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Discussion on the bottom alignment of horizontal list (1, with Inline-block+vertical-align 2, with Table-cell+vetical-align 3, Flex mode)

be arranged vertically on the parent element .*/. Child{Display:Inline-block;vertical-align:Bottom;}The biggest difference between this example and the previous example is the addition of the Display:table-cell property, which, after adding this property, is like a cell in a table, and it is natural to use the Vertical-align property on the parent element to align the elements vertically. The vertical-bottom on the parent element is the alignment of the child element to the parent element as a

Flex development practice (1) -- detailed introduction to Flex, flex -- flex

-source framework for building and maintaining highly expressive Web applications uniformly deployed on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems.2. Flex is a free Flex SDK that can be used to build a Flex application.3. Flex covers a series of technical combinatio

More than 1/2 tips on Flex and AS3 page

the word list separated by commas. [Create a text that can be rotated]Use the embedded font. When you rotate the text box, the font of the device disappears. [Display Unicode text]1. Load Unicode text from external sources;2. If your editor supports Unicode (such as Flex Builder), you can use this character directly in the ActionScript program;3. Use Unicode esc

[Flex] Adobe Flex/air learning route (data in flex Part 1)

See: for details The full text is as follows:The article Adobe Flex/air learning route (Control in the flex part) introduces some experience in learning flex controls. Now I will start the second art

[Flex] Adobe Flex/air learning route (Data Part 2 of flex)

See for details The original text is as follows:The previous article Adobe Flex/air learning route (data in flex Part 1) analyzes some frequently used data types in

Flex viewer parsing (2) Flex viewer source code package structure

The flex viewer source code is a standard flex project in Flash builder and can be directly imported to flash builder. The following describes each part of the source code package structure, as shown in the package structure. 1) SRC root directory: Contains index.mxml=defaults.css and config. xml. Index. mxml is the system entry point, that is, the local ;ults.c

Flex Viewer analysis (1) Introduction to flex Viewer

Flex viewer is short for ArcGIS viewer for Flex. The 1.x version is named sample flex viewer, and is renamed as ArcGIS viewer for flex from 2.0. Flex viewer is a WebGIS application based on ArcGIS API for

Java and flex Study Notes (2) -- Build a flex and javaee development environment in myeclipse8.6

After a day of exploration, I finally completed the development environment for building the flex and javaee projects in myeclipse8.6. The development environment is as follows: 1. the flex version is Flex 4. 2. The myeclipse version is 8.6, and the integrated

Three attributes of flex 2 -- flex-Basis

1. Let's take a look at several examples: (1) width and flex-baiss are not set for each item. The element is displayed in the size of the content in flex. (2) Only Set width = 100px (implicit flex-basis = auto) for the ite

3 attributes of FLEX (1) Flex-grow

Flex-growThis article first introduces the issue of flex value. later articles will explain in depth the application of flexible layout.1. Flex is composed of flex-grow, flex-shrink, and flex

Flex in Action (vi) FLEX interacts with background Java (2)

The previous article on the architecture has been done, now using the interactive program. As set out in the diagram: Create a Java program, switch to MyEclipse view, build under SRC. Code: 1 package; 2 3 public  class Input { 4     public String display(String  name,String sex,String email){ 5          System.out.println("your name is " + name); 6          System.out.println("your sex i

CSS3 Flexible Box Model Flex Quick Start and get started 1

the secondary axis length (cross size). Four, there are six properties set on the parent container to control how the child elements are displayed: Properties meaning flex-direction Spindle direction flex-wrap Line break Style flex-flow Abbreviated form of the first tw

Css3 elastic box model flex Quick Start and getting started 1, css3flex

Css3 elastic box model flex Quick Start and getting started 1, css3flex 1. What is flex? Flex is a layout method introduced in css3. It can flexibly and efficiently control the arrangement and alignment of elements. Most people call it elastic layout. Ii. How to Use

CMT -- use Java and flex for C/S program 1

other, just like calling a local method. Currently based on The Web Service flex library allows flex to call web service and call other platforms. However, this call is only one-way and the service provider cannot call flex, as a C/S program, distribution and configuration are also cumbersome. Implementation principle of CMT:

2-minute interaction between flex and WCF (WebService interaction)

. If you want to look at the principles and code, it may take additional time to increase based on your personal infrastructure. Okay, I don't want to talk much about it. Now we are working on it. If you have any questions or errors in the article, please criticize and correct them. My email address is:,My QQ is: 583936908. (1) Development Environment: Flex: Developed Using Flash builder

ActionScript 3.0 Step By Step series (1): for good work, use the Flex Builder)

://>1 2 3 themeColor = "# FAFDFF" backgroundGradientAlphas = "[1.0, 1.0]" 4 backgroundGradientColors = "[#4D4DF6, # FFFFFF]" 5 width = "313" cornerRadius = "0" height = "172"> 6 7 click = "OnClick ()"/> 8 9 color = "#070108" editable = "true" type = "regxph" text = "yourobjectname"/> 10 11 click = "OnClear ()"/> 12 To fully implement the "Hello World" program, we only need to encod

Flex summary 2

1. Two modules (transmission between modules)Master Program :Module 1:Public Function getdata (): String {Return "module data ";}]>Module 2:[Bindable]Private var title: string;Private function changedata (): void {Title = parentapplication. m1.child. getdata ();}]> 2 Flex +

[Original] integration of flex and PHP scripts (1)-XML

ArticleDirectory 1. system requirements: 5. Use flex to create a user interface For the latest version of this article, see: Integration of flash and PHP This article uses Adobe FlexBuilder2 and PHP create a small ApplicationProgramInstance, read the data including name and email address from the corresponding table of the MySQL database and display

[Original] integration of flex and PHP scripts (2)-amfphp

BenArticleFor the latest version, see: Integration of flash and PHP In the previous article flash integration PHP script (1) -- XML, we developed a small AdobeFlex2 ApplicationProgramConnected to a PHP background program. If you have read the previous article, you may ask: Can they directly pass variables without using XML encoding as an intermediary? The answer is yes. This article will demonstrate examples in t

Development of Flex Blog system from zero based on FLEX4 technology: 1 development environment configuration and Hello World

only Python support), the application needs to wait for approval. 2, install JDK 1.6 3, install Eclipse 3.4.2, select for Java version 4,adobe Flex Builder 3.0.2 Professional Eclipse Plug-in 5, install Google Plugin for Eclipse 6, install the Flex SDK version, which is the max preview version. Set flex4.0 as the default SDK version. The above so

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