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Dpl rpl cpl differences and relationships

Let's talk about their meaning and storage location first! Pl: privilege level. Privileged CPL (current): privileged level of the current task! In kernel mode, CPL = 0, CPL = 3 in user mode, and Linux only uses these two! The value of Cs or SS is two lower! DPL (descriptor): descriptor privileged! It exists in the segment descriptor. Specifies the permission leve

Connection and difference between privileged DPL, RPL, and CPL in protection mode

Copyright Disclaimer: During reprinting, please use hyperlinks to indicate the original source and author information of the article and this statementHttp:// --------------------- CPLIs the current privilege level of the current process, is the privilege level of the segment where the code is currently being executed, which exists in the lower two Cs registers.RPLIt indicates that the process's request permission for segment access (request privilegeLevel),


This article is too good !! This is a complete permission check in the protection mode. In fact, today's operating systems won't be so complicated ...... Privilege level is the next important concept of protection mode. CPL, RPL, and DPL are the core concepts. There are numerous materials available, which are summarized as follows:Simple explanation: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to develop control panel program (CPL Program)

How to develop control panel program (CPL Program) Cpl program is a kind of deformation of the dynamic link library (DLL), but the extension is. CPL, And the entry function is cplapplet () instead of dllmain (). It is actually very simple to compile. Create a DLL project and write the following code: # Include # Include # Include Extern "C" _ declspec (dllexport

Using VC + + to write Windows95 cpl component

Control Panel is the control center of Windows 95, which enables you to add new hardware devices, change desktop settings, configure network protocols, and more. In Windows 95, control Panel usually has more than 20 components, and as long as we double-click the icon of any component with the mouse, a dialog box pops up, and the dialog box contains options for setting system parameters, most of which are stored in the Windows 95 registry. The main program of the----Control Panel is CONTROL.EXE,

Cpl in the control panel

According to the information, CPL files are control panel extension files. Each CPL file actually corresponds to a function of the system. If you remove them, the corresponding functions are limited. The following lists the functions of various CPL files for your reference. Access. Cpl corresponds to "Auxiliary option

WIN7,XP Control Panel CPL Command

Help NOTE: Cpl (ControlPanel) Wiz (Wizard) Wizards accessibilityoptions (access.cpl) Accessibility Options (none) Add New Hardware (hdwwiz.cpl) Device Manager Add or Remove Programs (appwiz.cpl) Add or Remove Programs Administrativetools (Control AdminTools) Management tools Dateand Time (timedate.cpl) Display (Control Desktop) (desk.cpl) Folderoptions (

DPL, RPL, CPL privilege level

DPL, RPL, CPL DPL is placed in the segment/gate descriptor, and RPL is located in the Selection Sub-, CPL is the CS. RPL that loads the visible part of the Selection Sub-CS Data Segment: The data segment is always the same segment. The data segment must meet the requirements of max (RPL, CPL) There is a metaphor: The Prime Minister (

Win7 How the system is entered in the Startup key. CPL File Repair Control Panel problem

Win7 How the system is entered in the Startup key. CPL File Repair Control Panel problem For example, when you enter in Startup: Main.cpl, you can turn on mouse settings If you need to modify or view the recommended use of Exescope You need to turn off File Protection for your system before you modify it Inetcpl.cpl,ie settings Joy.cpl, game controller settings Mmsys.cpl, sound and audio settings Intl.cpl, Locale and language settings n

How to register a CPL file so that it can be displayed in the control panel

localizedstring andInfotip discussed earlier, no @ character is used as a prefix. Add the following information to the Registry to provide the command called by the system when the user opens the control panel. Hkey_classes_root CLSID {0052d9fc-6764-4d29-a66f-2f3bd9e2bb40} Shell Open Command (Default) = [reg_expand_sz] % ProgramFiles %/mycorp/myapp.exe/settings Dll Control Panel item reg

