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Qzone Year of the Dragon Spring Festival easter Egg "will fire the Dragon" Production secrets

I. BACKGROUND This spring Festival Qzone do the Spring Festival activity is lets the user Xu three New Year wishes (publish space to say the way), then to pull friends to "praise" their own hair wishes, when each desire to accumulate "praise" more than 5 times when you can light the dragon's body One-third, When all 3 desires are accumulated, a complete dragon can be lighted. The dragon can ev

PS synthesize a fire dragon raging scene

. Below, we add flames. Open the flame material that I provide, choose the flame, pick the fire, the channel or the quick choice is not a matter. Paste the flame into the document, adjust the size and position, and properly deform, let the flame look like spit out from the mouth. and change the flame layer blending mode to "color Dodge". Next, we repeated the selection of some smaller flames, the same method of op

Book Wall E, Dragon and underground iron, China's beautiful story, new story, 40 readme, Bookworm, artificial intelligence, big talk data structure

Afternoon has time, stroll the bookstore, saw some books. Summarize some of your feelings here. I, "the Dragon and the underground Railway" This book is the first I see, in the front of the new book area. is a novel, I did not look inside the content, but by the book cover propaganda copy to laugh----Tired old

Compilation Principle Dragon book chapter II A simple Arithmetic (+,-) translator implementation

Last night, I decided to work on the "compiling principle" of the frontal hard God lesson. the Dragon book.Here is a simple arithmetic-type infix suffix of the translator.This is also the Dragon book in a c implementation source code. Partially rewritten in C + +.#include Compilation principle Dragon

Book Music said: "Pokemon: Go" How is the fire of a mess?

current VR (Virtual Vision) game, are wearing a glasses dizzy, not so happy to play. Nintendo did not add any additional plug-in, such as glasses, helmets, a smart phone can solve the problem.    More importantly, compared to the previous mobile games, the game's gameplay is simple and convenient, but completely different. Because you have to move to the real scene to play, can not be in a corner of the bow and slash. And this experience very encounter, perhaps you walk, mobile phone will sudde

Dragon Book DX9 Chapter5 Light Creation and getasynckeystate () &0x8000f issues

Note 1: When we find a text, press the physical button a AAAAA, you will find that the first time there will be a partition.Reference: does the return value of Getasynckeystate () understand?The instance code has the IF (:: Getasynckeystate (vk_right) 0x8000f) This sentence, press the → Key to get 0x1void Main () { staticint testint=0; while (1) { if( short a =(:: Getasynckeystate (Vk_right)))// { coutEndl; cout"

Read Dragon Book compilation Principle hand-written compiler (1) ...

function, but the function does not support the argument--! :(But return is not supported)The specific lexical requirements are as follows (not strictly in accordance with the C standard, for ease of implementation, it is Simplified):ID: [a-za-z_][0-9a-za-z_]*int :-? [0-9]+string"[\" |.] *"Next is the syntax:Progfunc Funcs|func-type ID () Blockblock-{stmts}stmts-stmt Stmts|stmt-type ID; | Type ID =expr; | Type ID =judge; |if(judge) block|if(judge) blockElseBlock| while(judge) Blocktype-int|BOOL

The derivation of Dragon Book 9 Chapter12 Viewmatrix and the realization of camera's basic ability

This chapter is mainly about deriving Viewmatrix and designing a basic camera function.Note I. Derivation of ViewmatrixKey statement:1. How objects in the world coordinate system are described in the camera coordinate system, equivalent to the object in the world coordinate system with the camera transformation, so that the camera and the world coordinate system coincident.2. Inverse and transpose equivalence of standard orthogonal matricesKnown parameters: Camera position, three orientation vec

Directx10 dragon book notes-Chapter 1 after-school questions implement flame Animation

drawscene function. In this way, frame animation is quickly formed. // Every quarter second, generate a random wave. static float t_base = 0.0f; static int flag = 0; If (mtimer. getgametime ()-t_base) >=0.15f) {t_base + = 0.15f; mfxdiffusemapvar-> setresource (mdiffusepic [(flag ++) % 9]);} This is mainly the above function. Because it is my reading notes, no source code is provided for all projects. It is just convenient for you to check for missing ones when learning this

Dragon Book D3d11 chapter exercise Answer (eighth)

textures.Figure 8.20 shows the result of component-wise multiplying, textures to get a fireball-like result. For this exercise, modify the ' Crate ' demo by combining the ' source textures in ' 8.20 in a pixel shader to Produc E The fireball texture over each of the cube face. (The image files for this exercise is downloaded from the book ' s website.) Note that you'll have to modify the basic.fx-to-support more than one texture.Simple but there are

Reading dragon Book compiling Principles of Grammar Analysis (12) ...

So, finally, I'll take a look at this. The so-called LR (0) Parse table generation algorithm:This algorithm at first glance seems to be out of touch with the front, but if you look carefully before the explanation, for example, carefully compare, feel ...You will find that each time the D actually produces a new state, then look at the specific implementations of closure and Goto:It is not difficult to find out that closure is the derivation of all the non-terminator (that is, the first non-term

Reading dragon Book compiling Principles of Grammar Analysis (9) ...

The previous section is finished. ll (1) The main framework of the analysis algorithm, now let's look at the conflict processing ... There are many ways of dealing with conflicts, and this is called eliminating left recursion ...The upper right grammar is left recursive grammar, you will find that any left recursive grammar is not ll (1), why? For example, if you look at the No. 0 and 1th of the grammar, they can be written in the following way:E = t + t + t + ...E = TIt is not difficult to find

Reading dragon Book compiling principle Lexical Analysis (2) ...

...M= (ε,s,q0,f,δ) E: Alphabet (accepted letters) S: State set (how many states exist altogether) Q0: The initial state F: End-of-state set (how many acceptable states are there altogether) Δ: Transfer function (each state accepts what character jumps what state) This is an example of a simple automaton ...A string that can be accepted must reach the accepted state at the end of the string (two concentric circles, only state 2 is accepted in the figure)The figure described i

Read the Dragon Book compilation Principle Semantic Analysis (1) ...

An abstract syntax tree is generated, followed by semantic analysis ... The tasks of semantic analysis are as follows:A relatively simple type checking algorithm can be this:This can be followed by an ID:This leads to the concept of the symbol table:At the same time the symbol table should also meet the concept of scope in the program, the implementation of the scope of the method is as follows:At the same time the symbol table should also solve the problem of namespaces, you can see that the li

Read Dragon book compiling principle Code generation (1) ...

These two days to the compiler to the abstract syntax tree link, ready to read the eighth unit in a breath after the compiler ... As for the translation into what language, first to see again ...Before we finish discussing grammar checking and symbol tables, the front end is all over, so we can shift our perspective to the mid-back ... The structure is probably like this ...This stage is called code generation, then the code is generated specifically to complete the task is this ...2 important t

Reading dragon Book compiling Principles of Grammar analysis (6) ...

} * if(c=='('){ $i++;Panax Notoginseng parse_e (); -c =Str[i]; the if(c==')'){ +i++; A return; the } +Error ("\ ') \ '", c); - return; $ } $Error ("\ ' 0-9\ ' or \ ' (\ '", c); - return; - } the - Wuyi voidparse_t () the { - Parse_f (); Wu Charc =Str[i]; - while(c=='*'|| c = ='/'){ Abouti++; $ Parse_f (); -c =Str[i]; - } - return; A } + the voidparse_e () - { $ parse_t (); the Charc =Str[i]; the while(c = ='+'|| c =

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