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Leetcode 312. Burst Balloons

Given n Balloons, indexed from 0 to n-1 . Each balloon are painted with a number on the IT represented by array nums . You is asked to burst all the balloons. If The burst balloon you'll i get nums[left] * nums[i] * nums[right] coins. Here and is left right adjacent indices of i . After the burst, the and then left right becomes adjacent.Find The maximum coins you can collect by bursting the

[Acdream] goddess teaches you strings-three balloons

Problem description Goddess invited acdream to have a gala. Obviously, as ACM's leader, there are no fewer balloons ~. Goddess has prepared three colors of balloons, red, yellow, green (Traffic lights ?) A balloon cannot satisfy the goddess. The goddess must write on the balloon. What should I do ~? The ghost of string Shenma loves ~ Goddess first took out a string, and then wrote every real prefix of the s

Leetcode 312. Burst Balloons

A very interesting question!Think that we had N balloons to shot.0-1-2 ....-N-1 in order to get the best score, we want to shot a special balloon, name it as K.Then, we can get to that.0-1-2 ...-k-1, K, k+1-k+2 ... n-1Thus, the bestcoins we can get by shotting K is:bestcoins (0, k-1) + coins (K) + bestcoins (k+1, n-1).Be careful this bestcoins (0, k-1) and Bestcoins (k+1, n-1) means that we know which balloons

Algorithm training balloons in a BOX (enumeration, impersonation)

Problem description you have to write a program that allows you to simulate a balloon that is placed in a box with a spherical shape.Next is the simulated scenario. Let's say you know a box and a point set. Each point represents a position where the balloon can be placed. Place a balloon at one point, which is the ball at the point and then inflate it until it touches the edge of the box or a balloon that has been placed before. You cannot use a point outside the box or in a balloon that has bee

Luogu4697 ceoi2011 balloons monotonous Stack

Portal $ N $ balloons are given, and $ X_ I $ and $ r_ I $ are given from left to right. They are now inflated from left to right. Each balloon is always tangent to the ground at the $ X_ I $ point during the inflation process, and the maximum radius is $ r_ I $. If the balloon is tangent to a previous balloon during inflation, stop inflation. Ask the radius of each balloon. $ N \ Leq 2 \ times 10 ^ 5, X_ I, r_ I \ Leq 10 ^ 9 $, to ensure that $ X_ I

UVA 10934 dropping Water balloons (reprint)

countless water polo cases, then the least number of times is definitely a two-point approach: First fall in the middle, if broken, indicating the target bitPlaced in the lower part, not broken words are indicated in the upper half. Continue on the corresponding part of the next two points down ... Need Logn times.But the number of water polo is limited, for example, only one water polo case, you directly on the middle floor down, if broken, then you have no otherThe ball went on to do the expe

UVa 10934-dropping Water Balloons (DP)

Give the n The same balloon, k Floors, ask at least a few experiments can know how many balloons from the top of the drop will not explode.Use d[i][J] Represents the use i A ball, an experiment. J The maximum number of floors that can be determined, for each trial split and non-explosive two cases of discussion:1, burst, transferred to d [I?1][

UVa 10934 DP dropping water balloons

First think about the special situation, if there is only one balloon, we have to determine the height can only from the bottom to the next layer of testing, because if the balloon burst, it will not be able to measure the hardness of the balloon.If there are countless balloons, then you can use a two-point method to determine.Generally, a D (i, j) is used to indicate the maximum height of the floor that can be determined by the I-Balloon experiment J

Codeforces 342C Cupboard and balloons (geometry problem)

Test instructions: Given an R and H,r is the radius of the upper hemisphere, h is the height of the column below, and then there are some balloons with a radius of R/2, asking you to put up a few.Analysis: According to test instructions, it is easy to know, first from below to put up, two two of the put, put to not put the time, and then calculate in the above is not can put another. This is the most important, the key is to calculate the above can be

312. Burst Balloons

/** 312. Burst balloons * 2016-7-4 by Mingyang*/ Public intMaxcoins (int[] inums) { int[] Nums =New int[Inums.length + 2]; intn = 1; for(intX:inums)if(x > 0) nums[n++] =x; nums[0] = nums[n++] = 1; int[] DP =New int[N][n]; for(intK = 2; K k) for(intleft = 0; Left Left ) { intright = left +K; for(inti = left + 1; I i) dp[left][right]=Math.max (Dp[left][right], Nums[left]* Nums[i] * Nums[right] + dp[left][i] +Dp[i][r

