find gcd of two numbers

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Summary of GCD and ex_gcd

Gcd () --- indicates the maximum common number. The common method is Euclidean algorithm. Ex_gcd () --- Extended Euclidean Algorithm Definition 1: A and B are two integers not all 0, that is, the maximum common divisor of A and B is the maximum

The oldest algorithm: Euclidean method (two natural number GCD)

In mathematics, the Euclidean algorithm, also known as Euclid, is considered to be the world's oldest algorithm (300 BC), which is used to find two GCD algorithms. The Euclidean method first appeared in Euclid's "Geometrical Original" (Volume VII,

Hangzhou Electric (HDU) 5019 Revenge of GCD

Revenge of GCDTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:32768/32768 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 1724 Accepted Submission (s): 472Problem DescriptionIn Mathematics, the greatest common divisor (GCD), also known as the greatest

Hdu5019revenge of gcd (enumeration + gcd)

Question link: HuangJingQuestion: Find the GCD with the K value of two numbers Ideas: First, find the maximum common divisor. My first thought was to create a large prime number table, and then continue division to find the largest K number, but

A good function (GCD) is used to calculate the least common number.

This function is a good one I accidentally saw. It is awesome and I like it. Is used to find the minimum public approx. A simple description is that gcd (a, B) indicates the maximum public factor of non-negative integers A and B, so: gcd (a, B) =

Acm:how many integers can you find-the topic of number theory-the simple application of the repulsion principle +GCD

How many integers can you findTime limit:5000MS Memory Limit:32768KB 64bit IO Format:%i64d &%i64 U DescriptionNow you get a number N, and a m-integers set, you should find out how many integers which is small than N, that they can Divided exactly

UVa 11417 GCD (Euler φ function)

11417-gcd Time limit:2.000 seconds Http:// &problem=2412 Given the value of N, you'll have to find the value of G. The definition of G is given below:

HDU 1019 (GCD and LMC)

Test instructions gives you a bunch of numbers and asks you to find them LMC (least common multiple). The first two are least common multiple equals they multiply and then one of their gcd (greatest common divisor), that three number of the largest

GCD and LCM Examples of two digits in C + +

1, to find the number of GCD two: #include int maxye(int a,int b) { int temp; while(a%b) {   temp=b;   b=a%b;   a=temp; } return b; } void main() { int aa,bb; cout cin>>aa; cout cin>>bb; cout } 2, to find the number of LCM two  #include int

The method of GCD and LCM of two numbers in C language _c language

GCD of two positive integers Train of thought: This is a very basic problem, the most common is two methods, Euclidean method and subtraction. The formula is f (x, y) = f (y, x%y), f (x, y) = f (y, XY) (x >=y > 0). It is not difficult to write an

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