fix data dictionary

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Fix Protocol Communication Process

The biggest advantage of the network is that it saves time. Especially in business activities, it has outstanding advantages. With the continuous evolution of networks, we require more networks and the complexity of building network protocols. Now

#个人博客作业Week3--Bing Dictionary case study

The first part investigates and evaluates one, the bug analysis 1. Translation part of the original language testing section 1) Symptoms: When selecting the original language is Simplified Chinese, input English Query, the program does not error,

SHARESDK a bug cause analysis of app crashes and fix method _android

Recently studied game app do social sharing, finally chose Sharesdk to integrate, not only because SHARESDK support the mainstream social platform at home and abroad, but more importantly, SHARESDK provides a special Cocos2d-x integration program,

In-depth understanding of data compression and deduplication

[Guide]What are the differences between data compression and deduplication? In practice, how can we apply it correctly? I have not studied the principles and technologies of Data Compression before, so I did some homework, read and sort out relevant

Week2 Bing Dictionary android client case study

First, software researchOperating platform: Android 4.4.4Bing Version: 5.2.21. Bug Discovery1.1Bug Title: Word Challenge failed to load and refreshBug Detailed Description: The learning interface of the word Challenge module, after the Click does

Why MySQL appears waiting for table metadata lock and how to fix it

Why MySQL appears waiting for table metadata lock and how to fix itWhen MySQL is doing DDL operations such as ALTER TABLE, there are times when waiting for table metadata lock is waiting for the scene. Furthermore, once ALTER TABLE TableA's

A preliminary understanding of the generics _swift in Swift

If you have written Swift's program, you have learned about the swift language, such as how to write classes (class) and structure (struct). But Swift is not so simple, oh oh. This tutorial focuses on a powerful feature of Swift: Generics. This

ThinkinginBigData (11) Big Data guidance data mining method model order (2

The purpose of data mining is to find more high-quality users from data. Next, I went on to discuss the data mining method model in the previous blog. What is a guided data mining method model and how to build a model for data mining. To build a

Quickfix/j Source Code Research (i)

Quickfix/j Source Code Research (i) (0) quickfix/j Introduction fix is the abbreviation for financial information exchange. Fix is a standard message protocol designed specifically for real-time electronic securities trading.

IOS provincial two-tier data organization PHP version _ios

The reason to publish this blog, but also from the recent development work to achieve a small demo, of course, this demo will not involve the work of some of the content of the app, below to implement the demo is universal. Because of the iteration

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