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View file size and directory size under Linux and the size of files in the directory

In Linux, you will often see the file size, which is usually used by the command du:The command is explained in detail below:[Email protected] logs]$ du--helpUsage: du [options] ... [File] ...Or: du [options] ...--files0-from=fCalculate the disk

Shell learns to find files in the current directory and folder size-' du ' command and ' DF ' command

After a few days of disk-filled events, I found myself completely unaware of DU's command, so I was determined to learn.I'll just be a porter, the extranet. Find a tutorial' Du ' is the size of the Find folderDuTyping The above at the prompt gives

Linux file and directory attributes detailed

1, the Linux file attributes; The properties of a Linux file or directory mainly include: The node of the file or directory, the type, the permission mode, the number of links, the users and user groups, the time of the most recent visit or

Linux Common command Set (file and directory operations, 40 total)

---restore content starts---1. ls"Command Function"List and display files in a directory"Command Syntax"ls [options] [parameters]"Common Options"-L long format display (entry attribute, file type, permissions, number of hard links, owner, genus,

Summary of the basic operations of Linux, basic operations of linux

Summary of the basic operations of Linux, basic operations of linux Preface Linux was a UNIX-compatible operating system developed in 1991 and can be used for free. Its source code can be freely transmitted and can be modified, enriched, and

Linux View directory size and hard disk size

Linux View directory size and hard drive size commands: # Du-ks---in all # du-k---every last Both Du and DF commands are used to obtain information about the file system size: DF is used to report the total number of blocks and the number of

Solve the Linux system under the partition file occupies a total space than the actual partition total capacity is small but prompted disk space is full of problems __linux

I have a strange problem today, colleague Response deployment Tomcat partition/app Unable to upload files, whether with Lrzsz or Xshell attached xftp can not upload files to the specified location, after checking directory permissions are allowed to

A linux Command (22) every day: Detailed description of the parameters of the find command

For details about the parameters of a linux Command (22): find command every day, refer to a linux Command (1): ls command (2): cd command OS /201210/163050.html#linuxlinuxcommand every day (3 ): pwd command Export (4): mkdir

Find out if all files in the directory contain a string of Linux

Find if all files in the directory contain a stringFind. | Xargs Grep-ri "IBM"Finds all files in the directory that contain a string, and prints only the file nameFind. | Xargs Grep-ri "IBM"-l1. Regular expressions(1) Regular expressions are

Linux View directory size and number of files method

View current directory Size: The code is as follows Copy Code [root@512m50g/]# Du-sh To view the specified directory size: The code is as follows Copy Code [root@512m50g/]

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