Leave a backdoor using the cpl file of the control panel in xp

Author: lcx This is the case when I use restorator to open nusrmgr. cpl. What do you see? Was it surprising that the "User Account" option in the control panel in xp was actually made in html. In fact, the panel of many components of Microsoft is made of html. This is why Microsoft has never been able to clear Internet Explorer. It involves too much, and even anti-monopoly law cannot allow Microsoft to delete Internet Explorer. Have you seen the NUS

Linux Kernel Series-5. Privileged level of operating system development CPL, DPL, RPL

cpl--the privileged level of the currently executing program or task, which is stored on the No. 0 and 1th bits of CS and SS.The privileged level of the dpl--segment or gate, and if it is a data segment, the least privileged level that can access this segmentThe rpl--is represented by the No. 0 and 1th digits of the segment selector. The processor verifies that an access request is legitimate by checking the RPL and

Advertising Alliance Terms and Definitions CPS, CPA, CPC, CPL, CPT

Advertising Alliance: The Commission calculation methods are generally as follows:A ratio of one hundred shares of sales (CPS)Pay a fixed amount per order (CPL)Each new Login member or customer pays a fixed amount (CPA)If the advertiser only requests traffic, we will also arrange to pay by click (CPC ). This is a bit similar to the current popular search engine billing method, but you can have a higher decision on the displayed ad content.CPM (Thousa


on doing so, it will only suffer its own losses. A senior analyst pointed out that if sellers cannot handle the problem flexibly during negotiations and stick to the performance model, they will lose many opportunities for cooperation, because many websites do not accept this model currently. 8. Other billing methods Some advertisers will propose the following methods for bargaining when conducting special marketing projects: (1) CPL (cost per lea

The CPL extension example written by csdn users is a snake game.

Some netizens asked how to add a dialog box in the mouse settings on the control panel that day, and agreed that the netizen would write a code for him. In the past two days, I wrote a shell extension of CPL. Mainly implements two interfaces Ishellextinit Ishellpropsheetext The two interfaces are relatively simple. The key is to add the corresponding key value in the corresponding location of the Registry. They are included in the origina

CentOS7 Firewall firewall Configuration usage detailed

FIREWALLD provides a dynamic firewall management tool that supports network/firewall zone (zone) definition of network links and interface security levels. It supports IPV4, IPV6 firewall settings and Ethernet bridging, and has run-time configuration and permanent configuration options. It also supports interfaces that allow services or applications to add

Firewall-cmd: command line tool for firewall settings in rhel7, firewall-cmdrhel7

Firewall-cmd: command line tool for firewall settings in rhel7, firewall-cmdrhel7Firewall-cmd: the command line tool for firewall settings. Syntax: firewall-cmd [OPTIONS...] common OPTIONS:-h: Print help information;-V: Print version information;-q: exit, do not print status

CentOS 7.0 defaults to use firewall as a firewall, here to iptables firewall, configure Apache

First, configure the firewall, open 80 ports, 3306 ports CentOS 7.0 uses firewall as a firewall by default, and this is iptables firewall instead. 1. Close firewall: #停止firewall服务Systemctl Stop Firewalld.service #禁止

FIREWALL-1 Network Security Firewall

First, Checkpoint introduction: As one of the organizations and advocates of the Open Security Enterprise Interconnection Alliance (OPSEC), checkpoint company is committed to enterprise-level network security products research and development, according to IDC's recent statistics, its FIREWALL-1 firewall in the market share of more than 32%, "fortune" The top 100 of the largest enterprises in nearly 80% sel

Introduction to the use of Linux firewall firewall

1, the basic use of FIREWALLDStart: Systemctl start FirewalldView status: Systemctl status FirewalldStop: Systemctl Disable FIREWALLDDisable: Systemctl stop Firewalld2.systemctl is the main tool in CentOS7 's service management tool, which incorporates the functionality of the previous services and Chkconfig.Start a service: Systemctl start Firewalld.serviceClose a service: Systemctl stop Firewalld.serviceRestart A service: systemctl restart Firewalld.serviceDisplays the status of a service: Sys

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