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Two greatest common divisor algorithms of "turn"

1. the Euclidean methodThe greatest common divisor is a method of finding two natural numbers, also called Euclidean algorithm.For example, ask for GCD (319,377):∵377÷319=1 (Yu 58)∴GCD (377,319) =GCD (319,58);∵319÷58=5 (Yu 29),∴GCD (319,58) =GCD (58

[Turn] The algorithm of seeking greatest common divisor

More subtractive loss SurgeryMore subtractive damage, also known as "equivalence algorithm"On the question of numerator, the essence is how to find the numerator, the denominator greatest common divisor. This method is described in the nine chapters

"Algorithm" greatest common divisor, least common multiple, mathematical induction method

Greatest common divisorIf a number a can be divisible by a number B, a is called a multiple of B, and B is called an approximate.The number of public approximations in several integers, called these number of conventions, the largest of which is

Not very perfect arithmetic.

Drag and drop, finally remember to upload it!TopicWrite a command-line "software" that automatically generates arithmetic topics for primary schools to meet each of the following requirements. The following requirements can be specified in the form

Common mathematical knowledge

Introduction I have seen a number of competitors complain that they are unfairly Disadvantaged because extends TopCoder problems are too mathematical. Personally, I love mathematics and thus I am biased in this issue. Nevertheless, I stronugly

Arithmetic Individual Project Reflection summary

Project planning and Practice The analysis and answers are based on the following individual project requirements:Personal Item LinksThe form of my PSP2.1 is as follows, and I do not understand the step of calculating the workload. I think

Software Engineering First Assignment program

First, Function introductionThe program is written in C language and realizes the function:1.30 questions each time, and give the answer2. Arithmetic (results do not appear negative, division can be divided evenly)3. True score arithmetic (the

"Algorithm 5" to find the mean value of the sum of the digits of the different binary representations

Despite being a CS major student, Little B has a very good mathematical foundation and a special interest in numerical computing, and likes to use computer programs to solve mathematical problems, and now she is playing a game of numerical

Python data structures and algorithms-object-oriented

As already mentioned, Python is an object-oriented programming language. The most important feature of an object-oriented programming language is that it allows programmers to create classes to build data models to solve problems.We have previously

My view of the programmer's career find out where I'm interested

Program | Programmers abroad there are a lot of Chinese people who are engaged in the profession of programmer. I know many of these friends and I find that many people are not happy and just regard this job as a means of supporting the family.

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