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Firefox-use Greasemonkey to show local time to the page

$ ("Body"). Append (");functionGetTime () {varnow =NewDate (); varHH =now.gethours (); varMi =now.getminutes (); varSS =now.getseconds (); if(HH >= 0 hh hh;} if(Mi >= 0 mi mi;} if(SS >= 0 SS SS;} returnhh+ ":" +mi+ ":" +SS;}vartt = SetInterval (function(){ $("#addMyTime"). Text (GetTime ());},450);has been synchronized with the, the local time with Baidu a few seconds, do not know how to return?Greasemonkey, referred to as GM, the Chinese commonly known as "oil Monkey", is a

XML in Firefox 1.5, Part 1: processing XML in Firefox using JavaScript

After learning about the basic display and style of XML in the Firefox browser, the next function to be followed is script. In this article, I will show how to use JavaScriptCodeProcess the basic concept of XML. All the code examples and screens in this article are created and tested using Firefox in Ubuntu Linux. The configuration file has not been modif

XML in Firefox 1.5, part 3rd: Using JavaScript to handle Xml__java in Firefox

This is the third article in the "XML in Firefox 1.5" series, and you'll learn to work with XML with JavaScript implementations in Mozilla Firefox. In the first two articles, XML in Firefox 1.5, part 1th: XML features overview and XML in Firefox 1.5, part 2nd: Basic XML proc

JavaScript in IE and Firefox browser common compatibility issues summary _javascript Tips

This article summarizes the common compatibility problems of JavaScript in IE and Firefox browsers. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Form Document.formName.item ("ItemName") IE: You can use Document.formName.item ("ItemName") or document.formname.elements["ElementName"] Firefox: Only use document.formname.elements["Element

10 most common Javascript errors (highest frequency) and javascript frequency

10 most common Javascript errors (highest frequency) and javascript frequency In order to give back to our developer community, we checked the databases of thousands of projects and found 10 errors with the highest intermediate frequency in JavaScript. We will tell you what

Javascript compatibility in IE and Firefox _ javascript skills

If you want to learn JavaScript, you must know or understand it. 1. You can find that the id attribute of the input tag under IE is the same as the name attribute by default, firefox must specify the name of the id attribute; otherwise, the id attribute cannot be used. For example: The following code in IE can be executed, but not in Firefox: Script Alert (docu

The difference between Firefox and IE for JavaScript and CSS

support innerHTML, the solution can be as followsJS CodeRNG = Document.createrange ();el = document.getElementById (ElementID);Rng.setstartbefore (EL);Htmlfrag =rng.createcontextualfragment (content); while (El.haschildnodes ())//Clear original content, add new contentEl.removechild (El.lastchild);El.appendchild (Htmlfrag);IMG SRC Refresh IssueUnder IE you can use You can refresh the picture, but not in Firefox. The main problem is caching, which is

Summary of incompatibility and unified methods between IE and Firefox in Javascript

Summary of incompatibility and unified methods between IE and Firefox in Javascript zhoz , Technical Development , Comment (3) , Reference (0) , Reading (2127) , Via original site Large| Medium| Small Reference address: Note: This address is valid only before 23:59:59 today. Test todayCodeBut an error is reported in ff.The incompatibility and unified methods of IE and

Compatibility of Javascript in IE and Firefox

The project should be compatible with IE and Firefox. Let me summarize the differences between Javascript in IE and Firefox. I copied some content on the Internet and made some changes: -Element search Problems1. Document. All [name](1) Existing Problem: Firefox does not support document. All [name](2) solution: Use

Incompatible JavaScript and unified methods of IE and Firefox

The incompatibility and unified methods of IE and Firefox in JavaScript are summarized as follows:1. compatible with Firefox's outerhtml and FF, there is no outerhtml method. If (window. htmlelement ){ Htmlelement. Prototype. _ definesetter _ ("outerhtml", function (shtml ){ VaR r = This. ownerdocument. createRange (); R. setstartbefore (this ); VaR df = R. createcontextualfragment (shtml ); This. parentnod

Solutions to compatibility between JavaScript IE and Firefox

Sort out some solutions to the compatibility between JavaScript IE and Firefox, and have better methods for communication; 1. Document. Form. Item Problems (1) existing problems: Existing Code There are many statements such as document. formname. Item ("itemname"), which cannot be run in Firefox. (2) solution: Use document. formname. elements ["elementname"] (3)

Firefox browser uses JavaScript to upload large file _php instances

This program is the use of 3.x Firefox browser can read the characteristics of local files, to achieve through the XMLHttpRequest upload large file features, and in the process can upload dynamic display upload progress. Slightly modified, and with the server side, you can achieve the extension of breakpoints and many other functions.This example is mainly to study the characteristics of Firefox file-input

Differences between Firefox and IE on JavaScript and CSS)

Differences between Firefox and IE on JavaScript and CSS Keywords: javascript; CSS; Firefox; ie; Difference1. Document. formname. Item ("itemname ")Note: in IE, you can use document. formname. Item ("itemname") or document. formname. elements ["elementname"];In Firefox

Firefox and Chrome run JavaScript almost as fast

Article Title: Firefox and Chrome run JavaScript almost as fast. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. The test results of JavaScript efficiency detection on SunSpider show

Compatibility between IE and Firefox in Javascript)

Compatibility between IE and Firefox in Javascript 1.doc ument. formname. Item ("itemname ")Note:In IE, you can use document. formname. Item ("itemname") or document. formname. elements ["elementname"];In Firefox, only document. formname. elements ["elementname"] can be used.Solution:Use document. formname. elements ["elementname"].Text1:Document. formna

Firebug Getting Started Guide (Firefox) _ javascript skills

time consumed by each request/response. The XHR function in the. Net tag is particularly useful for viewing AJAX operations. If you click the plus sign before each server responds, you will see the header information and content of the server response. When an XMLHttpRequest object sends a request to the server, Firebug records the POST or GET content of the request, as well as the header information and content of the response. Use the XHR function in the Net tag to view the content. It lists

Different browsers such as Firefox and IE have different parsing problems with JavaScript and CSS.

I had a project several months ago and had a headache in displaying and executing JavaScript and CSS in different browsers. Today I searched the internet and summarized the information, this document is from the Internet and cannot be used to specify the source. I. There are two methods to write CSS for different browsers: 1. Use the underscore (*) and underscore (_) to distinguish them, as shown below: Background: orange; * Background: green; _

Differences between Javascript in IE and Firefox (excerpt)

the HTML Object ID to reduce errors.(3) OthersSee question 4 7. event. X and event. Y(1) Existing ProblemsIn ie, the event object has the X and Y attributes, and Firefox does not.(2) SolutionIn Firefox, event. X is equivalent to event. pagex. But event. pagex IE does not.Therefore, event. clientx is used instead of event. X. This variable is also available in IE

Different JavaScript expressions in IE and FireFox (1)

Javascript has many different performances in IE and FireFox. The following lists some common differences. In-depth understanding of these differences can help Web developers and designers avoid common mistakes and improve development efficiency. BKJIA recommended reading: Javascript solves Common Browser compatibility problems 1.doc ument. formName. item ("itemN

The latest JavaScript Engine in Firefox

Since Google launched Chrome with V8 JavaScript engineThe appetite for engine execution efficiency has been improved again. Many browser developers have racked their brains to improve their JavaScript performance. Opera's latest 10.50 carakan The engine is said to have exceeded V8, and Firefox developers are not willing to sh

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