firefox is running but is not responding

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There is a problem running websocket under IE, but Firefox is running normally.

I used PHP to write a socket server, and then after the Firefox run client handshake successfully, 1. Send a message to the server using the Send () function 2. Service-side Socket__read extract information 3. Re-use the Socket__write return information to trigger the client's OnMessage event. And under IE and chrome, it doesn't trigger the OnMessage event,1. First send () sends the message to the server2.socket__select get socket A, Socket__read get

Is Firefox slow? -Firefox startup and Running Speed Optimization

Recently, I started to experience Firefox and found some advantages and disadvantages. Invincible extensions do bring about functional enjoyment, the problem that comes with it is that too many plug-ins and themes lead to FF startup, which is a lot different from IE and TW, therefore, we have collected some Optimization Methods for startup speed and hope to help

IE running WebSocket problems, but Firefox is running normally.

writes, the information obtained by socket _ read will be null. By the way, in ie, the first time the server executes socket _ write, the return value is int (10). This is normal, and the second write operation returns int (32 ), because the php file is run in cmd, the information obtained by socket _ read is garbled

When the JSP page is submitted, the browser prompt is not responding because the script runs for a long time

Solution to the idea:The first is the analysis of the problem, at the time of submission of the problem, so from the JSP page submission method startThe original JSP page:1 --2 Divclass= "Ui-btn-wrap">3 Buttonclass= "Ui-btn-lg ui-btn-primary">4 Determine5 Button>6 Div>JS Code (check submit form):1$(function(){2 //jquery.validate3$ ("#myform").

Firefox cannot be fixed to the starter when the Firefox browser is installed on Ubuntu. the Firefox icon displays an abnormal folder, right-click the folder, and the rename option is changed to Gray.

Firefox cannot be fixed to the starter when the Firefox browser is installed on Ubuntu. the Firefox icon displays an abnormal folder, right-click the folder, and the rename option is changed to Gray. Http:// Ubuntu comes with

The app will hang up for a while (the process is in, but it stops responding, and there is no log output) and you must restart Tomcat

Here is the reprint is to do the notes for yourselfproblem : The application will hang up after a period of time (process in, but stop responding, also no log output), you must restart TomcatReason Lookup :Since there is no error in Tomcat's own log, enough disk space, read and write, and other reasons suspected of a J

How does delphi determine if the application is not responding?, The Code doesn' t use the Win32 API sendmessagetimout function Determine if the target application is responding but CILS Uninitialized ented functions from the user32.dll. --> For Windows 95/98/me we call the ishungthread () API The function ishungappwindow retrieves the status (running or not

How Delphi determines that the application is not responding

if the target application is responding but callsUndocumented functions from the User32.dll.--Windows 95/98/me We call the Ishungthread () API The function Ishungappwindow retrieves the status (running or not responding)of the specified applicationIshungappwindow (Wnd:hwnd)://Handle to main app ' s windowBOOL;-For NT/

SSRS make report times wrong: Time-out is up. The time-out elapses before the operation completes or the server is not responding.

point to modify the code, the following is a reference, the idea is to let the empty parameters of the case can both get the field, but also by pre-executionFor example, write the following styleIF ISNULL(@begtime,"')= "' OR ISNULL(@endtime,"')= "' BEGIN SELECT [C1] , [C2] , [C3] , [C4] fromTest1;--We have to get him to find the field, or t

What if the printer "is removing" and "printing" is not responding?

