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Questions about the divisor, divisor, quotient, and remainder in programming

Examples are as follows:Class test{System.out.println ("1/10=" +1/10);System.out.println ("1%10=" +1%10);System.out.println ("2/10=" +2/10);System.out.println ("2%10=" +2%10);}The results are as follows1/10= 01%10= 12/10= 02%10= 2Self-summary

Why is the result of negative number remainder calculation in different programming languages inconsistent?

Php Chinese network ( provides the most comprehensive basic tutorial on programming technology, introducing HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, C, PHP, basic knowledge of MySQL and other programming languages. At the same time,

From the difference between C + + and Python division, we talk about modulo (modulus) and redundancy (remainder)

A very interesting phenomenon has been found today.As a division, Python2 and C + + have different divisible results in the case of negative numbers:When I was 5/3,Results for C + +: 1Results for Python2:2(Note that 5/-3 is still available in C + +-1

Modulo operations (MoD) and remainder (REM) operations cannot be confused

Typically, modulo operations (MoD) and remainder (REM) operations are confused, because in most programming languages, the '% ' notation is used to represent modulo or remainder operations. Here we want to remind you to pay attention to the specific

UVa 10719 Quotient Polynomial (mathematics)

10719-quotient polynomial Time limit:3.000 seconds Http:// &problem=1660 A polynomial of degree n can be expressed as If k is any integer then we can

The nature of the same remainder operation

The remainder of 100 divided by 7 is 2, meaning that 100 items seven seven are divided into one group and the last 2 are left. The remainder has a strict definition: if dividend is a and the divisor is B (assuming they are all positive integers),

A brief introduction to the difference between modulo and remainder in Lua _lua

I think a lot of people do not know the difference between these two concepts, just in the translation of the LUA manual with the math.fmod of the two operations, by the way to explain it. The difference between the modulus and the remainder is

Explanation: binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal conversion

Explanation: mutual conversion of binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal values: in addition to the remainder of 2, the integers are arranged in reverse order, that is, each time an integer is divided by 2, and the remainder is the number on the

The calculation of the modulus (redundancy) in the real range: How to find the negative number

BackgroundRecently, in a Java exercise, you see such a problem: What's the output when this statement executed:System.out.printf (-7% 3); We are all familiar with the calculation of positive integers, but for the calculation of

Scientific knowledge: Binary, octal, decimal, 16 conversion _ Other synthesis

The conversion between decimal and binary (1) Decimal conversion to binary, divided into integers and decimal parts ① integral number of parts Method: In addition to 2, in reverse order, that is, each part of the integer divided by 2, the

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