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Gifted share VR open source, gifted sharing VR is based on the Google VR development of a mobile phone VR video resource aggregation software

Welcome to Best Share VR open source projectShare VR with YouTubeOpen source China git address: HTTP://GIT.OSCHINA.NET/XUMINGWANG/YOUKES_VRGifted sharing VR is the best share of Android app VR video play open source section. Other open source part: Excellent share open source browserGifted sharing

GOOGLE VR SDK Development VR game, one of the VR player

Over the past year, the promotion of VR and AR augmented reality technology has been on the increase. In fact, Vr,ar technology has long ago, has not been popular, undeniable price is the biggest barrier to the impact of technology promotion. Google's biggest contribution to VR is to provide cheap Google glasses, according to Google's drawings, using two Magnifie

Unity 5.3 Official VR Tutorial (ii) Creation of the first VR project

;public class updateeyeanchors:monobehaviour{gameobject[] eyes = new GAMEOBJEC T[2]; String[] eyeanchornames ={"Lefteyeanchor", "Righteyeanchor"};void Update () {for (int i = 0; i Image effects in 4.VR (Images Effect)The use of many image effects in VR projects is a luxury thing. Given that you need to render the same scene two times (once per eye), many of the currently used image effects are was

What about Sony PS VR? How much is the Sony PS VR device?

Recommended retail Price 44,980 yen, 399 US dollars, 399 euros, 349 pounds External size NBSP;VR: approx 187x185x277mm (wide x High x long, head with shortest, no max.) Signal Processor: Approximately 143x36x143mm (width x high x long, not including Max.) Weight vr: About 610 grams (without wire) Signal Processor: About 365 grams Display method oled Display dimensions 5.7 English?? BR/> Screen resol

Do glory Note8 mobile phones support VR vr? Can the glory Note box be changed to VR?

Does the glorious Note8 support VR? Glory note can the box be turned into VR? Q: Does the Glory Note8 support VR? A: According to Huawei Mall official answer, the Glory Note8 does not support VR, only Glory V8 box support, as shown in the picture. Glory Note8 does not support

Sony PS VR gaming experience Rollup $399 from high-end VR is it worth buying?

Sony PS VR with the mystery of the small black box is what exactly?After two years, Sony once again showed the PlayStation VR (previously called Project Morpheus) at GDC (Game Developers Conference). Sony also brought the final price of the PlayStation VR to $399 (about 2600 yuan), 44980 yen, 399 euros and 349 pounds, after Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and other star pr

Unity5.3 Official VR Tutorial-Series 1

enumeration variable.This tutorial focuses on the Oculus series of VR devices, especially the Oculus Rift development Kit 2 (DK2) and the consumer version of Samsung Gear VR (which needs to be used in conjunction with the Samsung flag carrier mobile phone series, such as Galaxy S6, S6 edge,s6 Edge+,note 5). We are not concerned with the Note4 of the first generation of the pioneer version of Gear

Oculus Rift officially on sale, ready to start the VR era.

, but chose to compare the mid-end Intel i5-6400 processor, which in fact has a slightly worse performance than the i5-4590 processor recommended in the VR entry-level configuration. Without the hardware factor, Oculus home UI design, including the game's icons have a high degree of completion. In the test game, only a small number of games have a predictable slight lag, rift in the entire test to provide a stable 90-frame game experience.   Har

The most straightforward introduction to Daydream VR

effect, the Nexus 6P The delay in the Cardboard also dropped to 20ms, which was much better than the 100ms delay without VR mode. This also means that the same as the Nexus 6P mobile phone, you should start VR mode after the performance of the Gear VR class?HardwareNexus mode =In part of the VR hardware, we thought Go

Unity5.3 Official VR Tutorials-Series 7 optimized VR experience

This article turns from: About the column-stupid cat happy to learn programming, Wang HanBrief introductionFor VR applications, if you want to give users a good user experience, especially the problem of eliminating nausea and vertigo, it is essential to optimize in VR development, so as to achieve our desired game running frame rate. Unlike development on other platforms, the optimization of

Android headset line control details, Bluetooth headset button monitoring (similar to cool dog line control effect)

Android headset line control details, Bluetooth headset button monitoring (similar to cool dog line control effect) When the media button of the headset is clicked, the Android system sends a broadcast. The broadcast carries an Intent with the Action MEDIA_BUTTON. After listening to the broadcast, you can obtain the click events of the

What is VR games? What are the prerequisites for VR games?

