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Performance Comparison between Access and Firebird

SELECT * FROM table 28380.649119 34032.733181 28227.096199 34557.834127 SELECT * From table WHERE name like '%... %' 18065.770127 19266.049635 18412.904426 17163.350933 4.12 comparison of database file growth volume The increase in Access file size is terrible. About 1000000 pieces of data can basically reach the Access limit (2 GB) Comp

Embedded Database engines benchmark-SQLite 3.6.3 vs ms SQL ce 3.5 vs Firebird 2

ArticleDirectory How did you implement the test? You ask Conclusion Http:// Update 20-oct-2008: Instead of creating a dbcommand for each iteration, I started to use one dbcommand instance, as any normal person wocould do in the first place. and it chagned The resultS quite a bit. it looks like object initiation for Firebird is expensive. when I got the initiation Out Of The Way

Database selection and Firebird use

Recently, a small project was created, and the development tool was Delphi. The database selection was compared, and the Firebird Database was finally used. The advantages and disadvantages of various databases were analyzed as follows: I,Firbird Advantages 1,Firebird is an open-source free

Firebird Database Management System

Firebird Features free of charge compared to other DBMS. It is a project developed by InterBase and maintained by a group of developers in Eastern Europe and Russia. Therefore, many Delphi developers use Firebird. Firebird's current version is 2.5, and 2.1 is also widely used. In China where piracy is rampant, it seems that there are not many applications. The best way to get help from

Firebird Database on MacOSX

Firebird DatabaseFirebird is an excellent embedded (one feature) that is best suited for desktop development. Previously also used SQLite to do some small tools, but poor security performance, and does not support the characteristics of stored procedures, after the final turn to Firebird, collation of the following commonly used command statements and SQL.User Ma

Performance Comparison of insert records in a php database.

Performance Comparison of insert records in a php database. I am engaged in C #. recently, for some reasons, I am also learning php. I tested a piece of code today. it is very easy to write a row of records into the database. Taking a look at the execution time of this program generates a question: how is php so slow.

3 major NoSQL Database performance comparison test report

Label:Recently, the well-known independent benchmark evaluation agency Bankmark, for the current mainstream NoSQL database sequoiadb, MongoDB and Cassandra three NoSQL database products to do performance comparison testing and release test reports. in all of the tests, the three NoSQL

Comparison of Oracle Database date filtering methods and oracle Performance

Comparison of Oracle Database date filtering methods and oracle Performance When developing SQL statements, filtering date segments is a common problem. How can we efficiently filter out date segments? This article demonstrates through experiments: Method 1: Use to_char to convert a date to a string for comparison To_c

Performance Comparison of Oracle Database date filtering methods

Performance Comparison of Oracle Database date filtering methods Performance Comparison of Oracle Database date filtering methods When developing SQL statements, filtering date segments is a common problem. How can we efficientl

Performance Comparison of using the self-increment field and guid field in the database as the primary key (Supplement) -- convert

After I published the article "Performance Comparison of Self-increment fields and guid field primary keys used in the Database", I got a lot of comments from my friends in the blog Park, we have also proposed some improvement methods for my testing methods. What surprised me was that a garden friend proposed that the test sequence of guid and ID should be revers

DB2 Database Performance Comparison of delete in ID and batch Delete

delete, the code is as follows: private void Batchdeletea (list IDs) {sqlsession batchsqlsession = Getbat Chsession (); try { for (Long id:ids) {batchsqlsession.delete (" acchissourceent Ity.delete ", id); } batchsqlsession.commit (); finally {batchsqlsessionutils.closes Qlsession (batchsqlsession); } } Private sqlsession getbatchsession () { return batchsqlsessionutils.getsqlsession ( Sqlsessionfactory, Executortype.batch); }Among the

Java Database connection Pool performance comparison

Tags: http java using OS IO data ar CTIThe purpose of this test is to verify the performance of the current common database connection pool.TestCase Connection conn = dataSource.getConnection(); PreparedStatement stmt = conn.preparedStatement("select 1"); ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(); while ( { } rs.close(); stmt.close(); conn.close(); Test Code

Oracle 10g Data pump and import export performance comparison (v) The biggest factor affecting the import performance of data pump

Some time ago in a migration of data pump and exp, found that the difference in efficiency is quite large. Here is an example of a simple comparison. This article discusses the most important factors that affect the performance of data pump imports. Several articles have been written to introduce the performance of Exp/imp and EXPDP/IMPDP, respectively, accordi

The difference and choice between MyISAM and InnoDB, detailed summary, performance comparison

application, I would prefer MyISAM.In addition, some people may say that you myisam can not resist too much write operation, but I can make up by the structure, say my existing database platform capacity: The total number of master and slave data in more than hundreds of T, more than 1 billion PV dynamic page per day, there are several large items are called by the data interface method is not counted into PV total, ( This includes a large project be

Performance comparison of mechanical HDD SSD USB drive

read speed of 512 bytes data block is about 0.689MB/S, 4KB data block under random reading speed of 4.737mb/s, faster than mechanical hard disk, random write because there is no suitable testing tools, can not directly test the performance of 512 bytes and 4KB blocks of data,Figure 2.3 is the sequential and random write performance tested with Hdbench, but with 1mb/s fixed-size data blocks, the random writ

The difference and choice between MyISAM and InnoDB, detailed summary, performance comparison

type of the table.2. Doing Start/commit operations on tables that do not support transactions has no effect and has been committed before committing a commit.3. You can execute the following command to switch non-transactional tables to transactions (data is not lost), the InnoDB table is more secure than the MyISAM table: ALTER TABLE TableName TYPE=INNODB, or use ALTER TABLE tablename engine = InnoDB4, the default InnoDB is to turn on auto-commit, if you follow the MyISAM method to write code

Struts2, Springmvc, Servlet (JSP) performance comparison test

Struts2, Springmvc, Servlet (JSP) performance comparison test.The performance of the servlet should be the best, and it can be used as a reference, and the other tests should be on par with it.As a programmer, for the performance of each framework to have a basic understanding, easy to choose the right decision to make

SQL statement optimization improves database performance and SQL statement database performance

SQL statement optimization improves database performance and SQL statement database performance In systems with unsatisfactory performance, apart from the fact that the application load exceeds the server's actual processing capacity, it is more because the system has a larg

PostgreSQL parameter optimization comparison performance test

by default)Required tive_cache_size = 512 MB (128 MB by default) 2316 2341 2341 2332 5 Adjust Memory ParametersShared_buffers = 512 MBWork_mem = 10 MBRequired tive_cache_size = 1024 MB 2319 2361 2370 2350 6 Disable Wal logs 2800 2813 2814 2809 Note * When testing 3 is executed, the data changes greatly. This is also true for multiple executions. The minimum value is 1214, and the maximum value is 2010, which is unstable. 2.1.4Tes

Ehcache/redis/tair Cache Performance Comparison [reprint]

uses Redis storage, performance is better than tair, and support data grouping, can be based on the product ID and user ID data merge.disadvantage: the same should be developed based on a C module Nginx module, later maintenance also need a little trouble.Tair LDB and Redis's pair test Made the next Tair version of LDB and the persistent contrast test of the Redis VM form, thanks to Zong Dai configuration parameters for the LDB version confi

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