Javascript + css3 complete code for developing a balloon hitting game, And css3 balloons

Javascript + css3 complete code for developing a balloon hitting game, And css3 balloons Effect knowledge point: Css3 draws balloons, applies custom attributes, random arrays, DOM element operations, advanced callback functions and parameter re-transmission, dynamic layout, mouse events, Timer operations, and new CSS 3 styles. The css code is as follows: The javascript code is as follows: Summary The abo

Algorithm: UVA 10934 dropping water balloons (DP | Hard to think)

method: First in the middle of the fall, if broken, indicating the target bit Placed in the lower part, the words are not broken in the upper half. Then continue in the corresponding part of the next two points down ... Need Logn time. But this is a limited amount of water polo, for example, if you have a water polo, you just put it down on the middle floor and if you break it, then you don't have any other balls to do the experiment. So you can only start from the first floor to throw up, th

HDU (1498 and 2119) balloons with minimum point coverage

) Map [I] [J] = 1; } Sum = 0; For (I = 1; I { Memset (mark, 0, sizeof (Mark )); If (find (I )) Sum ++; } Printf ("% d \ n", sum ); } Return 0; } You can first perform HDU 2119. You can only delete one row or one column at a time. The result is how many times can 1 be deleted, and a behavior subset is used as a subset, if map [I] [J] = 1 is to create an edge between I and j and delete 1, that is, each edge is to be deleted, that is, the minimum point coverage problem, this is also the question t

Codeforces 725D Contest Balloons

Test instructions is easy to understand: Limak can give their own balloons to others, so that other people's balloons than weight. Thus allowing others to float on the ceiling, unable to participate in the rankings, thus making limak their rankings rise. This topic is a typical greedy, when limak his own balloon to others, his own hands of the balloon will be reduced, then his own ranking is likely to be re

Ultraviolet A 10934 Dropping water balloons (dp | hard to think about)

You have k exactly the same water polo in a building on n floors, you want to know the water polo from a few floors down the drop can let the water polo broken. Because you are very lazy, you want to lose the ball at least times to measure the lowest floor where the ball just broke. (In the worst case, the water polo won't be broken on the top floor.) You can leave the water polo in a certain floor for testing. If the water polo is not broken, you can pick it up and continue using it. Each line

10934-dropping Water Balloons (DP)

The idea of the problem is hard to think about. Ask you the minimum number of experiments, which is difficult to solve, and we know the conditions only three, K, N, the number of experiments.So we might as well change our mind and turn to the highest number of floors we can determine. Then use D[I][J] to indicate the maximum number of floors that can be determined with the I-ball and the J-time of the experiment.Then we assume that the first J experiment is on the k floor, there are two possible

As long as you breathe, there are no balloons that cannot fly

As long as you breathe, there are no balloons that cannot fly It is absolutely impossible to punish children excessively or excessively,He cannot be left alone,Let him go back!Just like "boiling water in a pot ",When boiling, the CAP must be removed to make the vapor bubble out;If it is not covered, the pot will pop up! Love is too heavy, and the child's heart is bitter! Wu's mother, who once lived in Hualien, said that many year

[Number Theory] [determination of prime numbers] codevs 2851 shopping balloons

Prime Number determination template. 1 #include [Number Theory] [determination of prime numbers] codevs 2851 shopping balloons

Can balloons solve the problem?

Save GamesThe other half comes from the end of the game. Our team has3balloons. Galready have the idea,AQuestionsSJand theWZin the discussion, it seems to have the result. BQuestionsBQZThe team has come out. See in the distantBQZTeam of blue balloons, with the team said. They can all make out the topic. We can't .Adon't come out! At that time I was a little impetuous, I said to all, another 1.5 hours, we can come out6a question, you have confidence in

uva10934 Dropping water balloons

Long time no title has been no state and then brush a water problem to playWinter vacation Training and school games have done a similar topic but then did not (in fact, now will notTest instructions: There are k balloons and an n-storey building, the balloon has a hardness, in some would have just broken, ask at least how many times the experiment can be found just broken floor.Solution: Divided into two cases: the current floor broken, the current f

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