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[Huawei Machine Test exercises]43. Find the longest consecutive number string in a string

TopicDescribe:请一个在字符串中找出连续最长的数字串,并把这个串的长度返回;如果存在长度相同的连续数字串,返回最后一个连续数字串;注意:数字串只需要是数字组成的就可以,并不要求顺序,比如数字串“1234”的长度就小于数字串“1359055”,如果没有数字,则返回空字符串(“”)而不是NULL!Sample inputabcd12345ed125ss123058789abcd12345ss54761Sample

C language to find the number of uppercase letters in a string, the number of words, the number of substrings and whether an integer is a palindrome number

#include #include #pragma mark counts the number of characters in each letter entered from the terminal. Use the # sign as the input end flagint main (){int num[26] = {0}, I; char c;while ((c = GetChar ()) = = ' # ') {if (Isupper (c)) {num[c-65]++;}}

A thunder interview question: Find the number of times each letter appears in a string, the question string

A thunder interview question: Find the number of times each letter appears in a string, the question string By Long Luo Personal blog address Last time inThunderDuring the interview, I encountered an algorithm question: There is a long and long

String (string) class common members -- add +, append, insert, delete erase change replace query find traversal to intercept substring string comparison

Header file and namespace :: # Include Using namespace STD; Use the subscript type for traversal: String: The size_type type describes the type of the string type lower mark. So the method for traversing the string type is: For (string: size_type I

, the specific characters in the deleted string, the ugly number, and the N-digits from 1 to the maximum output)

1. Find two numbers that appear only once in the array. 1) Question: Except for two numbers in an integer array, other numbers appear twice. Write a program to find the numbers that appear only once. RequirementsThe time complexity isO (N),The

My Java development and learning journey ------ & gt; find the string that appears the most frequently and the number of occurrences in the string ------

My Java development and learning journey ------> Find the string that appears the most frequently and the number of times it appears ------ Kingsoft company interview questions: a string may contain ~ Multiple characters in z, such as String data =

The quickest way to find the number of a string in a string

I used to do the use for loop traversal, but today suddenly someone asked in the simplest way to achieve the effect, the infiltration died a bit. Suddenly feel that the previous thought too low, many problems are not thought to strive to do the best.

Huawei OJ: Find the longest consecutive number string

Describe: Title DescriptionPlease find the longest consecutive number string in the string, and return the length of the string, and if there is a continuous number string with the same length, the last consecutive number string is returned;Note:

[Leetcode] Find all anagrams in a string to find all the inflection words in a string

Given a string s and a non-empty string p, find all the start indices of P's anagrams in S.Strings consists of lowercase 中文版 letters only and the length of both Strings s and P would not be larger than 20,100.The order of output does not

String common function usage in C + + summary _c language

Introduction to String class functions in standard C + +Look, it's not CString.The reason to discard char* strings and select the String class in the C + + standard library is because he compares with the former, doesn't have to worry about enough

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