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ETL Tool kettle Practical Application Analysis Series 3 [ETL background process execution configuration method]

The main indexes of this series of articles are as follows: I. ETL Tool kettle Application Analysis Series I [Kettle Introduction] Ii. ETL Tool kettle Practical Application Analysis Series 2 [application scenarios and demo downloads] Iii. ETL Tool kettle Practical Application Analysis Series III [ETL background

Flexible and effective Data Warehouse solution, part 3rd: Design and implement warehouse ETL process

procedural characteristics and the possibility of hundreds of or thousands of operations, it is extremely important to design the ETL process in an accurate manner so that they become efficient, scalable, and maintainable. ETL Data conversion operations can be roughly divided into 6 groups or modules: data extraction, verification, cleaning, integration, aggrega

ETL (Extract, transform, load) implementation process

warehouse in an important place and build the foundation of the data warehouse! The ETL process is generally considered in the following four aspects: (1) Use of the preparation area (ODS) When building a data warehouse, if the data source is on one server and the data warehouse is on another server, the data warehouse must be constantly updated considering that the data source is frequently accessed

OLAP--ODS Project Summary--process in ETL

Ods-bi in the construction of ETL to occupy 1/3 of the time, deep feelings. The modeling of BI, from the physical data layer, the logical data layer, the business logic layer at all levels, there are many automated tools to handle.However, the process in ETL must be designed according to the performance. Summarize the next few parts.1. Data source/Data target man

BI development process and ETL Introduction

BI Development process and ETL introduction BI Development process1. Building Dimension-Fact model2. Build data warehouses (dimensions, facts) based on dimension-fact model3. Data extraction (ETL)4. Analysis model topics for building sales information5. Build report analysis, instrument panel The BI Business intelligence system, according to the enterprise ne

After the ETL process runs, use Python to send mail

default, Python uses ASCII encoding as follows:Python-c "Import sys; Print sys.getdefaultencoding () "ASCIIand when Python converts between encodings, Unicode is used as an "intermediate encoding", but Unicode is the largest So long, so here when trying to put ASCII The encoded string is converted into " Intermediate Encoding the Unicode due to exceeding its range, the above error has been reported. 2. Solutions1) First: Here we will change the python default encoding mode to utf-8, we can

Workflow learning-three steps of Activiti process definition management and three steps of activiti

Workflow learning-three steps of Activiti process definition management and three steps of activitiI. Preface In the previous article, we made a macro introduction to Activiti through a small demo, which gave you an overall understanding of Activiti. In this article, we will learn the CRUD of specific process definiti

Workflow learning-Activiti five steps of process variables, workflow activiti

Workflow learning-Activiti five steps of process variables, workflow activitiI. Preface In the previous article, we introduced the process instance startup and query, and the task handling and query. In this article, we will introduce the process variables in activiti. Ii. Text P

Steps for shutting down the Oracle deadlock Process

Steps for effectively disabling the Oracle deadlock process: 1. Check which process is locked. V $ DB_OBJECT_CACHE view: SELECT * FROMV $ DB_OBJECT_CACHEWHEREOWNER process owner ANDCLOCKS! 0; 2. Check which SID is used. The SID can be used to know which SESSION to query V $ ACCESS view: SELECT * FROMV $ ACCESSW

Steps of the performance test process---detect (to standardize performance testing)

steps of the performance test process---detect (to standardize performance testing) Performance testing of the work of a multitude of, the most afraid of is like a headless fly blindly test, not only time, but also accumulated less than experience, team and individuals are difficult to grow, (the next time the performance test, or a random survey).We need to develop step-by-step implementation of

Six steps to decompose the product prototyping process

This tutorial will explain the steps of prototyping from two parts of the whole and local instances. Product prototype design is generally based on the form of documents expressed in the image of the design, want to make a product prototype design is not easy, want to make the prototype better than the document is not easy, here will be combined with some product prototyping methods and techniques to introduce the

The process and steps of PHP website construction

For beginners to build a station, this article mainly introduces the use of PHP programming language to build the site's steps and processes, together to see. We hope to help you. PHP as an open source language, the development has been a lot of mature domestic and foreign open-source system, enough to meet the individual and enterprise users themselves to establish a Web site, the following is the main introduction of the PHP station

Painter the illustrations to paint the specific process and steps to share

To the users of the painter software to explain the detailed interpretation of the specific process and steps to paint. Share list: I painted it with painter, using the simplewater in the Painter Watercolor tool. In fact, as long as the draft layered, and then daub the canvas color on it. (perhaps the author wrote it directly on the draft before drawing it ...). Ca

Analyze the interactive process from the three steps of the image upload

Traditional image upload interaction is simple: A file domain requires the user to select a picture file, a Submit button (pictured below). This way has a lot of shortcomings, such as the selection of pictures can not see the preview, at a time only to select a picture, upload process can not see progress. Of course, also has its own advantages: HTML itself form control, code simple, upload error-prone, suitable for low-speed network envi

I just translated the MSF3.0 process and steps.

You have not had time to proofread the books at home. Website Source: My translations: Microsoft solution framework process-conception stage Conception Process Establish a team Define the project structure Define business goals Evaluation case Create a Vision Declaration and define the scope of the projectNote: a common vision that can be clearly described is

Share The PHP website construction process and steps-PHP Tutorial

Share The PHP website construction process and steps. As an open-source language, PHP has developed many mature open-source systems at home and abroad, which are sufficient for individuals and enterprise users to build their own WEB sites. The following describes the process and steps for building PHP websites. PHPAs a

Development process Steps

quality assurance of the project process:Some companies. QA and test synthesis a post is called a qa tester, or is called a QA officer. QA is the whole process of monitoring the project, independent of the project. Supervise the project manager to submit the relevant results in each project milestone, and the warehouse to form a baseline.In simple terms:1. Planning Phase: Development plan, Quality plan, test planWhat documents need to be produced and

thinkphp process and project template deployment steps for the controller invocation template

the constant, and only one constant is maintained at a later stage. 3. Set CSS, IMG, and JS paths to constants at the portal file location 4. Get specific CSS, IMG and other file information through constants in the template (all template files are replaced) 5. Set the image path of the CSS file itself correctly (the CSS file refers to the picture) Define constants in the index.php of the site to ensure that all directories are available How to use the template HTML: thinkphp

Method steps for the Linux creation process fork

);  Exit (0);  }  Sleep (2);  printf ("The Parent, data:%d, stack:%d, heap:%d\n", Global, Stack, *heap);  return 0;  }The results of the operation are as follows:  What happens when the fork function goes wrong  The 1.fork function returns a value of 1 which creates a failure, and there are two cases where the fork function may be faulted;  2. There are already too many processes in the system;  3. The user who called the fork function has too many processes. original link:

The simplest 11g Active deployment uard (ADG) configuration process (project steps)

The simplest 11g Active deployment uard (ADG) configuration process (project steps) I. Environment Introduction:I first installed a set of database software on the two Linux virtual machines db01 and db02, and created a database named woo on the db01 host; in this experiment, we set up an Oracle 11g Active replica uard to implement Database Synchronization and understand the basic functions of Oracle 11g DG

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