VR =virtual Reality "computer" virtual reality Virtual reality technology is a kind of computer simulation system that can create and experience virtual world. It uses computer to generate a simulated environment is a kind of interactive three-dimensional dynamic visual scene and Entity behavior System simulation of multi-source information Fusion lets the user immerse into this environment. Introduction to VR

IPhone5S How to connect the Bluetooth headset? 5s Connection Bluetooth Headset method

1. On the Apple 5s desktop we found a "Settings" icon, click to enter, as shown in the following figure. 2. Then you will see a "Bluetooth" menu, and we click on it to enter. 3. Now we can switch to "Bluetooth" operation, then the phone will automatically search next to the Bluetooth device, 4. When our Bluetooth headset is connected to the Apple 5s we first have to match the phone with the Bluetooth head

Win7 computer How to set the headset can play sound, unplug the headset will automatically prohibit the sound

We know that in all computers are like this, we plug in headphones, the computer will automatically switch to the headset mode, but if unplug the headset, our computer voice does not shut down, it will be directly out of the outside, so it is very easy to affect the people around. This is especially true for some of the users who use it at work. So what can be solved? Below, small series to introduce a meth

Unity5.3 Official VR tutorial debut-Series 2

VR projects is a luxury thing. Given that you need to render the same scene two times (once per eye), many of the currently used image effects are wasteful for VR applications and can seriously affect the game's running frame rate.Because VR places the user's eyes into a virtual space, some image effects do not make sense for

IOS headset operation, ios headset

IOS headset operation, ios headset The code for applying for microphone permissions added after iOS 7 is as follows: 123456789101112 AVAudioSession * avSession = [AVAudioSession sharedInstance]; if ([avSession respondsToSelector: @ selector (listener :)]) {[avSession requestRecordPermission: ^ (BOOL available) {if (available) {// microphone permission} else {dispatch_async (dispatch_get_main_que

Pepper Live VR live broadcast how to play? Introduction of Chinese prickly ash live VR stereo broadcast

How to play the Live VR live pepper 1, through the Advisory Pepper Live customer service, found that if you want to open VR live, the need for host computer to open live. VR Webcam link computer. And fans need to wear VR glasses. 2, in addition, if the audience want to watch the stereo live, can not directly fi

How does a Samsung phone connect a bluetooth headset? Samsung mobile phone connection bluetooth Headset tutorial

To connect to your Bluetooth headset, follow these steps: 1. As shown in the picture, we click on the "app" icon inside and open it in detail as follows. 2. Furthermore, we click on the "Set" icon to open the entry. 3. Select "Connect" and then click "Bluetooth". 4. After entering we need to turn on the "Bluetooth" function, and then we connect the Bluetooth headset.

VR Equipment Introduction

For many people who have not experienced reality enhancement, or even virtual reality glasses products, this thing should be how to understand, hardware configuration, what operating system, compared to other glasses products on the market is different, this is a question worth saying. Today, we first take a taste of the next, the brand research and development of VR virtual and reality equipment bar.First of all, we have a science of what is a virtua

After the headset is removed during android FM playback, the fm app displays a prompt box Indicating & quot; the headset is unplugged, And the Fm stops & quot ;.

After the customer asks the FM to unplug the headset during playback, the fm app displays a prompt box Indicating "unplug the headset and stop the Fm", and then automatically closes Modify FMRadioService. java1. Add the following import to display the toast/// AAAAA add startImport android. widget. Toast;/// AAAAA add endPublic class FMRadioService extends Service implements FMRecorder. OnRecorderStateChang

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