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Implement data exchange between different domains)

Document directory File Uploaded successfully! Solution 2 Solution 3 Introduction I encountered a problem when I revised the company's original web applications a few days ago. At that time, I needed to extract some of the original applications

All files with keywords in the Linux query directory

 whether a string is included in all files in the Linux lookup directoryFind if all files in the directory contain a stringFind. | Xargs Grep-ri "IBM"Finds all files in the directory that contain a string, and prints only the file nameFind. | Xargs

Do you know the text links, URLs with hyperlinks, and the anchor text?

What are anchor text, hyperlink, and text link? Any external chain publisher must be exposed to the three concepts: anchor text, hyperlink, and text link. If you observe them carefully, you will find the same and different points of the three. The

In-depth exploration of the. NET Framework to understand how CLR creates runtime objects

Content on this page   The domain created by the CLR Startup Program (bootstrap) System domain) Shared domain) Default domain) Loader heaps) Type Principle Object instance Method table Base instance size Method slot table) Method

11 Ways to bypass CDN to find real IP

0x01 verifies that CDN  Method 1 is present: Very simple, using a variety of multi-ping services, to see if the corresponding IP address is unique, if not the only most of the use of CDN, the multi-ping site

How to quickly find a forum that can be signed by a novice outside the Chain Commissioner

The recent Dragon shape in order to verify their own Baidu algorithm observation, test forum outside the chain on the impact of the site rankings, so register a large number of forums outside the chain, whether it is the anchor text or the signature

Analysis of MySQL indexing principle

First, the principle of the indexThe so-called index, which is the rapid positioning and lookup, then the structure of the index to minimize the number of disk I/O during the lookup process (b + tree, its non-leaf nodes occupy a smaller space, can

Attention on webmasters becomes the culprit of downgrading permissions

First, the keywords should be diversified. Today, I want to share with you the principles that Baidu needs to grasp outside the site. Now let's take a look at the first point, with diversified keywords. Here I want to explain that, whether it is

Troubleshooting Linux network configuration, starting with familiarity with network configuration files

If you have access to Linux, network configuration is a tricky issue.But Linux is a file-based system, including our Windows devices, and Linux is also considered a file. So as long as we understand the role of the document. Can be more familiar

Page building with less effort: some of the gadgets commonly used in page building

Article Introduction: we'll introduce some of the gadgets that are commonly used in page building in this article, most of which are based on Firefox plug-ins that allow us to get the most out of the page building. We'll introduce some of

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