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[Flex] Adobe Flex/air learning route (Data Part 2 of flex)

See for details The original text is as follows:The previous article Adobe Flex/air learning route (data in flex Part 1) analyzes some frequently used data types in flex and some frequently used clas

Flex viewer parsing (2) Flex viewer source code package structure

The flex viewer source code is a standard flex project in Flash builder and can be directly imported to flash builder. The following describes each part of the source code package structure, as shown in the package structure. 1) SRC root directory: Contains index.mxml=defaults.css and config. xml. Index. mxml is the system entry point, that is, the local ;ults.css where

Java and flex Study Notes (2) -- Build a flex and javaee development environment in myeclipse8.6

After a day of exploration, I finally completed the development environment for building the flex and javaee projects in myeclipse8.6. The development environment is as follows: 1. the flex version is Flex 4. 2. The myeclipse version is 8.6, and the integrated flex develop

Three attributes of flex 2 -- flex-Basis

1. Let's take a look at several examples: (1) width and flex-baiss are not set for each item. The element is displayed in the size of the content in flex. (2) Only Set width = 100px (implicit flex-basis = auto) for the item01 element, and only set flex_basis = 250px (implicit width = auto) for the item02 elemen

Flex in Action (vi) FLEX interacts with background Java (2)

The previous article on the architecture has been done, now using the interactive program. As set out in the diagram: Create a Java program, switch to MyEclipse view, build under SRC. Code: 1 package; 2 3 public  class Input { 4     public String display(String  name,String sex,String email){ 5          System.out.println("your name is " + name); 6          System.out.println("your sex is " +  sex); 7         System.out.println("yo

Flex Change tree node icon 2 ways to introduce _flex

method One: Depending on whether there are child nodes to change Copy Code code as follows: @namespace S "Library://"; @namespace mx "LIBRARY://NS.ADOBE.COM/FLEX/MX"; Mx| tree{ /* Remove default folder icon * * Folderclosedicon:embed (source= ' resource/region.png '); Folderopenicon:embed (source= ' resource/region.png '); /* Remove leaf node icon Defaul

2-minute interaction between flex and WCF (WebService interaction)

Due to work needs, now I want to implement interaction between flex and WCF, saying that WCF is an upgraded version of WebService, So If flex and WCF can interact with each other, flex Interacts With WebService (because the interaction mode of WCF is essentially a combination of MSMQ, WebService, and so on, I think the interaction between

Flex summary 2

1. Two modules (transmission between modules)Master Program :Module 1:Public Function getdata (): String {Return "module data ";}]>Module 2:[Bindable]Private var title: string;Private function changedata (): void {Title = parentapplication. m1.child. getdata ();}]> 2 Flex + struts1 + livecycle integration summary let's take a look at how to connect to Java in t

[Original] integration of flex and PHP scripts (2)-amfphp

BenArticleFor the latest version, see: Integration of flash and PHP In the previous article flash integration PHP script (1) -- XML, we developed a small AdobeFlex2 ApplicationProgramConnected to a PHP background program. If you have read the previous article, you may ask: Can they directly pass variables without using XML encoding as an intermediary? The answer is yes. This article will demonstrate examples in this regard. Note that this article is writt

Python, Flex 2, and Aptana [js open tools]

The reason why I put them together is that I have been playing these things for most of the past few days. I was pleasantly surprised by the three of them. Okay. Let's say one by one that Python is the first. Recently, dynamic languages have been quite popular, so I have always wanted to try dynamic languages. The most popular dynamic languages are Python and Ruby. Because Ruby is a little something in Japan and I have a serious anti-Japanese trend, I Don't hesitate to shoot Ruby and hug Python

Regional medical mobile medical imaging Solutions 2--Flex-based PACs

the backend.The main function point of the system and the PACs based on HTML5 are not listed here, to view HTML5-based PACs please refer to the link: Next use IE browser to see the approximate effect1.FLEX program features, right-click anywhere in the window, display Flex Properties Menu2. Expand view images by sequence3. Expand view Image by Image4. How to Layou

Chapter 2 start flex

* Two languages are available in flex development. 1. mxml 2. ActionScript * Two Component sets are used in flex. 1. component set used in earlier versions of Mx (MX. *) Flex 2. component set used by Spark (spark. *) flex4 and later versions. Spark has more skin appearance

Analysis and diagnosis of flex application memory leakage 2

. addeventlistener ("leak", B. leakhandler ); The "listener" attribute of object A creates a reference pointing to the leakhandler method of object B, as shown in, Figure 1. register an event listener reference diagram Even if B is set to null, As long as object A is not recycled, B will not be recycled, leading to memory leakage. The weak quote method can be used to avoid Memory leakage, which will be described in later sections. Introduction to

Introduction to 2 methods of Flex Changing tree node icon

This article introduces two methods to change the tree node icon: According to whether there are child nodes to change, according to the properties of the node, flexible change icon, the specific implementation of the following, interested friends can refer to ha, I hope to help you Method One: Depending on whether there are child nodes to change Copy Code code as follows: @namespace S "Library://"; @namespace mx "libra

Arcgis api for flex Development (2) map creation

Arcgis api for flex Development (2) map creationTo create an esri map in flex, you only need to use the In the As follows:The size of the map defined by width and height. id = "EsriMap" uniquely identifies this map.There are also many messages for map, the most common is creationComplete, resize and mouse message.Now that we have map, how can we let her display d

Python,flex 2 and Aptana[js open tools]_ Common tools

The reason I put three of them together as a topic is because I've been working on these things for most of the past couple of days. Three of them have given me a big surprise, can say that the fun is endless ah. OK, let's say, first of all, Python. Because of the recent dynamic language comparison fire, I always wanted to try the dynamic language. The hottest thing in the dynamic language is Python and Ruby, because Ruby is a little Jap and I have a serious anti-Japanese tendency, so I don't

My flex journey (2) Layout containers

Sorry, blog updates are slow, so I updated flex and so on every one day.ArticleAfter all, I was just getting started with Flex. Well, I don't need to talk much about it. Let's start learning in Chapter 2. Most of the time, we place data in different regions to process different data, so how do we plan the data? Obviously, we can use containers to tolerate this

Experiences with the flex development process designer (2)

The first article was written more than two months ago. During the Spring Festival, at the same time, a new task was arranged at the end of last year, and I was busy with other research. There is another reason, because during the intermittent development of the Flex designer prototype system, many original design details were found to be insufficient, and a lot of detailed reconstruction and improvement were made. In the past few days, the prototype

Development of Flex Blog system from zero based on FLEX4 technology: 2 interacting with Servlet server

In the last lesson, we talked about how to configure the development environment, including the room-side flex development environment, and the server-side Java development environment, and wrote a sample program for the guest house HelloWorld, but unfortunately, this one helloworld is not dynamic at the moment. If the client cannot interact with the server, then I feel that my flex is not really getting st

Use flex in Adobe AIR to connect to the SQLite database (2) (add, delete, modify, and statement parameters)

SeriesArticleNavigation Using flex in Adobe AIR to connect to the SQLite database (1) (creating databases and tables) Use flex in Adobe AIR to connect to the SQLite database (2) (add, delete, modify, and statement parameters) Connecting to the SQLite database using flex in Adobe AIR (3) (query) Conn

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