin   DNS Overview Hosts in the computer network only know IP addresses, but people prefer to name computers (web sites) because the names are more intuitive and easy to remember. The original name

The principle of DNS and its analytic process "wonderful anatomy"

The principle of DNS and its analytic process "wonderful anatomy" 2012-03-21 17:23:10Tags: dig wireshark bind nslookup DNS original works, allow reprint, when reproduced please be sure to use hyperlinks in the form of the original source of the

Domain name resolution

Domain name resolution English name: DNS (Domain Name resolution) How can I view my website content after I register a domain name? In a professional term, it is called "domain name resolution ". As mentioned in related terms, domain names and

DNS Literacy Series 8: domain name resolution authorization

DNS Literacy Series 8: Authorization for domain name resolution involves two concepts: domain name authorization: specifying who is the authoritative DNS of the domain name, that is, who is responsible for resolving the domain name (completed by the

Website construction (2)-DNS and DNS resolution

Website construction (2)-DNS and DNS resolution The previous article mentioned the domain name and the classification, selection and purchase of the domain name. However, with the domain name, your website cannot be accessed, because the

Kubernetes cluster DNS plug-in installation

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. In the previous article on kubernetes cluster installation, we established a minimal available k8s cluster, but unlike the 1.12-based Docker built with cluster

Parsing DNS parsing time

Improve the speed of web pages, generally we will choose to use a CDN, using the "nearest principle" to allow users in the shortest possible time to obtain the server resources, the actual application of the use of CDN to improve the speed of

Domain registrar DNS server or for Web site stealth killer

DNS server is not unfamiliar to everyone, the site to do the domain name resolution to the corresponding IP address so as to achieve the purpose of resolution. Webmaster daily to do the station outside the optimization, select the site server and

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