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Public key system/Digital Signature/Digital Certificate Working Principle

Encryption and decryption use the same key algorithm, called symmetric encryption algorithm. encryption and decryption use different keys, called asymmetric encryption algorithms. The public key system is an asymmetric encryption algorithm. For

SSH Technology Introduction and Xshell public key remote login

About SSHTraditional network service programs, such as ftp,pop,telnet, are inherently insecure because they transmit data, user accounts, and user passwords in clear text on the network, and are vulnerable to attack by a man-in-the-middle attack

How to configure Oschina SSH public key and configuration under Mac Sourcetree

With the free git space provided by Oschina, you can avoid the hassle of configuring your Git server, and also solve problems that SVN cannot submit locally.1. Generate Sshkey under terminal, sometimes input 1th times no response, need to run 2

Start using Mac OS x--for new Mac

Reprint Address: are two reasons to write this document,One, around the use of Mac friends more and more, often someone to consult some common use problems, such as: "Why the

Log in to Linux with your Mac's terminal via public key and SSH

Just start using the Mac, will find it difficult to use, in the online search method also passable, through their own practice, find the following method, very easy to use, the steps are very simple 1. Create a folder under the personal directory of

Start using Mac OS x--for new Mac

There are two reasons to write this document, one, the use of friends around the Mac more and more, often someone to consult some common use problems, such as: "Why the interface in the upper right corner of the red Button fork off, the program has

Mac OSX shortcut key--Go

1. Useful commands: MAC OSX shortcut keys Ctrl+shift                               &NB Sp     Quick Zoom dock icon will zoom in temporarily, and if you turn on dock Zoom Command+option+w                

Base64 and one-way encryption algorithm MD5 & Sha & Mac

To put it bluntly, here we mainly describe some encryption and decryption algorithms implemented by Java, and finally introduce digital certificates. For example, the basic one-way encryption algorithm: Base64 strictly speaking, it belongs to the

Use SSH (key) to access GitHub under Mac

1, input in Terminal: CD ~/.ssh if-BASH:CD:/users/glamor/.ssh:no such file or directory, you have not used it before. Take the second step directly.If you have previously used the need to clean up the original RSA, execute the command: mkdir

Mac OS X Commands +10 Common command-line tools

Many friends are scratching their heads at the command-line operations under OSX, most of which are expected to start touching computers in the Windows ERA. DOS-based should be seen to understand, and played Linux should be pro. This post hope to

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