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Summary of GCD and ex_gcd

Gcd () --- indicates the maximum common number. The common method is Euclidean algorithm. Ex_gcd () --- Extended Euclidean Algorithm Definition 1: A and B are two integers not all 0, that is, the maximum common divisor of A and B is the maximum

HDU 5869 Different GCD subarray Query tree array + some math backgrounds instructions: Given an array, and then given a number of queries, asking [L, R], how many of the GCD of the subarray are the GCD value of the different intervals in [L, R], and how many

uva12716 GCD XOR (table finding rule + sieve method)

Test instructions: Input integer (1=Problem Solving Ideas:See after the topic has been looking for greatest common divisor and different or between the relationship, but found for a long time did not find. So the decisive table found the following

Poj 2429 GCD & amp; LCM Inverse [java] + [mathematics], poj2429gcd

Poj 2429 GCD & LCM Inverse [java] + [mathematics], poj2429gcd GCD & LCM Inverse Time Limit:2000 MS   Memory Limit:65536 K Total Submissions:9928   Accepted:1843 DescriptionGiven two positive integers a and B, we

POJ 2429 GCD & LCM Inverse "java" + "math"

GCD & LCM Inverse Time Limit: 2000MS Memory Limit: 65536K Total Submissions: 9928 Accepted: 1843 DescriptionGiven positive integers A and B, we can easily calculate the greatest common

[Hdoj] 4983 goffi and GCD

The meaning of the question is very clear, that is, finding the different logarithm that satisfies gcd (n-a, n) * gcd (n-B, n) = n ^ K (A, B. Obviously gcd (n-a, n) 2, the condition (a, B) does not exist ). When K = 2, only (n, n) meet the

Extended Euclidean algorithm

Euclidean algorithmEuclidean algorithm, also known as the greatest common divisor method, is used to calculate two integers, a, b, and so on.Basic algorithm: Set A=qb+r, where a,b,q,r are integers, then gcd (A, B) =gcd (b,r), gcd (A, B) =gcd (b,a%b).

Mathematical problems--expanding Euclidean algorithm

First, expand Euclidean algorithmThe algorithm is used to solve the problem of a given two nonzero integers a and B, to find a set of integer solutions (x, y) so that ax + by = gcd ( A, A, b) is established, where GCD (A, a, a, a) represents the

Bestcode #6-1003 HDU 4983 goffi and GCD [Euler's function]

Question link: PID = 1, 4983 Give N and K to find the conditions that meet Gcd (n? A, n) × gcd (n? B, n) = NK . A and B. First, we can obtain the gcd (n, x) N = 1. This was the first time I thought about

Euclid and the extended Euclidean algorithm

Turn from online Daniel Blog, speak of easy to understand.Original address: algorithmEuclidean algorithm, also known as the greatest common divisor method, is used to

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