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, from the first start off (from 1 to 3 off), where 3 of the people quit the circle, ask the last left is the original number of the first.

Tips : implemented with ring listFor this topic is actually uses the C language circular link list realization one Joseph Ring. We can define a circular linked list, add this n person to the list, and then define three node pointers on the list of

There were 17 people in a circle, in the order of automatic arranging. Starting from the first person (from 1 to 3 off), where

int n = 17;boolean[] persons = new Boolean[n];Initializationfor (int i=0;iPersons[i] = true;}int len = persons.length;//The remainder of the numberint count = 0;while (len>1) {Continue to count.for (int i=0;iif (Persons[i]) {count++;if (count = = 3)

There are n people in a circle, the order of automatic arranging, from the first person to start off (from the 1~3 count

* * Copyright (c) 2012, Computer College of Yantai University * All rights reserved. * Author: Liu Tongbin * Date of Completion: December 05, 2012 * Version number: v1.0 * * Input Description: *

[Typical java Algorithm questions] There are n people in a circle with sequential troubleshooting. Start from the first person (from 1 to 3), where the report is 3...

Question: There are n people in a circle with sequential troubleshooting. When the first person reports the number (from 1 to 3), the person who reports the number 3 leaves the circle and asks the last person who left the first number? 1 package com.

Learn spring2--with me Spring 3 (3) – development of the first HelloWorld application using spring

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Snail-1-9 The 9 numbers are divided into three 3 digits, the first one is twice times the second to third, 3 times times

1-9 These 9 numbers are divided into three 3-digit numbers, the first of which is the second to third twice times, and 3 times times void Mygetthreenum () { int j,k; int arr[10],sum; for (int i = 123; I * 3 Copyright NOTICE: This

There are n people in a circle, sequential numbering, from the first person began to count, where the report 3 of the person

1, there are n people around in a circle, sequential numbering, from the first person began to count, where 3 of the people out of the circle, write procedures, ask the last left is the original number of the person. #include #include typedef

Do the design first to understand the magical magic number "3"

"Dawson One, life two, two born three, Sansheng everything." "--Laozi's Sutra of Morals" is 3 just a number? 3 can also represent more!? The number 3 is driving the development of photography, design, architecture and natural law? Let's look at

The first way to display the contents of the middle column in the left and right 3 column layout

Show Author: Dodo 2005-5-17 14:39:50 Author: Dodo [website refactoring] One of the translators, the original text here:, need to reprint the first contact author. This idea comes from

Recent 3 Puzzles: keeping promises, technology products first or market sales first, where customers come from

1. Keep your PromiseSome time ago agreed to cousin, to his other useless laptop lent to her, used to do graduation design, probably to borrow 4 months.     According to the previous plan and the consideration at that time, no problem at all. The

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