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How to register Apple ID how to retrieve Apple ID password

Summary of specific methods Registering Apple IDs with itunes Open itunes and point to the itunes Store on the left. The bottom right to find the free application ranking, casually select a point behind the free two words. A login dialog box appears, choosing to create a new account. Various consents and continued. Basic information. The mailbox must be valid and you will need to verify the mailbox. Note: Many people are stuck in the pas

Forget Apple ID password How to retrieve the Apple ID tutorial

Bound Email Reset Password Click here to enter the Apple ID admin address, enter your Apple ID, and click Continue Https://!section=password There are two ways to reset a password, one is a previously reserved mailbox, and the other is a security issue that was prev

What should I do if your Apple ID has been disabled? What should I do if my APPLE ID is disabled?

What if your Apple ID has been deactivated? Some users who are logged in with the Apple ID have found a problem, prompting the Apple ID to deactivate, so how do we solve the problem? Small knitting below will give you a detailed i

How to create an ID for an Apple ipad? How to register an Apple ID for iPad Air

Step 1: register an Apple ID account1. We registered the Apple id directly on the iPad Air. On the iPad Air interface, click "set"2. Click "iTunes Store and App Store" on the right side, and then you will see the "create an Apple

Iphone6 How do I register an apple ID? Iphone6 Registration Apple ID method

1, on the IPhone home screen to find the "app Store" icon, click to open 2. After opening the App Store, slide up with your fingers and click the "Sign in" button at the bottom. 3, in the Pop-up Options menu, click the "Create New Apple ID" option 4, in the selection of countries and regions page, the default is China, click "Next" to continue 5, in terms and privacy page, directly c

How does the Apple ID manage the device? How does the Apple ID remove a device?

1. First login to the Apple ID on the computer to open "ITunes" and then log in AppleID as shown in the following figure. 2. In itunes we click on the "Login" icon in the itunes Store, as shown in the following figure. 3. Then in the pop-up login interface we click on the Apple ID account and password input corre

How do I log out Apple ID? iphone Apple ID Account Cancellation method

iphone Apple ID account cancellation in two cases, one is logged in on the phone to log out of the login, the other is in itunes log out of the login, the specific details are shown below. System Logoff method 1, in turn into the iphone Setup-itunes store and App Store 2, then you will see the current login of the Apple

How does the hippocampus apple helper Apple ID get

The Hippocampus apple Helper is a powerful platform for Apple users to download software. Apple device users download the installation of the Hippocampus Apple Assistant, you can not enter the Apple ID, directly offline softwar

Apple iphone4/4s/4/5s/5c phone forgot Apple ID retrieve method

Write a letter to your Apple ID first My phone iphone4s forgot Apple ID, now cannot activate the serial number is C3*******TC0, can you help me activate or detect the Apple ID? And then receive the solution as follows First,

Iphone6 How to replace the ID Apple 6 How to change the Apples ID tutorial

1. I've found the App store in Iphone6 and then I'm going to see an APPLE ID in it, and we're going to change the ID right here. 2. Then we click on the Apple ID to select logout/sign out, and after exiting the current Apple

Does Apple ID not have a bank card that may be registered? How to register Apple IDs

1 here if there is no Apple ID and bank card, we can be registered in the computer through itunes, we install an itunes software on the computer, then click on a app to enter and click to get. (as shown in the following figure) 2 at this time will pop up an Apple ID landing box, we do not definitely not login, cli

Apple 5s ios7.1 How to replace the Apple ID download software?

1. We are in our own equipment such as: ipad or iphone, "set" as shown in the picture. 2. Then go to the Setup interface to find the itunes and App store to enter 3. The Apple ID that has been landed above the point 4. Select logout, as shown below 5. Log on with your own Apple ID, as shown belowIf you do n

Apple _ Developer Account-registered Apple ID

All web portals of this article are up for an Apple IDNote: The current registration information as far as possible in Pinyin or English, the name format is correct, remember the security issue, the date of birth is over 18 years of age (less than 18 years old will appear sorry,you can ' t enrollat this time).1, enter the developer homepage, choose Programs;2, choose Enroll;3, select the bottom of the page start your enrollment

The Hippocampus apple helper gets the Apple ID's graphic tutorial

We just need to refer to the following methods to easily get the Apple ID, the specific method of action as shown below. The first step: Use the computer to open the Hippocampus Apple Assistant computer version. Step two: Connect your cell phone and computer with a data cable when the hippocampus computer is open Step three: After a few seconds, t

Apple iphone How to view your Apple ID

The specific methods are as follows 1. Unlock the device first to find and open the settings 2. Scroll down the menu on the Open Settings page to find the itunes Store and Apple store, click Open 3. Then we can see our own Apple ID if you've been registered before. 4. If you are not registered then you will choose to create a new one in the third step.

Apple iphone5s (IOS7) activation method Create Apple ID method

Note: the need to activate iphone5s must be plugged into the carrier calling card. 1 We click on the "power button" to open iphone5s, and then according to the prompts we clicked "Start positioning Service", if it is the first time we can click "Set for the new iphone" 2 Then if you have an Apple ID we skip this step if we don't AppleID "create a free Apple

Apple iphone5 How to change Apple ID

Specific steps 1.iphone We click on the settings, choose the itunes Store and the App Store as shown in the picture 2. Then we click on the Apple ID to log off. 3. Then we click the option to create a new Apple ID as shown in the figure 4. Below we click to fill in your country point next. 5. Point Agree but

Apple 5s fingerprint unlock how to set? Apple 5s Touch ID how to set

Apple 5sTouch ID Setup method: 1. Press the power key to light the screen, put your finger on the home key, about 0.5 seconds later, after the correct recognition will unlock.2. Directly click the Home key to light the screen after the mobile phone parked in the home key about 0.5 seconds, the recognition will unlock the correct.3. Can set 5 finger fingerprints at a time, can be named for 5 fingers, supp

Apple Iphone6 landing QQ hint "Your Apple ID or password is incorrect" what reason?

Iphone6 Landing QQ Prompt "Your Apple ID or password is incorrect" effect as shown in the following image Cause analysis Listen to netizens said this problem is that you install QQ is not installed in the App Store directly in the third party assistant directly installed QQ caused by. Solutions The first step: delete the current mobile phone QQ program,Step two: Use the current

iOS audit 4.3 declined? quickly fix apple audit 4.3 issues

, hope to create a unique product, such as the function will be similar to other, there will be the same situation, and then put forward the product of a function to explain the details, such as the function in the market other people have not done and so on (this practice, please be careful, described good OK, the descriptionYou can refer to the following content when you modify your reply:Dear Apple Developer Review,Hello, in response to your 4.3 re

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