To resolve the printer "deleting" and "printing" no response, the following steps: The first method: 1, click "Start"-"Run", enter services.msc, open the list of services, find the "Print Spooler" service to stop it. 2, then click "Start"-"Run", enter spool, and then open the folder under the "PRINTERS" folder, the inside of the file is deleted (the file is what you are printing). 3, finally click "Star

What if the Win7 Resource manager is not responding?

common, the failure of the performance is in the Resource Manager right click on any one of the partitions, the mouse pointer has been a circular "run" state, two times click the Close "X" button in the upper-right corner of the explorer window, prompting the explorer "not responding", forcing the resource manager to reboot after forced shutdown, and then returning to normal. This type of problem occurs b

NFS: server is not responding, still trying

Problem description: After I use the target machine to mount NFS, the server is not responding and still trying problems will occur when I read and write large files. Some of them solve this problem after Google, as shown below: **************************************** ********************************* When you mount the NFS file system on the host on the mini2440 Development Board and transfer a large file

phpMyAdmin Error: #2002-The server is not responding

phpMyAdmin Error: #2002-The server is not responding (or the socket for the local MySQL server is not configured correctly)To compile the configuration file:Vim$i + +;/ Authentication type /$cfg [' Servers '] [$i] [' verbose '] = ' localhost '; ; Server intranet Address IP$cfg [' Servers '] [$i] [' host '] = ' localhost '; ; Server intranet Address

How to turn off a program that is not responding in a Win7 system

  Operation Steps 1. Right-click the desktop space, click New--shortcut. 2. At this point the interface shown, we enter taskkill/f/fi "STATUS eq is not responding." English-speaking friends will know that it is mandatory to kill the process of not responding to the meaning. 3. Click Next, and then we'll rename the s

Timeout timeout time has expired. The timeout period has expired or the server is not responding before the operation completes

Timeout time has expired. The timeout period has expired or the server is not responding before the operation completesProblemWhen querying data using an ASP. NET-developed application, the page request time is too long and the timeout time is returned. When the time-out between operations completes or the server

Determine if an application is not responding

Today, I saw two articles on MSN's core discussion group. The question is whether the application is unresponsive. The original text is as follows: > How are it possible to determine a process is ' not responding ' like NT Task > Manager do? The heuristic works

What is the relationship between PHP fpm and fast-cgi? And there is also a question, that is, PHP running in CGI mode, what is the meaning of running CGI?

I can't figure out a couple of relationships here! Also, in the middle of the PHP manual, there is a passage: 默认为将 PHP 编译为 CLI 和 CGI 程序。这将建立一个命令行解释器,可用于 CGI 处理或非 web 相关的 PHP 脚本。如果用户运行着一个 PHP 模块支持的 web 服务器,那通常为性能考虑应该使用模块方式。不过 CGI 版可以使 Apache 用户用不同的用户 ID 运行不同的 PHP 页面。 What is the division between this CLI and CGI? Does the CLI mean to run with the command line? CGI is

NFS: server is not responding, still trying reason and Solution

Today, I used the Development Board to mount a host through NFS and wanted to copy some information from the host. However, NFS: server is not responding, still trying, and I used the friendly mini2440, the operating system uses ubuntu8.04.I thought it was an NFS fault, but Google found that it was not the reason for NFS, but because the transmitted data was too large, resulting in packet loss.The default N

The hidden tabbar--of iOS development resolves a problem where the corresponding location event is still not responding after hiding

return self;10 }Method 3Http:// 1-(void) Maketabbarhidden: (BOOL) Hide 2 {3 if ([Self.tabBarController.view.subviews count] Time1-(void) Viewwillappear: (bool) Animated {2 [self setfullscreen:yes]; 3} 4 5-(void) Viewwilldisappear: (BOOL) Animated {6 [self setfullscreen:no]; 7} 8 9-(void) Setfullscreen: (BOOL) fullscreen {ten //status bar [ UIApplication Sharedapplication].statusbarhidden = fullscreen;12 //navigation bar [Self.navi

Oracle Shutdown Immediate command is not responding when shutting down the database

The Execute shutdown immediate command does not respond when you restart the Oracle database server on the server[[email protected] ~]$ sqlplus/nologsql*plus:release Production on Thu December 7 22:16:31 2017Copyright (c) 1982, Oracle. All rights reserved. Sql> Connect/as Sysdba is connected. sql> shutdown immediate;And waited for a long time and didn't respond.Workaround:Because there is a lot

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