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Euclidean algorithm GCD and its development ultimate explanation

Extended Euclidean algorithm-solving indefinite equation, linear congruence equation.If the two frogs meet after the S-step, the following equations will be fulfilled:(x+m*s)-(y+n*s) =k*l (k=0,1,2 ...)Slightly changed to form:(n-m) *s+k*l=x-yMake

iOS Development GCD Introduction: Basic Concepts and dispatch Queue

iOS three multithreading technology 1.NSThread each Nsthread object corresponds to one thread, the magnitude is lighter (real multi-threaded) 2. The following two points are Apple's "concurrency" technology specifically developed to allow

Summary of GCD and ex_gcd

Gcd () --- indicates the maximum common number. The common method is Euclidean algorithm. Ex_gcd () --- Extended Euclidean Algorithm Definition 1: A and B are two integers not all 0, that is, the maximum common divisor of A and B is the maximum

IOS-multithreading GCD (original), ios-multithreading gcd original

IOS-multithreading GCD (original), ios-multithreading gcd originalPreface GCD Grand Central DisPath NSOperation is a GCD-based encapsulation.  Basic knowledge 1. GCD advantages (1) proposed solutions for multi-core parallel operations (2) GCD will

iOS development-nsoperation and GCD differences

After Mac OS X 10.6 and iOS4.0, we introduced a schema that makes all threads run more efficiently and makes parallel processing applications easier to develop, GCD (Grand Central Dispatch), along with run loops, threads (including cocoa and POSIX)

IOS multithreading 02-pthread, Nsthread, GCD, Nsoperationqueue, Nsrunloop

Note: I am a translator, and add a bit of my opinion. Points: 1. Preface 2.pthread 3.NSThread 4.Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) 5.Opearation Queues 6. Run Loops 7. Challenges in multithreaded programming 8. Resource Sharing 9. Mutual exclusion Lock 10.

The oldest algorithm: Euclidean method (two natural number GCD)

In mathematics, the Euclidean algorithm, also known as Euclid, is considered to be the world's oldest algorithm (300 BC), which is used to find two GCD algorithms. The Euclidean method first appeared in Euclid's "Geometrical Original" (Volume VII,

iOS development-nsoperation and GCD differences

Mac OS X 10.6 and iOS4.0 later introduced a schema that would make all threads run more efficiently and make parallel processing applications easier to develop, GCD (Grand Central Dispatch), along with run loops, threads ( including cocoa and POSIX)

() IOS multithreading GCD and ios multithreading gcd

() IOS multithreading GCD and ios multithreading gcd GCD is called Grand Central Dispatch. It is a multi-threaded programming solution developed by Apple. Concepts of processes and threads: A program in progress is called a process, which is

IOS-summarized under Swift using GCD multithreading (ii) GCD and Dispatchqueue

1. PrefaceThere are two techniques for processing multi-core concurrency in iOS: ' Grand Central Dispatch ' (hereinafter referred to as ' GCD ') and ' nsoperationqueue ' frameworks. iOS developed by the old drivers in the program development process

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