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Install the animation-assisted production plug-in dragonbones in Flash CS6.

prompted to use the default setting. Next, click "Install ". The following page appears in a short time: 650) This. width = 650; "src =" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/42/BE/wKioL1PYsBSCqhkLAAFMNS4WPKo487.jpg "Title =" wujia 3.jpg "alt =" wkiol1pysbscqhklaafmns4wpko487.jpg "/> At this point, the installation is successful! Close this window. 3. Open flash CS6 and find the plug-in panel. "Window"-"Other pa

Flash Builder, Flash CS6, as 3.0 research __photoshop&&flash

1, FLASH/ACTIONSCRIPT3 Load resources file method test Http://zengrong.net/post/1107.htm 2. Use flash Professional CS5 and Flash Builder 4 combined animation and ActionScript http://www.infoq.com/cn/vendorcontent/show.action?vcr=1005 3. Flash Builder Online Help document

PS CS6 time axis making smooth fade text gif animation tutorial

Since Photoshop CS3, Adobe has put the original imageready into Photoshop, so you can complete the GIF animation directly through Photoshop, quite convenient, but after Photoshop CS6, You will find that in the original window of the menu, but can not find the "animation" option, only "timeline", in fact, after Photoshop CS3, there is the existence of the timelin

PhotoShop CS6 The use of Intelligent objects to create a mobile image GIF animation tutorial

. Edit a Smart object and automatically update all of its linked instances. Apply a layer mask linked to or unlinked from a smart object layer You cannot perform actions that change pixel data directly (such as painting, Dodge, Burn, or clone) without performing a direct action on the Smart object layer, unless the layer is first converted to a regular layer (will be grid). To perform operations that change pixel data, you can edit the contents of the Smart object, clone a new layer above th

Photoshop CS6 to make 3D text for the title animation tutorial

Small note: This article involves three-dimensional and later related content, in order to facilitate the explanation, the text in parentheses added to the relevant notes, if the reader are familiar with this, please disregard, or found that there are irregularities, hope to correct. As to add these functions in PS whether there is bloated and chicken, right and wrong left to you reader, the translation only as a new function of the case introduction, hope to learn together, inspire more creativ

Flash CS6 transparent button link Creation

Preparation of Hyperlink buttons for as2.0 and as3.0 and common languages =====As2====================================== 1. Create a new layer in the Flash layer. Here we name it "transparent button ". Use a rectangle tool to draw a rectangle of the same size as the flash image. 2. Select the drawn rectangle and press F8 to convert it into a key component. Here we will give a name. 3. Set the transparency

PS cs6 gif Animation tutorial: TV Snowflakes

TV Snowflake Effect This is another simple lesson, let's look at the effect: It's not much of a beautiful effect, but you have to learn. 1. Create a new canvas, white background, enter your text: 2. Double-click the background layer to unlock it. And right-select the blending options, tick and turn on the color overlay, the parameters are set as follows: The blending mode is set to "dissolve", the color is set to black, opacity 100, and then determined.

From traditional animation and software animation to flash animation

Flash Animation Broadly speaking, all moving images can be regarded as "animations". But in the case of film practitioners, animation refers to the production of a film. Originally there is no so-called traditional animation, since the computer image software intrusion animation

Flash Animation Production Web page demo-type Flash animation Production Code

In the work of the project related to flash will generally be divided into two categories according to its specific application: Demo class interactive class in order to make the project more quickly and effectively completed and ensure the quality of work, so that the source files from the structure of more concise and easy to read, it is necessary to comply with a certain standard for Demo Flash

Flash Basics Tutorial-frame animation, deformation animation, motion animation

This tutorial introduces the most basic three kinds of animation methods in Flash: Frame animation, deformable animation and motion animation.   1. The concept   One- frame animation --the most basic form of

Flash animation techniques How to master frame-by-step animation

Flash Animation | tips   question: What is the difference between a frame-by-animation and a moving gradient animation, a shape gradient animation?   Solving Ideas In this example, we explain in detail the characteristics of frame-by-an

Flash animation "Flash" in PowerPoint inside four ways

Flash is the famous American Macromedia Company launched an excellent vector animation production software, it is easy to learn, powerful, can make aloud multimedia files, and small file size, so well received by teachers, so how to let Flash animation (*.swf) "Flash" For th

Let Flash animation "flash" in the PPT

Flash is the famous American Macromedia Company launched an excellent vector animation production software, it is easy to learn, powerful, can make aloud multimedia files, and small file size, so well received by teachers, so how to let Flash animation (*.swf) "Flash" For th

Flash animation "Flash" in PowerPoint in 4 ways

Flash is the famous American Macromedia Company launched an excellent vector animation production software, it is easy to learn, powerful, can make aloud multimedia files, and small file size, so well received by teachers, so how to let Flash animation (*.swf) "Flash" For th

Flash animation techniques How to master moving gradient animation

Flash Animation | skill | gradient   Question 1: I do flash mobile animation, in the timeline above why not the long arrow flag and also did not appear to move animation effect?   Solving Ideas For the inability to achieve a moving gradient effect, this problem is often enc

Flash conversion King: let Flash animation everywhere

Flash Animation | conversion Today, more and more wonderful Flash animation in the network continuously spread, to bring us more wonderful network life. But can only be a wonderful "Internet life"? With the "Flash conversion King", Flash

teach you to make Flash animation into GIF animation

The first step is to start the program from the computer where the Camtasiastudio program is installed. The Camtasia recorder is open, The following figure: After opening the Camtasia recorder is the following: The second step, open the material that you want to make into GIF, (Baidu is "greeting card", use endless material ah. ) Here are some examples of what I do with flash, and I come up with it as a GIF file. The third

Flash Animation production skills: Small talk about hair flowing animation

Flash Animation | tips   Small talk about hair elegant animation production A little experience of their own, finished finding did not achieve results, these days there are other experts to send similar topics, more than their own to do a lot better. I am good to study hard ah.    Click here to view the full screen tutorial   A simple example of flapping Some

Flash cs4: Create a gradient animation with a complementary Animation

I haven't played flash for a long time. Today I want to add an advertisement to the software. I have seen that the advertisements in several software are in the swf format. I personally think it makes sense, both the link addition and the degree of freedom should be more flexible than other modes. I got a flash cs4, maybe I haven't played with flash for too lo

Flash animation in animation commonly used in the blink effect

Today look at a long time flash message board, it also has a blink effect. The analysis method is really very simple, summed up, hair up, this effect in the animation often see, simple and practical, nonsense, see the tutorial ... (If reprint please respect the original, thank you!) ) 1: Create a graphic on the layer (own painting or, on the Internet, many) the best conversion to components, good operation.

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